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We help movie lovers Swap, Trade & Exchange DVDs.
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I love this swapadvd favorite moment was when I was number 1 on the wish list for "12 years a slave"...2 days after it came out on dvd, my request was fulfilled !!
Tina W. - CHEROKEE, NC - 5/19/2014

I am actually very happy to see that you will charge 49 cents per item after providing this wonderful service so long for free. I've thought about sending you a thank you check many times. That fee is measly compared to the opportunity to trade DVDs so quickly and so easily. The membership is the best too -- everyone takes their responsibilities seriously and gets those DVDs off right away -- or acknowledges receipt immediately. I love what you do and how you do it -- and hope that tiny fee helps more than a little.
Billie W. - JUNEAU, AK - 5/15/2014