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Been here only a short time and have built up my keep collection to an amount I never thought I would achieve !!
Nice folks , great picks , I too thought at first ehhhhh I'm not sure of this, but quickly my mind got changed when I seen how easy it was for one, and second that people all were like me , wanting to get those movies they love and trade the ones they didnt so much care about.
Great idea Swapadvd staff ! I Love this place now and come by 3 to 4 times a day at least !

John L. - 9/3/2015

I have been a member of SwapaDVD for over two years now and I couldn't be happier. This site is easily the best place online to swap DVDs and Blu-rays. After hundreds of transactions with other members, the truth is that nearly all of my orders have arrived quickly and in excellent condition.

I've also found the staff to dedicated individuals who are always on hand to answer questions or settle disputes. When I have found that no listing existed for a particular title, they have almost always been able to add it.

I highly recommend SwapaDVD to both casual collectors and serious aficionados. You will find titles here you've loved and long since forgotten about. The site rules are solid and fair, the database includes nearly every edition of every DVD ever released, and there is no better place to trade on the entire internet.

Finally, I can honestly say that my favorite thing about SwapaDVD is the sense of community among members and staff. Unlike most sites, everything feels very personal, which is a welcome change from most sites.

David B. - 1/22/2015