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Dreamland [Slim Case]
Slim Case
Actor: Bruce Burgess
Director: Bruce Burgess
Genres: Drama
2007     2hr 0min


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Actor: Bruce Burgess
Director: Bruce Burgess
Genres: Drama
Sub-Genres: Drama
Studio: Digiview
Format: DVD - Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 07/07/2007
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 2hr 0min
Screens: Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
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Member Movie Reviews

Sarah H. from ASHEVILLE, NC
Reviewed on 12/13/2011...
Filmmaker and journalist Bruce Burgess (Broken Dagger) goes deep into the heart of the greatest secret of the 20th century: Area 51, or "Dreamland," in this award-winning documentary. Along with his camera crew, Burgess sets out to uncover the truth of what is really going on in the most secret military base in the world.

Originally a skeptic, Burgess was converted, and now he presents his findings here. Footage of UFO'S performing impossible maneuvers under cover of darkness. Multiple aircrafts flying over the base are only the beginning of this account of what goes on in a base that is roughly the size of Switzerland.

Learn about the unexplained deaths of Area 51 workers, government-funded Black Project, abductions, and the reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technology. Dreamland goes beyond the perimeter wire, through the fields of motion sensors, past the armed patrols, jet fighters, and attack helicopters to uncover the truth of the greatest secret yet to be exposed.

Movie Reviews

We've heard this all before
BENJAMIN MILER | Veneta, Oregon | 10/02/2007
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Dreamland was a British made documentary (narrated by Bruce Burgess) from 1996 regarding Area 51 in Nevada. I presume this was originally released on VHS (since of course, the DVD was introduced late that year in Japan, and elsewhere in 1997). At least this DVD is very inexpensive, but if you've watched your share of other UFO documentaries, subjects on Area 51, and listened to Art Bell's radio program through the years, this all sounds familiar. You get to hear interviews from the likes of Stanton Friedman and Bob Lazar. Lazar has long been discredited by many, including Friedman himself (he even does so on this documentary, especially when Friedman stated that Lazar is taking security issues way too lightly), but you get to hear Lazar stating he worked at Groom Lake at the end of the 1980s back-engineering alien technology to test fly flying saucers. Of course there are many who felt his records during his stay in Area 51 and Los Alamos were purposely erased, including George Knapp of KLAS in Las Vegas, who broke the Lazar story. On a side note, I do admire Stanton Friedman greatly, he is quite credible, and he don't go off on kooky theories to support his belief in UFOs. You also get to hear stories from people who preferred to be anonymous, including this guy who claimed to work with a Grey called J-Rod. It turns out this guy was none other than Bill Uhouse (there's a guy who looks much like him on the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the guy who said he wants something so scary it would "clear three hundred square miles of every living Christian soul". Of course the guy on the movie isn't Bill Uhouse, but looks like him), I've seen plenty of footage of him elsewhere completely non-anonymous talking about his stay at Area 51 and of J-Rod, and you couldn't mistake his silhouette on this documentary. You get plenty of footage of various U.S. military officials talking about Area 51, plus the occasional British point of view, like Nick Pope of the Ministry of Defence (the UK version of the Department of Defense) and other British figures as Timothy Good, Nick Cook, and Bill Sweetman, many of them working for Jane's Defence Weekly, a British military publication. Bruce Burgess also wants to drive home to point of how tight security is at Area 51 by flying a plane close to the restricted zone and having fighter jets fly close by to chase them off, and driving on a dirt road showing signs that explicitly say, "Use of deadly force authorized". Plus you hear plenty of stories of how many people were threatened in every degree if they didn't keep shut about the base, and of course, every fan of conspiracies will not disappoint here!

I have to say it isn't bad, and it's nice to see the British do their stab at a documentary regarding Area 51, but I really didn't think I came out of this learning much more I hadn't seen on other documentaries or Art Bell. At least it's very inexpensive, so you never felt you overpaid."
Aged but still worth it!
Christopher Augustin | Philadelphia, PA | 11/29/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I received this DVD from one of my fiancee's coworkers. I haven't watched anything by this filmmaker before, but I truly applaud this work. It was a refreshing take on Area 51, presenting a lot of evidence including video, former employee testimony and photographs that I've never seen before. The DVD may be 10 years old, so some of their predictions as to disclosure occurring in the early 21st century may not have come to fruition, but, it's still a very informative and entertaining DVD."
Kind of surreal, reading a comment you KNOW is about YOU...
N. Isley | Durango, CO United States | 12/16/2008
(3 out of 5 stars)

"The Psychedelic Shaman writes, above:

"Then, we hear from a woman who purportedly worked as an air traffic controller at Nellis. She is afraid for her safety, so they filmed her in silhouette. The joke of it is, we can still clearly see her, and her voice isn't altered at all. We see her hair, her double chin, her eyes, her eyebrows. She couldn't have been less mysterious had she walked into the room wearing a teddy from Victoria Secret. If I had ever worked with this woman at any time, I could easily tell you who she was. The filmmakers did very little to disguise her identity; it couldn't have been very important to begin with."

How nice it must be to speak about someone else, tacky comments about a Victoria's Secret teddy notwithstanding, from your own comfortable little reality untroubled by personal experiences that you can't ignore, that allow you to (un)intellectually discuss points in a video from your own lack of experience, pretending you have the knowledge required to dispense something that's supposed to pass for wisdom, or at the very least, a review.

I agree with the points made about being able to see who I was and about anyone who knows me being able to identify me from seeing this video. Several friends and acquaintances of mine have asked me in the ensuing years, "Was that you in that UFO show?" I affirm that it was indeed me. Oh, and BTW, I was not an air traffic controller... I was an auto-track radar specialist.

I do not agree that "it couldn't have been very important to begin with." The shabby, pathetic job that Burgess did "hiding" my identity was tantamount to me being re-traumatized and terrorized after I'd already had far enough of that. I was furious and terrified. I did no more interviews and disappeared from any form of media for over 12 years as a result. I might have taken legal action against him if that would not have blown my true identity even further out into the world, which I wanted to avoid at all costs. The original trauma was enough anguish to deal with, and the way my interview was done in this video was another dose of it on top of the first.

I wouldn't be writing this now if I had not cautiously begun coming forward myself in the past year.

That having been said, returning to some kind of objective review of this dvd, I will say it has some good material to offer, if one is doing an in-depth research project of their own on the UFO cover-up and connects the dots with lots of other material out there. I'm not happy with the way my interview was handled one bit, or with the spooky presentation overall, but some good information does manage to get in there.

And as to Bob Lazar, the one time I met him he struck me as a man who spends a great deal of time nervously looking over his shoulder. Since I know firsthand what that is like, I tend to believe that his story is genuine as well, and points of it I've heard over time intersect with points in my own.

If you really want to see a good documentary, I recommend "Fastwalkers" or, if you have access to Google Video, "The Disclosure Project Witness Testimony" video, or anything with Robert Dean or Clifford Stone. When I see the beads of sweat on former General Lovekin's brow in the Disclosure Project video, I know exactly what those are about too.

Extraterrestrials and their presence and contact with factions of our government is real. Those of us who have experienced this firsthand try to tell people this. I know it's a tough idea to really digest and accept. But for those of us who are the experiencers, we don't have the luxury of denying it anymore. The public at large would do well to seriously consider what we have to say and enlarge their view of God or the Creator to include that God's universe is a big place and contains more life, including sentient life, than we see before us on a regular basis on Earth. Enough said, here and now."