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Farscape - Season 1, Collection 1 (Starburst Edition)
Farscape - Season 1 Collection 1
Starburst Edition
Actors: Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Lani John Tupu, Jonathan Hardy
Directors: Geoff Bennett, Ian Watson, Tony Tilse
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television
NR     2004     0hr 50min

The must-have collection includes 7 episodes of the first season of the Jim Henson Television, Hallmark Entertainment, and Nine Networks award-sinning series on 2 discs. This award-winning series, which airs on SCI FI, ha...  more »

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Actors: Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Lani John Tupu, Jonathan Hardy
Directors: Geoff Bennett, Ian Watson, Tony Tilse
Creators: Andrew Prowse, David Willis, Emily Skopov, Justin Monjo, Rockne S. O'Bannon
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television
Sub-Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television
Studio: Adv Films
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 11/16/2004
Original Release Date: 03/19/1999
Theatrical Release Date: 03/19/1999
Release Year: 2004
Run Time: 0hr 50min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 2
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

The second time around, they get it brilliantly right
Robert Moore | Chicago, IL USA | 08/27/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is the first release in the Starburst edition of FARSCAPE and while it is unfortunate that they didn't get it right the first time around in releasing the show on DVD, better late than never. Overwhelmingly the biggest problem with the first DVD releases was cost: unless you were an adult with a considerable amount of disposable income, they were simply too expensive. Although I have long been a huge FARSCAPE fan, the price truly was prohibitive, and as a person with a very wide range of interests, I had trouble justifying spending such a large amount of money for only one television series. Fortunately, the Starburst edition is extremely affordable, and contains all the special features available in the original versions. They are also vastly more convenient. I never could understand releasing only two episodes at a time in bulky packaging, and I'm delighted that this new version will take up about as much room as your average TV boxed set. My only complaint is that the episodes are presented on double-sided discs. It isn't clear to me why they couldn't have been singled sided, though there could well be very good reasons. My hope is that they will eventually put out each season in a single box. Although I will own the entire series by then in the individual releases, it will be easier for newcomers to buy them in that format, and this is a show I very much want to play the evangelist with, converting new fans to the considerable charms of the series.

I have a theory about television in the nineties that involves how TWIN PEAKS, THE X-FILES, and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER revolutionized what was possible in the medium. An addendum to this theory is that FARSCAPE was the first show to exploit the potential that these three shows demonstrated was possible. First, TWIN PEAKS showed that it was possible to produce a non-police procedural that maintained continuity from episode to episode while developing a story arc over a long period of time, while at the same time upping the aesthetic standards for what was possible in television. TWIN PEAKS was truly the first American television series that had many of the same values one could find in feature films. A couple of years later, THE X-FILES continued this level of aesthetic while developing an even more satisfying multi-season narrative arc. TWIN PEAKS great flaw--and it was a serious one--was that instead of resolving narrative details, they instead kept introducing new ones, so that by the end of the second season the story was collapsing by the multiplying of mysteries. THE X-FILES has narrative problems of its own, namely its lack of continuity over the course of the years (e.g., it was often precisely clear who the Cigarette Smoking Man was the father of, what the true fate of Mulder's sister was, or whether there was a true alien colonization program, until things were rather artificially summed up at the end), but it for the most part did a masterful job of telling a magnificent story over the course of nine seasons. But even then the show somewhat got things wrong, for the overarching assumption seemed to be that what we really liked was the stories, while in fact what we really loved was that the stories involved the interaction of Mulder and Scully. But the focus in the series was story first, and character development second. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE STORY was the first show to get everything right. The show told a great overall story as well as great season-long arcs, while throughout it all focusing more on character development than plot.

FARSCAPE is arguably the second show after BUFFY to get the formula right. Although the show has some amazing story arcs, in particular in Season Three, which I think one of the boldest seasons in the history of television, not once did the focus ever slip from the central characters to the story. In the midst of all the puppets and sets and CGI effects and aliens and make up and special effects, FARSCAPE is always more about John, Aeryn, D'Argo, Zhaan, Chianna, and the others than it is about the story in which they are involved. (Homage is paid to BUFFY, by the way, in two explicit references to BUFFY over the four seasons, first when John frets that he may be stuck as a statue for so long that not only his family members but even "Buffy the Vampire Slayer!" will be dead and then in Season Four when he asks Scorpio what it takes to stop him, whether silver bullets or "Buffy!")

These first of three sets comprising Season One is stuffed to the gills with special features, more than just about any other TV show I know. Special features have never overly impressed me, though I like good ones. Great special features can never atone for a rotten show, but luckily here we get great features for a great show. Every single episode features its own commentary, and I love the way that you really get to know the principle performers through listening to them. This show was not merely a job for them, but a project to which they were completely committed. The number of additional special features truly is staggering. I know of no other TV series to appear on DVD with anywhere near the same level of special features.

But it mainly comes back to price. Finally we have an edition of FARSCAPE that almost anyone can afford. I heartily recommend this series to anyone who enjoys Sci-fi. I concur with those who consider it the finest Sci-fi series ever to appear on TV, but I would hasten to add that this has the potential to appeal to non-Sci-fi fans. For instance, women usually are not regarded as the target group of a Sci-fi series, but FARSCAPE had a massive female fan base. The reason is the way the show focuses on characters and the interplay between the individuals. But the main reason to see the show is that this is one of the rare ones that got everything right, and this despite the fact that it took more chances than just about any other show in the history of TV. Luckily, even when they took chances, things usually paid off."
This is just great, I'll tell ya!
Lincoln 6 Echo | Harrisburg, IL USA | 11/22/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Farscape, or Muppets in Space, as I used to call it. Well, despite being somewhat disinterested in this series over the years, the recent Peace-Keeper Wars mini-series has peaked my interest in this series. After the abrupt and sudden cancelation of this series, with an unresolved cliff-hanger, I was kind of unwilling to purchase this series on DVD only to have an unfinished series on DVD. (This is the same reason why I haven't purchased Firefly, and maybe B5: Crusade). Well, since the series has finally gotten its wrap-up, if you will, I have decided to give this series a try on DVD.

I've seen a few episodes over the years, thought they were interesting, but as fans know, you almost have to catch it from the beginning and all the way through. So once I stopped watching way back in the first season, I lost track of the show.

Well, this new re-release of the Starburst Editions is a brilliant idea for a couple of reasons. First we get 7 episodes instead of 4 for about the same SRP. Plus we get more extras. How can you beat that? Second, packaging them this way saves space. Instead of 5 double-wide keepcases per season, this style of packaging will encompass an entire season in just 3 keepcases. 7 episodes on two, 8 on the other, for a total of 22 episodes per season. And from what another reviewer said, we also get better transfers and sound quality than the previous releases.

This first volume was released on Nov. 16th, the second one is due on Jan. 18th (same day as the PKW disc) which means expect another release about every two months. So expect the entire series within about a two year period."
Best Sci-Fi Series Available During Its Run
SRFireside | Houston, TX United States | 02/21/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Farscape surprised me. A lot. When I first saw it the series was well into its second season. I kept hearing about how good it was but never actually sat down to try it. I am glad I eventually did. Farscape (for those of you reading this who don't know) is probably the most diversely written science fiction show I have ever seen. Lots of shows have a certain pacing and feel to them. Even the great shows (like Babylon 5 and Star Trek:TNG) often felt like standardized in the writing style. Not so with Farscape. The show felt like they were shooting from the hip in that respect. I think that's one of the reasons it was such a great show.

Add to that some VERY impressive special effects including incredible CGI scenes, creative makeup effects, and of course the Jim Henson Creature Shop coming up with some of the coolest aliens ever. Of course I cannot forget some fantastic acting by the staff, and that's another reason why this show works so well... the chemistry between the characters (muppet or otherwise).

Now about this Starburst Edition. I was one of the people who balked at the way Farscape was being offered in DVD format. Only a few eps on a disk that cost over $20 at the time and then that monster of a season box always costing more than anything else I have seen. I am sorry for those of you who feel cheated with the "double dipping" but I have to agree with some reviewers here in saying this new edition is good for the franchise and good for the fans. Besides you guys do essentially have the same shows we're getting anyway. :-)

From what I'm told the Starburst Edition has the same documentaries as the first printing of the season shows along with some extras. I haven't heard all the commentaries (the one on the premier ep kinda bored me... they were just talking away without really contributing any insightful info) so I cannot really say if they are really good overall or not. I can say the additional interview with Brian Henson (not on the original set) is a treat for those who endured through the "Save Farscape" campaign.

The data files on the characters are only marginally informative. I think you can get more info from just watching the eps if you ask me. The trivia bits from each ep however was more entertaining and informative. I think that pretty much covers the extras that weren't already covered from the original releases.

I have heard some people say the Starburst Edition is remastered visually and audio, but I can't seem to notice that much a difference. If you're worried about quality and have the original then just keep what you have and save your money (unless you REALLY want those commentaries and bonus interviews).

All in all I absolutely LOVE this new edition. The price won't break your bank and you get a lot for your money. It looks like I can get an entire season for around $45. Can't beat that. I wish they released all the volumes for the season at once. Like someone else said, that's not the smartest thing to do. Killing your momentum like that.

If you don't have any Farscape DVD's yet then by all means NOW IS YOUR TIME TO GET THEM!!! If you already have the Farscape seasons on DVD then I quess it's your call whether or not the new material and remastering is enough to merit the change. Maybe you can sell off your old set and trade up?"
Think about it
Deleen's ghost | USA | 12/01/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"If you don't own this dvd, go out and buy it! It's a fairly reasonable price and the show is marvelous. However, I've looked at the extras listed and there isn't that much new on this edition. The sound and picture quality are great on the original, so if you already own it, I wouldn't throw any more money ADV's way. They seem eager to empty our pockets without giving much for it. New buyers, enjoy! Owners of the first edition - caveat emptor!"