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The Fourth Kind
The Fourth Kind
Actors: Milla Jovovich, Will Patton, Corey Johnson, Enzo Cilenti, Elias Koteas
Genres: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
PG-13     2010     1hr 38min

In remote Alaska, citizens have been mysteriously vanishing since the 1960s. Despite multiple FBI investigations, the truth behind the phenomena had never been discovered?until now. While videotaping therapy sessions wi...  more »

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Actors: Milla Jovovich, Will Patton, Corey Johnson, Enzo Cilenti, Elias Koteas
Creator: Milla Jovovich
Genres: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
Sub-Genres: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
Studio: Universal Studios
Format: DVD - Color,Widescreen - Dubbed,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 03/16/2010
Original Release Date: 01/01/2009
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2009
Release Year: 2010
Run Time: 1hr 38min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 2
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
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Member Movie Reviews

Chad B. (abrnt1) from CABERY, IL
Reviewed on 3/13/2012...
This film attempts to be scary throughout, but fails. The largest problem is the main character played by Milla Jovovich comes off as being somewhat unstable and impossible to like. She's annoying beyond belief and says & does things that cause you to question everything about her. This film had an interesting premise, but fails to live up to it.
1 of 2 member(s) found this review helpful.
Steven W. (bom1830) from SAN LEANDRO, CA
Reviewed on 9/12/2011...
The very time I saw this movie I was stunned I must say ! At that specific time I did not know that it was a 'docu-drama type' movie not really based on actual truths per se but over all it is ONE AMAZING MOVIE THAT WILL KEEP YOU GLUED TO THE SCREEN FOR SOMETIME!!

All of the actors/actressess they chosen to play the various parts w/in this movie were 'spot-on'. Their onscreen chemistry was played off each other very, very well. I that I could not nor would not show this particular movie to a friend of my mind who has some emotional issues since there is quite a bit of emotional outbursts from being hyponotized for regression type therapy to found out what these people are actually seeing, sensing, and communicating with. Very, Very disturbing for those who might have a weak constitution mentally since the way this movie has been put together is like a documentary movie but very intense emotional responses from the various roles within the movie.

The movie diffidently draws you in and you are stuck until the ending credits are rolling upon your screen. At some points during this movie you will ask youself .....
" Is this for real...?" If it is your first time you will be asking yourself that same exact question because the way they packaged the movie and how it begins and ends leaves your mouth agape ! We had to research on the web to find out that this movie was not based in reality at all but Oi-Vey it will keep you on your toes that is for sure.

Enjoy and get ready to have your nerves rattled it you want too !! = )

Peace be with you. Love in Christ,

Mr. Steven Wilson
1 of 2 member(s) found this review helpful.
Deidra C. (Deidra670) from GARRETT, KY
Reviewed on 10/26/2010...
THE FOURTH KIND is a very interesting experiment. I'm still not quite sure what to make of this movie. In Nome, Alaska, Dr. Abigail Tyler is trying to make sense of her husband's murder in 2000. She begins to continue his research into sleep disturbances experienced by a large population in Nome.

While the movie gives the impression that what we are seeing is real, that actual video and audio footage is included, that claim is doubtful. However, a little research does reveal that there are several mysterious disappearances and murders in Nome. An article published in 2006 by the Anchorage Daily News, reported that the FBI was denying the idea that a serial killer was responsible for 24 disappearances, 9 of which the bodies were never found. Now while that doesn't support THE FOURTH KIND's claims, it does make one wonder and think about what is really happening in Nome.

THE FOURTH KIND scared me. I didn't expect that. Even though I was sure the "actual" footage was faked, it still disturbed me. It made me pause and catch my breath. I can't say that I enjoyed THE FOURTH KIND, but it definitely provoked a response from me and that's exactly what the film's makers were shooting for.

So yes, I recommend THE FOURTH KIND. But will I look at the night sky the same way again? I don't know.

The stars look very dark tonight.
5 of 5 member(s) found this review helpful.
Nikki H. (Tinyavenger)
Reviewed on 5/27/2010...
Going into this movie my expectations were high and I knew it. I still held out hope since I really like Milla Jovovich but I couldn't help but be disappointed. While it had a couple good scenes, those made up only about ten or fifteen minutes of the movie. The rest was way too slow. My poor husband fell asleep and I even found my mind wandering.
1 of 2 member(s) found this review helpful.

Movie Reviews

3 1/2 stars for scaring the crap outta me
A. Boston | Boston, MA United States | 01/21/2010
(3 out of 5 stars)

"I love scary movies but as I get older, I have a harder time with them. Aliens in general are really what freak me out. I can't watch scary movies after a certain time of day, because they give me nightmares. Unfortunately for me, I watched this movie too late because I had low expectations and didn't expect it to scare me. The good news: no nightmares. The bad news: I was awake staring at the door in fear until the sun came up.

While I was pretty sure from the start that the claims of real life footage being in the movie were bogus, it still scared the crap outta me. But the promise of "archival footage" even though it really wasn't annoyed me, so I deducted some points for that.

It starts a little slow but once it gets going it's definitely a good scary movie in my opinion. For me, horror movies aren't about cinematic integrity, but how much they entertain and horrify you. This one fit the bill. Worth a watch(not a purchase), but don't watch it at night. Just a tip."
This is a great film. Is it really a true story?
Almost Home | undisclosed | 03/19/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Ok, let's start by saying that all the people bashing this film for being "based on actual events" have apparently not seen a horror film since and including Tobe Hooper's epic "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre." Ever since horror films have used that label as a gimmick. That is all it is. Get over it. The Blair Witch doesn't exist. Kate and Mika from "Paranormal Activity" are alive and well. New York is not digging out from the Cloverfield monster. No humans died filming "Cannibal Holocaust." Get it? I digress.

The Fourth Kind is one of the most finely crafted thriller/horror films I have seen in a long time. The mix of "real" and "recreated" scenes is done really well. This film also succeeds in an area where so many have fallen flat: The Fourth Kind is actually scary. Imagine, and with a PG-13 rating and everything. The performances are well done. The special effects while minimal have terrific impact. This film does require suspension of disbelief and that seems to be where a lot of people get stuck. If you need to see everything that happens then you probably will not like The Fourth Kind. If you have a great imagination and you are able to play pretend for an hour and a half then you will get a big payoff. Also, as with most films, the less you know going in to the movie the better. Five stars."
In the end what you believe is yours to decide
The Mad Bostonian | Massachusetts | 03/23/2010
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I will not go into plot/ storyline, you can read the other reviews with the plot layed out.

This is just my own opinion/ thoughts and review of the film.

What do I believe? The ending left more questions than answers in my opinion. I believe this movie was a very clever rouse by the filmmakers, in the vain of Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, Exorcism of Emily Rose, Fire in the Sky, The Mothman Prophecies making something that is said to be based on true events be not true at all or taking slightly the most sliver of truths and building a fictitious story around it, seen it done hundreds of times in books and movies. We do get Milla Jovovich in the beginning of the film stating that what we are about to see are reenactments of events mixed with "real" archival footage of interviews/ hypnosis sessions/ of real people all experiencing some kind of UFO phenomena happening around Nome Alaska in Fall of 2000. Milla Jovovich portrays the Dr in the reenactments then through out we get interview snip- its of the real Dr. Tyler. A part of me wanted to believe this was real, but I would think if a noted Dr of Abigail Tyler's profession would have made this case go nationwide, and that Discovery or History Channel or Larry King would have aired some kind of special about UFO abductions and in particular about strange occurrences in and around Nome Alaska. And this definitely could have been an X Files episode, makes me wonder if the director's inspiration came from the X Files. And The supposedly real interviews and hypnosis sessions through out the movie do seem real and genuinely frightening/ disturbing.... and I don't want to forget the owls... never have owls seemed so other worldly spooky, and ghost like, some scenes the eyes seem to be piercing into your soul when it looks at you, in the movie there is a correlation with the owls and the conjectured other worldly Visitors, and the "real" Dr. Abigail Tyler looks ghostly, sickly, kinda creepy when she first shows up on the screen, we see her being interviewed by the director of this film to give it that realness. Some notable supporting roles: Will Patton, always a favorite of mine turns in a nice performance of the sheriff who doesn't believe in all this UFO mumbo jumbo crap, Elias Koteas as another Dr. friend of Dr. Tyler, gives a good steady performance as well, and Milla of course is great,a different role for her, more dramatic role, shows she's branching off.

I give credit to the over all tone of the movie and mood, and style, way it was filmed, mixing supposedly real footage and the reenactments with the actors, very good plot device. I just have to wonder how would said filmmakers get to clear all the red tape if in fact they were real footage of everything that Dr. Tyler did? But kudos to the filmmaker (Olatunde Osunsanmi)for giving us a genuinely frightening, astounding psychological thriller been awhile since I've had my nerves jangled like that. What bothers me is not knowing if any of this stuff is true??? Guess what I believe in the end is what I decide....