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Hanzo the Razor: The Snare
Hanzo the Razor The Snare
Written by the creator of the manga classic, Lone Wolf and Cub, and starring Shintaro Katsu, known to his hordes of fans as Zatoichi, Hanzo "The Razor" Itami, incorruptible protector of the common man, returns in his secon...  more »


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Hanzo unleashes the long "arm" of the law yet again
Jason | Backwater, Alabama | 01/26/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Once again Hanzo Itami, a.k.a. Hanzo the Razor, along with his two men Devil-fire and Viper, are in search of Japan's worst criminals, government conspiracies, and women with "information". Before you can say "penis mutilation", Hanzo is "tenderizing his meat" with a wooden mallet, and sexing up a bamboo bag filled with hot, uncooked rice - it's just like Hanzo The Razor Sword of Justice. We also get to see more of Hanzo's "stabbin' cabin", which has an inauspicious double-meaning and makes McCauley Caulkin's house in Home Alone seem infant safe. He even pulls off the fake seppuku trick again, this time with a watermelon. Awesome!

In this intricate investigation, while chasing simple criminals, Hanzo confronts and disrespects a lord, Treasurer Okubo, who Hanzo regards as a cheap ornament. Protecting Okubo is a deadly fencing instructor who comes off tough, but there is no ambiguity about the fact that his machismo will later cost him his life. Nonetheless, after some capitulation to all involved, despite Hanzo's obvious disdain of status, he's allowed to continue his duties as a law enforcer.

In no time at all, and with very little transition, Hanzo finds himself at a murder scene. After mere seconds, Hanzo recognizes that the dead girl's nipples are dark; therefore, she's a slut. Obviously. Immediately afterwards, he begins his investigation by giving her two-finger necrogynecological exam. Clearly, he deduces that she had an abortion. This leads him to a Voodoo abortion clinic with a nude, female "doctor" - reminded me of a southern Baptist snake charmer - who performs her medical procedures with what amounts to a large coat hanger. Naturally, she's succumbs to the Penis of Truth, telling Hanzo the dead girl's name, and leading him to the girl's home.

While interrogating grieving parents, Hanzo realizes the girl had been going to Kaizan Temple, a convent of sorts. Once there, he discovers that an attractive, bald priestess has been entertaining wealthy merchants by bringing in the virgin daughters of local families for whatever carnal desires the merchants may have. Hanzo walks into the middle of one such encounter where a young girl is naked, strapped to a post, and being beaten. Naturally, Hanzo finds this completely unacceptable; so, he beats and threatens the men there. The Priestess, however, soon gets the Penis of Truth via the hanging sex net at the Hanzo love shack where he delivers the line, "You saw hell before, now you'll see heaven."

Somewhere in all this depravity, Hanzo uncovers a scheme within the treasury to devalue currency. It's actually a pretty decent plot. But he also manages to find time to stop Japan's wickedest thief, Shobei Hamajima, a man responsible for mass robbery and slaughter. The Penis of Truth makes one more appearance where he rapes a woman he's protecting from the possibility of being raped by Hamajima. Like the others, she eventually loves it.

Along with a soundtrack that appropriately sounds like it's straight from a porno, The Snare nails its Hanzo predecessor's theme. It's an extension of the original piece, with deep concepts and a penetrating commitment to justice, all under the blanket of the 70s exploitation genre. Disturbingly awesome."