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The Horror Collection V.1 10-DVD Set
The Horror Collection V1 10-DVD Set
Actors: Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Jack Nicholson
Director: Various
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
NR     2008     52hr 36min

The Ultimate Cult-Classic Horror Collection with 10-DVDs, 41 Movies, and 52 Hours of Viewing! — Half-man, half-beasts. Skin-shredding bats. Mad scientists. Flesh-eating zombies...The Horror Collection has every terror cover...  more »


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Actors: Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Jack Nicholson
Director: Various
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Horror, Fantasy
Studio: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 09/30/2008
Release Year: 2008
Run Time: 52hr 36min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 10
SwapaDVD Credits: 10
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Horror Collector's Set Volume 1
Cass G | South Lake Tahoe, Ca | 07/11/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Horror Collector's Set Volume 1
When a gorilla escapes from the circus, the run amuck ape is believed to be responsible for a rash of murders. Fearing that he's going to be the gorilla's next victim, lawyer Walter Stevens (Lionel Atwill) hires three wacky detectives for protection. But when it becomes obvious that the perpetrator is of the human persuasion, the list of suspects grows longer by the second.
When a brilliant scientist, Dr. Paul Carruthers (Bela Lugosi), develops an ingenious product and is cheated out of the profits by his greedy partners, Carruthers turns his laboratory of science into one of doom by creating a giant race of deadly bats. Now armed with his killing machines, the good-scientist-gone-bad has the power to kill at will.

The recent drowning deaths of five blind people are steeped in mystery and have Scotland Yard investigating. The more the detective assigned to the case looks into it, the more it appears that the killer is none other than a doctor (Bela Lugosi) who is scamming his patients for their insurance money and then drowning them in the Thames River.

Dr. Charles Kessler (Bela Lugosi) is possessed by the memory of his dear deceased wife but soon finds himself haunted by her apparition when she begins to prowl his backyard at night. Unbeknownst to Kessler, his late wife has cast a spell upon him that drives him to commit murder. As the characters in this creepy thriller draw closer to revealing the killer, Kessler finds it harder and harder to keep his composure.

Dr. James Brewster (Bela Lugosi) is a driven scientist who has been experimenting with a formula concocted from the spinal fluids of a gorilla. But the good doctor takes his obsession a step too far by injecting the serum into himself. Now, as his body is rapidly transforming into that of an ape, Brewster must find an antidote before it's too late. Believing the answer to lie in human spinal fluid, the crazed doctor goes out on the prowl in search of human donors...

A thrilling drag race turns into a calamitous tragedy when one of the racing cars, carrying three young women, loses control and soars off a bridge, plunging into the murky depths of the river below. Officials search the water for bodies but to no avail. The girls are thought to be dead despite the missing corpses, until one of the passengers, Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss), staggers from the water. Without any recollection of the accident, Mary vows to go on with her life. But then a chilling apparition of a strange man appears to her with increasing frequency--and then there are the strange stretches of time when Mary becomes invisible to passersby on the street. Mary is desperate for answers, but nothing makes sense--especially her peculiar feeling that it all has something to do with the eerie, abandoned carnival on the outskirts of town. But when the sunken car is found and pulled from the river, nothing can explain why all three bodies are inside--including Mary's.

Dr. Manetta (Leslie Banks) is a wealthy heir who dabbles in mysteries and murder. First, the demented doctor lures people into his mansion to try their hand at opening the "door with seven locks" by answering a series of riddles. Behind the door lies the tomb of the long-departed Lord Selford, and more importantly, his treasure trove of jewels. But no one has ever been able to crack the crazy doctor's cryptic codes and open the door. When the hopeful treasure hunters fail--as they inevitably do--Dr. Manetta leads them to his dark, dank dungeon of torture where he gleefully torments his captives until they expire. The doctor's devious scheme has always been successful, but when he kidnaps a lovely young girl (Lilli Palmer), Manetta sets in motion a chain of events that will bring justice to his victims--and his own ultimate demise.

A sinister plague has swept the earth, transforming mankind into a new breed of creatures that have vampire-like tendencies. Every human has been infected--with the exception of one man: scientist Robert Morgan (Vincent Price), who is immune to the virus. Because of this, he is the last hope of preserving humanity. Now forced underground into hiding, Morgan becomes the demon slayer that the new vampire race fears. But is one lone man enough to destroy an entire race of demonic vampires? The odds are stacked against him...

A wealthy Haitian plantation owner, Charles Beaumont (Robert Frazer), has the most sinister of intentions when he invites a young couple to get married on his estate. Enamored with the lovely Madeline (Madge Bellamy), Charles, in cahoots with the local witch doctor, Murder Legendre (Bela Lugosi), plots to cause Madeline's untimely death and then bring her back to life as his eternal love slave. The devious pair goes through with the plan, but in a delicious plot twist, Legendre refuses to release the young woman's soul to Beaumont. Now it's up to Madeline's faithful fiancé (John Harron) to bring down the villainous men and their twisted game to free his love from eternal purgatory.

Charles Benson (Lon Chaney Jr.) has earned his nickname "The Butcher" and because of this, he has been sentenced to die. After the execution, his body is sent to a scientist doing cancer research. Through no other fault than human error, the well-meaning scientist brings the criminal back to life and discovers that "The Butcher" is now virtually unstoppable. Back from the dead, Benson goes about taking care of his unfinished business by taking care of all who stand in his way--including the scientist who brought him to life.

Janice Starlin (Susan Cabot), a youth-obsessed cosmetics company mogul, volunteers to be the test subject for a newly developed regenerating beauty cream. The ointment is created from an enzyme found in wasps and is believed to be a veritable fountain of youth. At first, Susan is ecstatic with her results, but there are some unusual changes occurring in her body--and then there's that sinister urge to hunt human prey...

Dr. Adrian (Boris Karloff) has spent his life working to discover a vaccine for polio and finally it seems as if his hard work has paid off. Little by little his research reveals that the answer lies in pure, unadulterated human spinal fluid. The only problem is where to get it. Convinced that murdering a few hapless souls is better than the suffering of hundreds of polio victims, Dr. Adrian makes his immoral choice. At the close of the day, the crazed scientist dons the pelt of a dead circus ape and begins to prowl the streets for unwitting spinal fluid donors.

The Haloran family, despite their wealth and high society, live a very sorrowful life in a forbidding Irish castle. The woman of the house, Lady Haloran, suffers from bouts of hysteria, stemming from her grief over the death of her daughter--who died by drowning six years earlier. What Lady Haloran doesn't know is that her son also just passed away. Louise, Lady Haloran's daughter-in-law keeps her husband's death a secret in the hope of getting her hands on his money. But keeping up the charade isn't going to be easy, because a very frightening complication arises--one that prowls the gloomy castle grounds, wielding a very large axe...

Nan Barlow (Venetia Stevenson) makes a deadly mistake when she decides to spend her college vacation researching witchcraft in the spooky town of Whitewood, Massachusetts. Bathed in a thick fog, the village has a foreboding quality that Nan discovers goes much deeper than its appearance. Whitewood's residents are strange, especially Raven's Inn owner, Mrs. Newlis (Patricia Jessel), whom Nan discovers is a 268-year-old witch that, after being burned at the stake, sold her soul to the devil in exchange for eternal life. The entire village belongs to Mrs. Newlis's coven, including Nan's innocent-appearing history professor (Christopher Lee). But if all that weren't shocking enough, Nan makes the most terrifying discovery of all--she's been marked for sacrifice.

When an unsuspecting window-shopper named Rick (Robert Alda) happens upon an unusual boutique, he's immediately drawn to an extraordinary doll the proprietor tells him was made in the likeness of a woman named Bianca (Linda Christian). Owner of the specialty doll shop by day, Frank Lamont (Neil Hamilton) is the "High Executioner" of a satanic chapel by night. Hoping to lure Rick into his cult, Frank gives him the woman's address. When Rick goes to see her, he's immediately enchanted by Bianca's beauty. High-priestess of the cult, she promises her undying love, if only he will join them. Thoroughly bewitched, Rick realizes he must somehow break Bianca's spell after learning the cultists have kidnapped his girlfriend (Ariadna Welter) for sacrifice.

No matter how hard Walter Paisley (Dick Miller) tries to fit in, he just can't seem to get it right. A nerdy waiter at a hip, beatnik hang-out, Walter is exceedingly jealous of the artistic types that frequent his workplace. But in a bizarre twist of fate, Walter gets the attention he's always craved after he accidentally kills his landlord's cat. In an attempt to hide his misdeed, Walter covers the cat in clay, thus producing a macabre work-of-art the beatniks go wild over. Praised and admired for his "artistic" talents, Walter has only one dilemma: where to get another corpse for his next sculpture. The problem is solved when Walter introduces a nosy cop to the blunt side of a cast-iron skillet. From there on out, the crazed pseudo-artist begins whacking his competition as the demand for sculptures grows.

On the level of Hitchcock's bizarre-but-brilliant chillers, I Bury the Living is a suspenseful masterpiece that is centered on main character Robert Kraft (Richard Boone), the chairman of a sprawling cemetery who begins to lose his grip on reality. When Robert accidentally mixes up the pins representing the purchased, but unoccupied, burial lots with the occupied ones on a large wall map of the cemetery, the plot owners begin to drop like flies...and Robert begins to believe he's God. As the bodies pile up, the mystery delves deeper until an astonishing secret is revealed. But will the truth be enough to shake Robert from his warped delusions?

This Christmas Eve will be like no other for a quaint New England town that appears as innocent as it does sleepy. But on this holiest of holy nights, scathingly sinful secrets will be revealed when an inmate escapes from the local asylum and takes refuge in a long-abandoned, crumbling estate. The crazed asylum-escapee gets his revenge by luring town citizens into his lair and by exacting unspeakable acts of vengeance upon them. And after all the horror and carnage is through, their dirty, little secrets that have been long buried will finally be unearthed.

Laura Van Ee (Molly Lamont) is a beautiful, enigmatic young woman who literally dies from sheer terror. But the story doesn't stop there. Laura tells the whole story herself--and all from the sterilized metal of a mortuary slab!

Inspired by movies like The Exorcist, Good Against Evil revolves around possession--of a different kind. In this frightening horror flick, Andy Stuart (Dack Rambo) is horrified to learn that Satan has claimed his girlfriend as his own. Knowing that he cannot fight the King of Darkness alone, Andy turns to a pair of priests who have the power to rid the girl of the demon kingpin for good--even if it promises to be one hell of a battle.

Kill, Baby...Kill! is the chilling story about a sudden rash of murders that sweep a small village in Transylvania. The slain bodies of female victims are turning up all over town, and the local sorceress (Fabienne Dali) believes that the ghost of Melissa, a little girl who was also murdered, is to blame. The girl's mother, the aged Baroness Graps (Giana Vivaldi), has never stopped grieving over her daughter's death, and now she has conjured up the girl's spirit to get bloody revenge. It's up to the sorceress to track down the reclusive Baroness and put a stop to her, thus ending the slaughter and allowing little Melissa's spirit to rest in peace.

When the corpses of several patrons of a Colorado ski resort turn up during its annual winter carnival, the resort's proprietor attempts to calm everyone by telling them that a bear caused the skiers' deaths. But then one of the ski patrolmen, Tony Rill (Robert Logan), spots a giant, shadowy figure disappearing into the woods, and rumors begin to circulate that the mysterious form is a bloodthirsty beast--a big-foot. And as the bodies begin to pile up, the terrorized skiers and townsfolk realize that they must take action to stop the frightening creature from killing again. Two brave, accomplished skiers accept the challenge and set out after the horrible beast--not knowing that they're up against the most wrathful behemoth ever to stalk prey.

When two natives of Marsh Island, Louisiana, discover the mangled body of a young woman named Ellie, it appears that she has been torn to shreds by a pack of wild dogs. But when the medical examiner (John Beradino) takes a closer look at the corpse, it becomes evident that the apparent accident is in actuality a murder. Now the town sheriff (David Janssen) is forced to take a closer look at his friends and neighbors who reside in the tiny swampland town to determine who's responsible for the slaying. But as the sheriff digs a little deeper into the case, some long buried secrets are unearthed, and young Ellie's murder is only the tip of the iceberg...

When an unsuspecting rock band boards a train bound for nowhere, they are oblivious that the locomotive lacks a destination--and they are equally unaware of the colossal presences that are on board with them. These evocative passengers are none other than God and Satan, who have come together to discuss the fate of the train's unwitting passengers. As they talk, The Divine Creator and the Prince of Darkness tell three macabre tales of human design.

The first is a story about an illegal organ-harvesting operation cloaked in the guise of a supposed insane asylum. The second tale is about a man who falls for a woman belonging to a suicidal cult, and the third is the epic tale of a battle waged between mankind and Satan when he attempts to return to earth and set in motion the proverbial apocalypse. Each of these sub-plots is as suspenseful and spine chilling as the fate of the passengers aboard this Night Train to Terror.

On a dark and desolate night, a group of seven travelers are forced to take shelter at an unwelcoming Gothic manor. But instead of enjoying a restful night before getting on the road again in the morning, the uninvited guests are in for the longest, most hellish night of their lives. Each of these guests has an irrepressible weakness for one of the Seven Deadly Sins. And little do they know, aside from their host, a seductive but murderous succubus also resides at the manor, and before the night is through, she will visit each of the seven guests and show them just how deadly their sins are...

Lewis B. Moffitt (George E. Mather) is afraid of the dark, and even more than that, he's afraid of dead bodies. This paralyzing fear stems from his childhood, when an incident with a corpse left him traumatized. Now, as a med student, his class is witnessing a human autopsy for the first time, and Lewis must struggle to hide his terror. But little does he know, in just a few hours time, he will be forced to confront his phobia in a more horrifying way. The frat Moffitt is pledging knows what he fears most, and for his initiation, Lewis must enter a darkened mausoleum and remove a ring from a corpse's hand. Though he works up the courage to do the deed, everything is going to go horribly awry...and someone is about to die.

In this diabolical mystery horror flick, a young woman named Margaret (Barbara Steele) and her physician lover plot to kill her elderly husband in order to get their hands on his sprawling estate and hefty inheritance. The sadistic couple injects the old man with poison rather than his usual medicine, and he passes away as planned. But the lovers aren't able to live their twisted lives in peace because the dead man's ghost is bent on wreaking vengeance and refuses to leave them alone. The murdered man's ghost slowly drives Margaret out of her mind until she viciously murders her lover in the same manner that they killed her husband. And in the end when Margaret learns that she is the victim of an elaborate scheme herself, she's in for the greatest heart-stopping shock of her life...

Brother and sister Johnny (Russell Streiner) and Barbara (Judith O'Dea) travel to a remote town in Pennsylvania to visit the gravesite of their deceased father. But the dreaded trip turns into a terrifying nightmare when a flesh-eating zombie attacks the pair, killing Johnny. Barbara escapes and runs to the first residence she sees--a lone farmhouse where a group of people has taken refuge against the monsters. But their hiding place isn't safe for long. When darkness falls, a mass of ravenous zombies descends upon the house, and by the dawning of the next day, all that's left is a single survivor.

For years the police force on the small, secluded island of Korbai have turned a blind eye to the bizarre voodoo rituals of some of the isle's inhabitants--that is, until the arrival of Captain Labesch (Ralph Bertrand) from the mainland. Tired of the island people's lawlessness, he recruits the aid of wealthy plantation owner, Carl Van Molder (Boris Karloff), who owns half the island. But before they can get the policemen to clean up their acts, a sinister snake charmer begins to transform the native island women into mindless zombies who prey upon the police--and anyone else who gets in their way. And when Van Molder's niece is kidnapped by the cultists with the intention of using her as the next virgin sacrifice, he and the virtuous Captain Labesch are forced to find a way to stop the murderous voodoo cult in a frenzied race against time.

When the head doctor of Stephens Sanitarium--a cutting-edge facility for the criminally insane--attempts to make a break-through in treatment by letting patients act out their twisted fantasies, things go horribly awry. Instead of finding a means to an end, the doctor meets his demise at the sharp end of an axe. With the hospital chief out of the way, the patients take over, resulting in murderous mayhem and sickening carnage.

Shock Theatre veteran Vincent Price stars in this cult classic as Frederick Loren, a baleful tycoon who owns an ominous mental institution-turned-mansion. Loren throws a party that promises to be a hauntingly good time but turns into a murderous disaster. With his foes in attendance, Loren hands out party favors in the form of miniature wooden coffins that contain handguns. The sinister host has a few scary tricks up his sleeve that he hopes will provoke his guests into using their weapons, but it turns out that his calculating wife and her lover have some plans of their own. All of the devious scheming and backstabbing of the guests, mixed in with the house's own malevolent supernatural element, make for one terrifying, white-knuckled fright night.

At a boarding school for wayward girls, a murderous beast is prowling the campus grounds. With razor-sharp claws, skin-shredding teeth, and an insatiable lust for blood, the flesh-ripping beast slinks out of the shadows when the moon is full and when there is no one around to hear its victims' blood-curdling screams.

Lionel Atwill stars as Jerome Breen, a rich philanthropist suspected of murder. Strangled bodies are turning up everywhere and witnesses swear they saw and heard Mr. Breen near each murder scene. The intrigue mounts as Jerome's seemingly airtight alibi of being a deaf mute comes under investigation...

Christopher Lee made one of his final appearances on the big screen as the malevolent Count with a lust for blood, in The Satanic Rites of Dracula. In this dark and diabolical tale, Count Dracula fronts a satanic cult that uses a research establishment and real estate business as a cover for its dastardly deeds in 1970's London. The Count and his followers develop a deadly strain of the bubonic plague, plotting to release it into the unsuspecting city streets. With the entire human race in jeopardy, the dutiful Dr. Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) and Inspector Murray (Michael Coles) set out to stop the evil Count and his minions from carrying out their devilish plan.

When Napoleonic cavalry soldier Lt. Andre Duvalier (Jack Nicholson) becomes estranged from his unit, he comes upon a mysterious woman named Helene (Sandra Knight) along the coast of Germany. The lieutenant is immediately taken with Helene but quickly becomes suspicious of her actions. It seems as if she is leading him into deadly traps: the powerful ocean's tide and pits of quicksand. Things take an even stranger turn when Duvalier seeks refuge at a nearby castle maintained by a baron (Boris Karloff), and Helene unexpectedly appears there. The baron is convinced that Helene is the ghost of his long-departed wife Ilsa, but the lieutenant believes Helene is under a hypnotic spell cast by an old witch that is scheming against the baron--slowly driving him to the brink of madness in an act of ruthless revenge...

When Mike (Lee Montgomery) and Josh (Wings Hauser), a pair of northern-bred brothers, take a trip to a backwoods Georgian town, one of them ends up missing and the other is forced to begin a frantic search for his missing sibling with the aid of Sheriff Will Stewart (Bo Hopkins) and rookie sleuth Holly (Jody Medford). But what the trio uncovers is more than they bargained for--that toxic sewage has transformed some of the townsfolk into murderous mutant zombies.

George Zucco performs a double role as twin physician brothers--one good-hearted--the other evil. The good doctor, abhorred by his brother's immoral actions, murders his malicious sibling in secret. But the virtuous brother's image is destroyed when the evil doctor returns from the grave as a vampire with vengeance in his heart and murder on his mind. When the evil twin viciously slays his brother's associates, all evidence of the heinous crimes point to the good doctor, who is forced to hunt his brother down and somehow unearth a way to kill him again.

During WWII, a special agent (Dick Purcell), his butler (Mantan Moreland), and pilot are flying off the coast of South America in search of a missing American admiral whose plane went down. Low on fuel and blown off course by a violent storm, the plane is forced to crash-land on a remote island. As luck would have it, the island is inhabited by the Sangres, a German doctor (Henry Victor) and his strange wife (Patricia Stacey). The doctor explains that his wife is in a trance for which he's trying to find a cure. Much to the butler's horror, he quickly learns that the doctor's wife isn't the only one--the island is swarming with zombies. He tries to warn Dr. Sangre, but the doctor doesn't believe in voodoo. Not long after, the butler and pilot are entranced in the zombie spell, leaving the special agent to solve the mystery of the island's zombies alone, as well as bring the villain responsible to justice.

An arrogant concert pianist's (Ralph Morgan) life takes a nightmarish turn when mad scientist Dr. Igor Markoff (J. Carrol Naish) injects him with a serum that causes acromegaly, a disfiguring, bone-distorting disease. Markoff's malicious plan is to extort a large sum of money from the musician before he'll relinquish the antidote. And after seeing the pianist's pretty daughter Patricia (Wanda McKay), the mad doctor adds another stipulation to the deal: Patricia's hand in marriage and the musician's money in exchange for the cure. Horrified by the monster staring back at him in the mirror, the piano player becomes desperate to stop the disfigurement--regardless of the price he has to pay.

Dr. Frankenstein (Joseph Cotton) is up to his usual experiments, but this time his monstrous creation goes on a murderous rampage, first killing its creator and then escaping to a nearby village to wreak more havoc. Left to carry on Frankenstein's work are the scientist's daughter Tania (Rosalba Neri) and brilliant lab assisstant Dr. Charles Marshall (Paul Muller). Tania and Charles fall in love, but Tania can't deny her lust for Stephen, a brawny but dim groundskeeper. The lovers soon decide to have the best of both worlds and transplant Charles' brain into Stephen's body. Meanwhile, the escaped monster gets revenge on the grave robbers that worked for Baron Frankenstein, and then turns its vengeful sites on Frankenstein's daughter and assistant...

Five members of a women's secret society are invited for a reunion at a creepy, old estate. The happy affair swiftly turns into a terrifying nightmare when the women realize that none of them arranged the meeting. It seems that the dark secret they all share has come back to haunt them--someone out there knows the truth...and that someone wants bloody revenge.