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The Horror Collection V.2 10-DVD Set
The Horror Collection V2 10-DVD Set
Actors: Boris Karloff, Jack Palance, Clayton Moore, Jack Haley, George Zucco
Director: Various
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
NR     2008     46hr 0min

The Ulitmate Cult-Classic Horror Collection with 10-DVDs, 40 Movies, and 46 Hours of Viewing! — From murder and mayhem to mystery and intrigue, The Horror Collection delivers all the thrills, chills, and blood spills from g...  more »

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Actors: Boris Karloff, Jack Palance, Clayton Moore, Jack Haley, George Zucco
Director: Various
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Horror, Fantasy
Studio: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 09/30/2008
Release Year: 2008
Run Time: 46hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 10
SwapaDVD Credits: 10
Total Copies: 2
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Cass G | South Lake Tahoe, Ca | 07/11/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Its hard to figure out whats in these new echo bridge sets so heres the skinny
Horror Collector's Set Volume 2
Some people will do anything for love--even kill for it. This is the case for South American plantation manager Barney Chavez (Raymond Burr), whose irrepressible adoration for his boss's beautiful wife Dina (Barbara Payton) drives him to commit murder. Even with his boss out of the way, Barney's got a big problem. A local witch witnessed the crime, and she isn't about to let him get away with murder. The old hag puts a hex on Barney and when the day is through, Barney begins to transform into a savage, bloodthirsty ape-like thing that prowls the village at night in search of prey...
Jerrie Turner (Irish McCalla, Sheena Queen of the Jungle) seems to have everything going for her. She's rich, beautiful, and has a body to die for--literally. Because when she and heroic hunk Fred Maklin (Tod Griffin) and pal Sammy Ching (Victor Sen Yung) wind up marooned on an uncharted volcanic island, they're unaware that Jerrie is going to become a slavering, hideously mutated monster.

In a small swampland town, people are mysteriously disappearing. Rumor has it that there is a new breed of swamp leeches that have grown to immense proportions--and when bodies are found drained of blood and covered in giant sucker wounds, it seems that the gossip is true. Despite the evidence, the police refuse to listen. But when the bodies begin to pile up, the game warden (Ken Clark) gets involved. On the hunt for proof of the giant beasts' existence, the game warden discovers the leeches' lair. Horrified, he immediately laces the den with enough explosives to blow the beasts to hell, from whence they came.

Imagine a sound so sharp and piercing--so painful that it can drive people out of their mind. What if this shrieking menace had razor sharp teeth and skin-shredding claws to boot--what if it was also invisible? Against it, you wouldn't stand a chance. A tangible yet unseen force like this is brought out of dormancy when a group of treasure seekers causes an explosion in a cave in the Greek mountains. The blast has unearthed a long-buried nest of prehistoric eggs that harbor a species of screeching, invisible dinosaurs with a lust for flesh. As the devil eggs begin to hatch and unleash their fury on the travelers, it becomes a desperate fight for life and limb to get out of there unharmed.

In this cloak-and-dagger thriller, six seemingly upstanding members of Washington's elite plot to destabilize the U.S.'s war effort. But what is their connection, and more importantly, what is their motive?

Amateur sleuths Don (Clayton Moore) and Alice (Joan Barclay) believe the answers lie in the mysterious Dr. Melcher (Bela Lugosi), a world-renowned plastic surgeon. But when they discover that Melcher is linked to the reviled Black Dragon Society of Japan, the mystery that Don and Alice thought they had a grip on, suddenly spirals out of control, and they find themselves knee-deep in an elaborate scheme of intrigue and espionage.

In this occult masterpiece, Pete Jensen (Ed Nelson), an old recluse, makes a deal with the devil and then moves to the town of Furnace Flats, New Mexico as a young man with extraordinary powers. Using his nephew's name of Nick Richards, Pete uses his newly acquired youthful looks to woo lovely Nell Lucas (Jean Allison) and his supernatural powers to cause Nell's fiancé to be attacked by his own dog, which leaves him disfigured and resentful. But the more havoc Pete creates, the more the town sheriff and doctor begin to catch on that there's more to the man who calls himself Nick Richards than meets the eye.

When a space rocket carrying astronaut Major John Corcoran (Michael Emmet) develops mechanical problems and crashes back to earth, killing its occupant, alien embryos begin to grow and multiply within the lifeless body. But not only do the aliens find life within the deceased major's body, but the body itself revives and comes back to life as a horrifying, murderous creature called the Blood Beast.

When three young women answer phony want ads for employment as a housekeeper, little do they know that it's a ruse to solicit subjects for an evil doctor's unethical scientific experiments. The mad doctor of doom has discovered a way to transfer the brains of animals into donor bodies collected from the cemetery, and now he's plotting to use live specimens in his work. One of the three unwitting ladies is to become the new body of a wealthy old widow who funds the evil doctor's work, and the other two will fall victim to the scheming scientist's pet projects.

In this must-see for Bela Lugosi fans, Bowery At Midnight is a spine-tingling crime thriller about a New York University criminology professor (Bela Lugosi) who runs a mission in the Bowery. The mission is, in truth, a front for a vile crime ring that dabbles in robbery and murder. When one of his students stumbles onto the truth, she becomes the evil professor's next target--but that's the least of his problems. Things are spiraling out of the professor's control, and he's forced to kill his own henchmen--who later resurface as murderous zombies bent on revenge.

Gill (Michael Forest), Gypsy (Sheila Carol), Alex (Frank Wolff), Marty (Richard Sinatra), and Byron (Wally Campo) are a group of thieves who joins forces to stage a bank heist in South Dakota. After setting off a mine explosion to divert the townspeople's attention, they grab a stack of gold bars and make off into the snowy wilderness. Although they hope to hop a plane to Canada, a hideous cave-dwelling monster with a taste for blood has its own horrifying intentions for the thieves.

Ralph Morgan stars as Professor Paul Kristan, the well-liked doctor of a small European village. Kristan is so revered that lovely Marguerite Mane (Maxine Doyle) agrees to marry him despite her love for another man, David (Russell Gleason). Things take an alarming turn when a string of violent murders occur--which appear to be the work of a vampiric beast. The town is further horrified when David suggests to the townspeople that the killer may be human. As everyone races to uncover the truth about the horrible slayings, the good doctor begins to uncover some information about himself that makes him very uneasy...

American mobster Renzo Capetto (Antony Carbone) plots to make a mint by profiting off a group of exiled Cuban nationals fleeing a Caribbean island embroiled in revolution. With the help of a few fellow mobsters, Capetto offers to help the loyalists (and their national treasury) escape by boat, plotting to then kill them, dump their bodies at sea, keep the cash, and blame their deaths on a mythical sea monster--a beast that actually comes to life...

Evil agents chase Joseph Javorsky (Tor Johnson), a talented scientist defecting from Russia, into a nuclear test site where an A-bomb explosion infuses him with enough radiation to physically transform him into a walking monster. Death, destruction, and mayhem result--but who should be stopped? The hideous beast of Yucca Flats, or the men who created it?

Hailed as a "deliciously outrageous horror exercise of the 1940s," The Corpse Vanishes features Bela Lugosi as Dr. Lorenz, an evil horticulturist who poisons young brides just before they walk down the aisle with the scent of a mysterious orchid. Bringing them back to his lair in a catatonic state, the vile doctor removes fluid from their glands and transplants it into his wife's body to keep her young and beautiful. When fledgling reporter Pat Hunter (Luana Walters) catches on to Lorenz's scheme, she concocts a false story in order to snoop around his estate but winds up trapped there overnight due to a nasty, sudden storm. Will the innocent news maven become the doctor's next victim, or will his undoing be the biggest break of her career?

A Richard Cunha creation, Giant from the Unknown tells the tale of a group of scientists who happen upon a petrified lizard in the mountains of California. During examination the lizard comes back to life, proving the theory of suspended animation. On to his next conquest, scientist Wayne Brooks (Ed Kemmer) goes in search of a legendary Spanish giant by the name of Vargas that lived 500 years earlier and that Brooks theorizes is in a state of suspended animation. All too quickly the scientist learns his hunch is correct when a lightning bolt reanimates Vargas, releasing him from sleep and sending him on a homicidal rampage.

Igor Markoff (J. Carrol Naish) is an unscrupulous doctor who has come unhinged. Humans have become Markoff's latest test subjects, and his next victim is Anthony Lawrence (Ralph Morgan)--an unsuspecting concert pianist whom the mad doctor injects with a disfiguring serum that hideously extends human bones and distorts facial features. Markoff's motivation is driven by greed for the pianist's money and lust for Lawrence's daughter, and only when he delivers these goods will Markoff deliver the antidote...

In this thrilling whodunit featuring Bela Lugosi, insurance salesman Albert Tuttle (Jack Haley) pays a visit to the mansion of Cyrus J. Rutherford in the hopes of selling life insurance to the old millionaire. When he arrives, Tuttle learns that Rutherford has recently passed on, and his heirs, who are gathered at the mansion, are forced to remain there until Rutherford's body has been properly disposed of or they'll be denied their inheritance. Captivated by Rutherford's niece, Carol (Jean Parker), it isn't long before Tuttle gets mixed up in mischief at the mansion, involving secret passages, the millionaire's missing body, and murder.

The She-Beast, an Italian-Yugoslavian horror gem serves up lots of ghoulish fun with a sinister story about Veronica (Barbara Steele), a beautiful young bride who is possessed by an 18th century Transylvanian witch who was murdered by local villagers. Bent on getting her revenge, the witch spawns plenty of bloody mayhem by targeting unsuspecting locals, including Veronica's new husband.

On a picturesque summer day, four teens go out for an afternoon of waterskiing and wind up docking on an island that, unbeknownst to them, is being used as a testing ground for a foreign scientist (Katherine Victor) and her sinister henchmen, who are plotting to turn all of America into mindless zombies they can control at will. Having only tested their zombie-inducing formula on drunks and convicts, the four hapless teenagers become prime targets that soon find themselves locked up like animals in cages.

In a New England island community, jazz pianist Tom Stewart (Richard Carlson) meets his mistress Vi Mason (Juli Reding), a barroom singer, at the top of an abandoned lighthouse in order to break off their love affair. Tom has plans to marry his fiancée, a prominent socialite, but first he must end things with Vi, who won't be so easily discarded. When their emotional quarrel becomes heated, the railing surrounding the tower breaks, and Vi pitches forward but manages to hang on. Rather than lend a helping hand, Tom allows Vi to plummet to her death, figuring that things would be easier with her out of the way. But Tom is dead wrong. Vi's spirit returns to torment Tom, and there's nothing he can do to make her go away...

AKA The Boys from Brooklyn
In this campy, sci-fi adventure, Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo, a pair of Martin and Lewis-like comedians, parachute into the jungles of Kola-Kola island, where they meet primitive natives, the island chief, his beautiful daughter Princess Nona (Charlita), and the evil Dr. Zabor (Bela Lugosi), a sinister scientist who has it out for them.

The setting is Cambodia in the years following the First World War. Malevolent Count Mazovia (Roy D'Arcy) has gotten his vile hands on documents containing a formula to bring dead men back to life as walking zombies. Armed with this knowledge, Mazovia creates a slave race to do his bidding. In the hopes of stopping him, an international expedition is set into motion; but unfortunately, one of the team members has his own agenda, plotting to steal the zombie-making secrets to form his own army of walking dead. He is successful but is in for the most terrifying ordeal of his life when the zombies begin to do the unexpected: turn against their masters...

Eric (John Hudson) and Jenni (Peggy Webber) Whitlock, a newly married couple, move into the house of Eric's late first wife--an eerie place designed to preserve the dead woman's memory. Soon after the couple moves in, peculiar events begin to occur, and Jenni begins to think she is going out of her mind. Behind the menacing mischief is Jenni's husband, who hopes to drive her into madness so he can take control of her sizable family fortune. The police suspect everyone but the smiling, sinister husband, and it begins to look like Eric will be successful in pushing his poor, innocent wife over the brink of insanity.

An old, abandoned castle becomes the scene of a photo shoot for horror novel covers, but the venture soon becomes a horror in and of itself when a muscle bound mammoth (ex-Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay), possessed by the evil spirit of the infamous 17th century "Crimson Executioner," traps the photo shoot's models in the dungeon to torture them with a variety of horrific devices in this gruesomely terrifying tale.

Along the fog-laden streets and alleys of 1880s London, an evil menace is hunting his next victim. Though the slasher's identity is shrouded in mystery, he has earned a serial-killer alias...Jack the Ripper. On the eve the Ripper's fourth victim is found, a mild-mannered pathologist by the name of Slade (Jack Palance) calls upon the Harleys, who have several rooms for rent. Slade takes all of their available rooms including the attic, which he says he wants for his experiments. Mrs. Harley (Frances Bavier) finds the young man a bit odd, but rents to him despite her reservations. More women turn up dead in the surrounding area, prompting Mrs. Harley to keep a closer watch over her own daughter as a paralyzing fear creeps into her consciousness...could she be living with a serial killer?

Lush greenery and tropical charm can't dispel the fear that hangs thick and uneasy in the sultry air of an isolated island...the natives have made a horrifying discovery. Some of the island dwellers have become glassy-eyed, slack-jawed zombies, and when writer Tom Harris (William Joyce) travels there to gather material for his next novel, he comes face-to-face with the perpetrator. A cancer researcher (Robert Stanton) experimenting with snake venom discovered that when administered to humans, the venom induces a zombie-like state. But rather than halt his experiments, the scientist continued to work with the venom, thus creating a race of zombies among the island's population. Now the natives are growing restless and are ready to sacrifice the scientist's innocent daughter (Heather Hewitt) in retaliation.

A group of vacationing teens (Robert Reed, June Kenney, Joan Lora, Gene Persson) are out for an ocean cruise when they spot an island that appears deserted. After docking the boat and going ashore, the foursome meet eccentric tycoon Dr. Albert Balleau (Wilton Graff), a millionaire who resides on the island with his staff. He is initially hospitable, but when the teens prepare to leave, Balleau insists they stay and quickly reveals a hidden agenda. The teens' menacing host has a specialized trophy room--one filled with human game ghoulishly posed in glass display cases--and, as with all visitors that make the mistake of stepping foot on his island of doom, Balleau plans to pursue them with an ancient crossbow he uses specially for hunting humans. The teens have only two choices: find a boat and get off the island--or kill the killer...

A road trip becomes a terrifying, hellish ordeal when Carl (Don Russell), Ed (Richard Alden), and Doris (Helen Hovey), three small-town teachers on their way to a Dodgers game in L.A., have car trouble and are forced to stop at a wayside gas station in the middle of nowhere. In search of signs of life, the threesome is confronted by armed and ominous Charlie Tibbs (Arch Hall Jr.), an escaped homicidal maniac, and his sullen girlfriend Judy Bradshaw (Marilyn Manning). Tibbs' twisted mind becomes immediately apparent, and he wastes no time tormenting the teachers--coldly engaging them in a torturous game of threats and violence, and going so far as to kill Carl as he begs on his knees for his life. Far from the nearest town and on a lonely stretch of highway, there is no one to save them...and no way to escape. Who will live and who will die? The surprise, twist ending will shock you!

This dread-inducing, intense chiller uses real-time chronology and features a vivid screenplay and stark cinematography. The Sadist has been called "hellishly horrific" and a "powerful work of art that is as shocking now as it was in 1963."

Twenty years ago, archeologist John Prendergast (Clay Clement) killed a sacred ape and was cursed by the priests of Kali Temple on a disastrous expedition to Hindustan. Nevertheless, Prendergast and his Hindu mistress managed to escape with a fortune in stolen loot. Now paralyzed and much older, the archeologist has invited the investors that funded his trip to stay at his mansion where he promises to pay them their dues. The only stipulation? They must spend an entire week at his estate. This demand seems harmless enough--until the greedy guests begin to get bumped off by a giant ape with a thirst for blood. Has the deadly Curse of Kali finally returned for revenge, or is there a more secret and sinister plot at work?

Teetering on the brink of a breakthrough in his experimental cure for paralysis, Dr. Sartorius (Boris Karloff) turns to the sinful profession of murder-for-hire to fund his research. In a scheme to kill her wealthy husband, Lady Yvonne Clifford (Mona Goya) and Dr. Sartorius form what they believe is a fool-proof plan. After becoming Sir Charles Clifford's (Morton Selten) personal physician, the mad scientist will slowly poison the old man to death, Lady Clifford will take over his assets, and Sartorius will be handsomely rewarded. But the conspirators never counted on Sir Clifford figuring things out and changing his will so that his son from a previous marriage is named sole beneficiary. When these developments are leaked to Lady Clifford, she changes the deal with Sartorius, raising the stakes. Now, he must kill both Sir Clifford and his son...

Lost in the blistering heat and maddening expanse of a Mexican desert, a couple is rescued from certain death by an oil company surveyor. Back in the safety of the company's base, the man begins to tell a strange and rather unbelievable story as he recovers from his ordeal. The tale unfolds with a terrifying and deadly plane crash in the jungle. The survivors, having no idea where they've landed, are forced into the forest, looking for any sign of civilization they can find. Traveling farther into the jungle's depths, however, the crash survivors soon realize that something evil is lurking in the woods...something mutant and mammoth...something ravenous...

Gary (Alex D'Arcy), a talent agent, and a troupe of gorgeous showgirls are en route to a gig in Singapore when their plane is forced to make a crash landing in the ocean. Gary and the girls survive the catastrophe and manage to make their way to the nearest landmass--a beautiful and seemingly uninhabited tropic isle. Unfortunately, the island is no paradise. As they begin to explore, the group stumbles upon a gigantic spider web. If that weren't unnerving enough, the crash survivors make the horrifying discovery of a decomposing body entangled in it. Though shaken, the girls return to the beach while Gary searches the island for signs of life--a deadly mistake. The talent agent soon becomes the victim of a giant spider, whose venom transforms Gary into a hideous monster with an insatiable appetite for showgirls...

Eternally plotting the acquisition of new souls to fuel the flames of hellfire, Satan (Lon Chaney Jr.) sends Satanya (Karen Kadler), a devilish temptress, to do his bidding on earth. Her job is to lure poor souls, helplessly ensnared in her web of seduction, to their deaths--after which they will be locked in torturous purgatory forever. Each of Satanya's victims meets a bizarre and tragic end as planned, but her most victorious conquest is the person responsible for sending her to hell in the first place. As the devil's right-hand henchman, the man is sent back to earth to execute a final, apocalyptic plot: he is to detonate a 500 megaton bomb, destroy all of mankind, and fill the chambers of hell with tormented souls... Who will stop these evil forces from setting off an early Judgment Day?

On a treacherously stormy night, playwright Prescott Ames (John Miljan), his assistant, and a theatrical producer become stranded when their car goes off the road and gets stuck in a ditch. The trio seeks shelter in the gloom of a nearby mansion owned by Ames' acquaintance Dr. Kent (Henry Kolker), where several of Kent's friends, including a patient of his, have gathered for dinner. The newcomers are told that Kent's patient is acting strangely because it is the anniversary of her husband's murder--a tragic crime that was never solved. As the guests sit down to dine, they begin speculating as to the killer's identity. Just then, the lights go out and a series of frightening, mysterious, and twist-turning events begin to unfold...

Drake (Herbert Heyes), a wanted judge on the run from the police, is hiding out at a private sanitarium, pretending to be crazy. When intrepid reporter Kathy Lawrence (Lucille Bremer) learns this interesting tidbit of news, she hires investigator Ross Stewart (Richard Carlson) to go undercover in the asylum and get the goods on the judge. It doesn't take long before Drake figures out the score and schemes for Stewart to meet an unfortunate end by unleashing a padded cell-dwelling, violent ex-boxer (Tor Johnson) upon the unwary detective.

There are two mad monsters in this cult favorite: a plotting, fiendish scientist and his unfortunate creation--a wolfman that can't control its blood lust. After scientist Dr. Cameron (George Zucco) is ousted from his job at a university, he immediately begins plotting his revenge. After injecting wolf's blood into his hapless neighbor, transforming the man into a night prowling beast that feeds upon human flesh, Dr. Cameron orders his monstrous creation to unleash its throat-ripping fury on the four former colleagues responsible for his termination. As the men begin to drop like flies, reporter Tom Gregory (Johnny Downs) begins to catch on to what's happening--but is one man enough to stop the evil work of two depraved monsters?

Loosely based on Poe's The Black Cat and with references to his Murders in the Rue Morgue, Maniac tells the twisted tale of Don Maxwell (Bill Woods), an ex-vaudevillian-turned-lab assistant, who murders Dr. Meirschultz (Horace B. Carpenter), the scientist Don works for. Among his many mad experiments, Meirschultz had been attempting to reanimate dead tissue before he met an early grave at the hands of his lackey, Don. After concealing Meirschultz's body behind a wall in his rat-infested, basement laboratory, Don takes over the dead doctor's identity and begins conducting his own bizarre experiments.

This early talkie has lots of mischievous fun in store when a family gathers at a rambling old estate to hear the reading of a will. The deceased in question has died unexpectedly--an early indication of foul play. Attendees of the reading--and possible suspects--include the dead man's creepy servants, his wheelchair-bound brother, his daughter, his suspicious-acting attorney, and Yogi, a giant chimp the deceased doctor experimented upon. Once it becomes clear that a killer is on the loose in the secret passage-filled mansion, a hunt to reveal the villain's identity gets underway as several shocking secrets--among them tales of insanity, secret affairs, murder schemes, and pay-offs--are revealed one by one, up until the nail-biting conclusion.

Engaged in an expedition in the Himalaya Mountains, Dr. Frank Parrish (Paul Langton); his photographer, Peter Welles (Leslie Denison); and guide Subra (Teru Shimada) are faced with a terrifying snow beast that captures Subra's wife--forcing the group to hunt the mythical creature down. After sedating it, they carry it back to civilization where it's flown to California for research. But before Dr. Parrish has the chance to study the beast, it breaks out of its confinement and escapes into the city streets. As death and destruction are heaped upon the terrified population, authorities are faced with only one option--to sacrifice science and bring the beast down.

Bodies drained of blood bearing tell-tale twin neck punctures are turning up all over the European village of Kleinschloss. Though the deaths appear to be the work of vampiric creatures, detective Karl Brettschneider (Melvyn Douglas) passes the notion off as mere superstition...until he speaks with prominent physician Dr. Otto von Niemann (Lionel Atwill), who suggests that killer human bats may indeed exist. When the finger of suspicion falls upon innocent simpleton Herman Gleib (Dwight Frye), who has a fondness for bats, villagers gather in an angry mob and hunt Herman down. Satisfied that they've put a stop to the killings by lynching Gleib, the villagers are horrified to learn of a fresh murder--one that Herman couldn't have possibly committed.