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King Kong [HD DVD]
King Kong
Actors: Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, Colin Hanks
Director: Peter Jackson
Genres: Action & Adventure
PG-13     2006     3hr 7min

Movies don't come any bigger than Peter Jackson's King Kong, a three-hour remake of the 1933 classic that marries breathtaking visual prowess with a surprising emotional depth. Expanding on the original story of the blonde...  more »

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Reviewed on 12/25/2018...
ALERT - You are ordering an HD-DVD item. This format can be played only in HD-DVD players (the discs will NOT play in regular DVD or Blu-Ray players). If you do NOT have an HD-DVD player, you should not order this item.
James L. (ComicNut) from LOS ANGELES, CA
Reviewed on 4/23/2011...
The retail version of this would have a UPC label. The disk I got from a member here did not have a UPC label. Found out this was because Microsoft gave away King Kong with the HD-DVD player for the Xbox 360 and that version had no UPC label. This was not an issue for me as this is definitely a title to add to my collection.

Movie Reviews

May I ask..............WHY?????
Joker | Michigan | 09/24/2010
(2 out of 5 stars)

"The year was 1933. A fantastic black-and-white movie called "King Kong" was released. It's one of the great movies of all time.

The year was 1976. A fantastic color remake of "King Kong" was released. It was a huge box office success with a great score by John Barry. Don't let anybody tell you it wasn't a successful movie and didn't make any money. Quite the contrary. Research the facts. In my case, I didn't even need to research it because I remember how huge King Kong was in 1976. I saw it in the theater. I saw the hoopla surrounding it. It was a box office smash.

The year was 2005., remake was done of "King Kong". of the 1933 movie? But of the 1976 movie as well. Let me see here.........the 1976 movie just wasn't a success apparently. Maybe the special effects weren't good enough? Maybe they weren't good enough to satisfy the CGI-loving young people of today? Maybe that's it. Not only that, but the 1933 film must be REALLY inferior in the special effects department, not to mention it's in black-and-white. Ouch! I guess the 1933 and 1976 movies didn't do the job. So..............

We got another remake. LOADED with CGI effects to please the computer and video game generation. A CGI King Kong instead of a claymation Kong from 1933 and a guy in an ape suit from 1976. With the click of a mouse, we get Kong as he SHOULD look, apparently.

Now about this movie.....

Kong himself doesn't look scary at all. The scariest Kong was in the 1976 movie, then the 1933 movie, in my opinion. Then we see a long, drawn out fight between Kong and THREE dinosaurs. This fight is so ridiculous, it left me with my jaw on the floor, staring at the TV in disbelief. That's the key word - disbelief. This fight is not at all believable. It seems every few seconds there's a close call where Kong rescues and protects Ann in the nick of time. Not only that, but he's fighting the dinosaurs with Ann in his hand a lot of the time. Not only that, but the jumping around, the falls the characters take, etc. is so non-realistic. This whole fight sequence is just plain over the top and not believable.

What is Ann made of, anyway? Kong seems to fling her around like she's a rubber band. A good example is when he flings her onto his right shoulder. She doesn't get injured at all as a result of this? This movie comes off as a video game most of the time.

When Kong is on top of the Empire State Building, at one point he jumps up to try to grab one of the biplanes. I can't imagine that anybody or any thing would do that while on top of the tallest building in New York City and not be concerned about possibly losing their footing and falling. Another thing - after Kong falls from the top of the Empire State Building, Ann is just standing there like its nothing to have high winds blowing. I don't know about you, but I would think that the average person would be very concerned about the high winds blowing at them thousands of feet above the ground and the person would likely be hanging on to something for dear life. Anyway...

This movie seems to follow the formula of the 1933 movie mostly. The 1976 movie, on the other hand, doesn't copy the 1933 original totally. Instead, some changes were made - some big, some small. The '76 movie had a little campiness to it, but not too bad.

This movie is a loooooonnnnng three hours +. A full hour could have been cut from it.

All in all, I like the 1933 and 1976 movies. This 2005 movie was an unnecessary remake.

May I ask..............WHY?????"
Peter Jackson's King Kong the Deluxe Extended Edition
Auburn Niewiadomski | Anacortes, Washington | 08/29/2010
(4 out of 5 stars)

"My review of Peter Jackson's King Kong remake will include my opinions about the film and discuss the extensive amount of bonus material on this extended three disc set, so if you're still interested grab a seat cause were just getting started.

I've never had any special attachment to the King Kong franchise, but I have always found the premise intriguing and a joy to watch. I have seen the original stop motion cinema classic, the unappreciated 1976 remake and now the most recent 2005 remake by director Peter Jackson. And if I had to choose from the three, I would honestly choose this version. Now you may be angry but please let me explain why, I'm not saying this version is without its flaws, there are many but I personally found the bond between Ann Darrow and Kong better than the original classic. In the original film despite Kong saving her numerous times she's still terrified and screams almost constantly. But of course it was an older film and that film is still superior to most horror/adventure films to this day. And like I said, it was a horror film, in horror films women scream... a lot. But now times have changed and today's movie plot's have changed and I think this remake came at a good time. Another reason I appreciate this film is because Peter Jackson grew up a big fan of the original classic and he had a passion for this project, and you can tell by the finishing product. To me this film felt like following several different sub stories. Ann's struggle finding work as an actress, and her struggle to survive after being captured by Kong, Carl Denham's who is struggling as a film director and feels he has a chance to revive his career if he can find "Skull Island" and film it, Jack Driscoll's love for Ann and of course Kong's, who is a lonely animal and probably the last of his species. But there are also many other sub plots with the men of the "Venture" and they are also interesting to follow.

But to me the most important reason why this is my favorite Kong film is because I became emotionally attached with Kong, I felt sorry for this beast that had no escape while fighting off the airplanes at the top of the empire state building and the reason is because of the incredible, and I do mean incredible special effects. King Kong and the creatures all look absolutely fantastic, and Kong's eyes really have emotion in them. But we can't give all the credit to special effects, many of Kong's life like emotions from the film came from Andy Serkis, who helped with the movements and facial expressions for Kong and there is some very interesting footage of Andy acting as Kong in the bonus material. You really have to see the creatures of Skull Island for yourself, to the gigantic insects or the mega ton dinosaurs they all just look so life like. But unfortunately I do have some complaints, but before I complain yes I do know this is a film from Hollywood, it's just a movie and King Kong is a ridiculous film if it's taken seriously. But how in the world does Ann not get crushed by Kong?! During the huge fight with the "V" Rex he's fighting three, THREE V Rexes while holding her during much of it. And when Kong, Ann and the V Rex family get tangled in the vines after they fall off the cliff she at one point is holding on to a V Rexes tooth. I mean, this makes the movie so unbelievable that you can't take any of these scenes seriously. And I also found all the fight scenes on Skull Island to get repetitive. At one point there is a creature attacking while the Venture crew is paddling across the swamp, the crew falling into a pit and getting attacked by huge insects, Kong fighting the V Rexes, and a couple other prehistoric type creatures that attack but it feels like it comes at you all at once. I understand these scenes being in the movie, but if shortened and spread out I think it would make the journey through Skull Island more believable and a little less repetitive. Oh, and don't get me started on the islander's, I just found them annoying, and they just got tiresome and I'm glad they are not in the film much. Well I'm worn out, let's discuss the DVD set.

For this DVD and this DVD only you get around thirteen minutes of extra footage during the movie that was not originally featured during its theatrical release, and that reason alone is a great reason to buy this DVD, but the makers of this DVD didn't stop there, but I'll get into that later. Now, the film is spread out on to two discs, as well is the commentary, but it didn't bother me at all actually. When you finish the first half of the movie on disc one you can just pop in disc two and it will have a menu that asks if you want to continue the film or commentary immediately or if you just want to go to the main menu, and really, are we all so lazy that we can't just place another disc in? We are?! Oh...well it probably won't bother you. The commentary with Peter Jackson is incredibly interesting as well, and pretty funny actually. And also included are around forty minutes of deleted scenes with introductions with Peter Jackson. But that is just the beginning, there is also a hysterical gag reel entitled the Eighth "Blunder" of the World and there are a couple other goofy featurettes with the cast. But if you want to find out information about how the film was created, pop in disc three. There are so many lengthy and interesting documentaries you will just be amazed. In a category called "Re-creating the Eighth Wonder" the Making of King Kong, you will find several twenty to forty minute documentaries that discuss Pre-production, filming the Venture Journey, creating and filming Skull Island, creating New York In New Zealand and the crew's visit to New York, and of course the development of Kong himself. The information is so extensive that the approximate running time is around two and a half to three hours. And if you still aren't satisfied there are featurettes that pay tribute to the original King Kong and the resemblances with the original and the 2005 remake, there also is a featurette about the collectibles created during the release of King Kong, video galleries, trailers and some selected Pre-Visualization Animatics from the movie. And if you aren't satisfied after all of these fascinating bonus features...I'll be at a loss for words.

Everyone has mixed feelings about this movie as do I, but I think Peter Jackson did an excellent job at capturing Kong not just as a ferocious beast, but as a caring and lonely creature, and if you want to find out how King Kong was made this three disc extended edition is a highly recommended buy.