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Shadow Zone: The Undead Express
Shadow Zone The Undead Express
Actors: Ron Silver, Chauncey Leopardi, Natanya Ross, Tony T. Johnson, Sherry Miller
Director: Stephen Williams
Genres: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
PG-13     2000     1hr 35min

Zack loved horror movies. Then suddenly he found himself living one; when he took a wrong turn down a long-abandoned New York tunnel. There he meets the enigmatic Valentine Cutter (Ron Silver), who introduces him to his fe...  more »


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Actors: Ron Silver, Chauncey Leopardi, Natanya Ross, Tony T. Johnson, Sherry Miller
Director: Stephen Williams
Creators: Gary L. Stephenson, John Danylkiw, John Lynch, Rosalind Noonan, Tommy Lynch, J.R. Black, Roy Sallows
Genres: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Drama, Horror, Fantasy
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 09/26/2000
Original Release Date: 10/27/1996
Theatrical Release Date: 10/27/1996
Release Year: 2000
Run Time: 1hr 35min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
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Member Movie Reviews

Keith A. (Keefer522)
Reviewed on 5/24/2013...
Godawful silly, snail-paced made for TV 'spooky' flick apparently aimed at young teens (think R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps," or a kiddie "Tales from the Crypt" - the movie even starts with an introduction from a Crypt-Keeper style narrator) about a New York teenager who discovers a troop of vampires who've been trapped in an abandoned subway tunnel for decades. They, of course, want to use him as their ticket back to the surface. Not nearly as interesting as it probably sounds. Dumb-diddy-dumb-dumb-dumb. My 8 year old loves the "Goosebumps" series of books/videos but he was bored stiff by this flick within 15 minutes. Can't say I blame him.

Movie Reviews

Does not star LYNDA CATER, but LINDA Carter.
Catherine Bryant | Kilmore, Victoria Australia | 08/24/2000
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I only bought this film as I saw its list of actors and included was 'Lynda Carter'(they mispelt it!) but it only has an appearance by 'Linda Carter'; a different access, who also appears in 'Mercy'(2000). I think she needs an initial (Eg, Linda N. Carter) because it is very misleading to fans of Lynda Carter who is herself a very individual and inspiring actress! Please, Linda, use an initial! However, this film rocks! It's just good fun with a few good frights and a very handsome Ron Silver as a very sexy Vampire. So all's wellthat ends well, it's an enjoyable film, especially for young people. The scene on ther express will give you the creeps!"
An Excellect Adaptation
Kiwi Kenobi | 12/25/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The Undead Express is a true-to-the-book adaptation of the novel of the same title. This is a good vampire movie for the more squeamish vampire fan, because it's exciting without being too scary. The moral is a little heavy handed, but otherwise, this is a fine movie for someone looking for a nice vampire film. Ron Silver makes an absolutely charming vampire as well. If you liked the book, you will like the movie."
Patricia | Queens, New York, USA | 09/29/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"MANY -- IF NOT MOST -- TV SHOWS TODAY lack good writers. The same, sadly, can be said for too many movies today. Hackneyed scripts, with jokes only a laugh track could really really laugh at....and stories that go in tedious circles with no real excitement. Horror and suspense films -- which USED to make use of the viewers' imaginations, and which mostly had original stories, have, all too often, settled into the "ten little Indians"-type storyline, wherein all the excitement there is, is deciding which of our heros/heroines will die next...

Luckily, not all movie/TV stories are like this. SHADOWZONE: UNDEAD EXPRESS is a wonderful combination of imaginative story, good acting and directing, music that adds to the storyline without being intrusive, and dialogue that sounds true and real.

The name of this movie is: "SHADOWZONE: THE UNDEAD EXPRESS". It is introduced by a sort of "cousin" to the "Crypt-Keeper" from the tV show, "Tales From The Crypt" -- at least, they looked quite similar to me. As the ghastly introducer here only introduces the story -- and does not play any part in it, and als, as the title of the story is "Shadowzone: The Undead Express", I wonder if this was meant to be one in a anthology of "Shadowzone" stories. Or if it really WAS one story in such an anthology. I have never heard of the "Shadowzone" series, and/or if it was a success on TV or in the movies -- but if this story is any indication of the quality of stories that played or were expected to be played, I really do hope this series succeeded! It has suspense, and believability. It has only a slightest amount of gore and violence -- all of it necessary for the story, and none of it gratuitious.....

In the story, our hero, Zack, is a 10 or 11- year-old boy from a lower-middle class home, in Manhatten, New York City. He has problems: his mom and dad are divorcing. One day, he wanders into the subways...and finds -- a VAMPIRE! The vampire, played by RON SILVER, is a gentlemanly sort,
who tells Zack he was once a railroad entrepreneur, in wjat looks to be the 1870s or 1890s, and that, after building many above-ground railroads, he was intrigued by the idea of building an UNDERGROUND railroad, newly proposed for the city. Zack can't believe that an individual person actually built and ran one of the VERY publicly-owned subways in New York -- but, as a seeming native-New Yorker, Zack shouldn't have doubted this. (This reviewer is a proud native New Yorker, and, although I don't know everything about the New York City Subways, I DO know that one subway line -- the IND, (or Independent), Line -- WAS in private hands for quite a while, before
it, too, became city property.) Anyway, the vampire, Valentine, tells Zack that, on the very night of the grand opening of his subway line, he met -- amongst many other guests -- a gentleman named "Barnabas" (the name being an homage to the DARK SHADOWS' character, perhaps?), who, unknown to Valentine, was a 1,000 year old vampire. Valentine is taken aside by Barnabas, and is quickly turned into a vampire himself. Valentine was now unable to rejoin his family in the main subway car....and the last thing he remembers of that terrible night is seeing his little son, being taken out of his life, as the subway car, filled with celebrating, well-dressed guests -- a subway car that Valentine can no longer enter -- goes down the track.

The vampire, Barnabas, has long since been destroyed. But other vampires -- including a 1890s woman, a 1920s businessman, and a 1990s
youngish black man, bedecked in beads and jeans...and about 20 other --are still around. They want to take Zach "to lunch", as one of them the main course! Valentine, however, is the most powerful vampire of the lot, and he takes Zach into his protection. All Valentine wants to do, he tells Zach, is to be able to go up from the subways into the Manhatten night, and see what the "real world" is like. To do this, he must have a guide -- and Zach, after a few harrowing experiences, agrees to take Valentine up there. It's quite an exciting and poignant mini-journey that the two take, but it is interrupted when they discover another vampire, not so benign as Valentine, has also made it into the "real-world" Manhattan night. They search for him.....and find out information about Valentine's lost son, as they do....

DO vampires -- even those as solicitous and benign-seeming as Valentine always tell the truth? The answer to that question leads to an exciting climax, which includes the fates of Zach's two best school friends...and, ultimately, the fates of ALL New Yorkers, if the vampres get what they want. The last scenes are ultimately poignant and scary....but are as satisfying as the rest of the movie -- which is to say very satisfying indeed, due to the aforementioned good acting, realistic dialogue, good direction, and atmospheric, but not over-whelming, music.

The only reason one could call this a "children's movie" is that the three main protagonists in the story are children. But it is head and shoulders above many a program, and/or movie, designed for "grown-ups", today. Buy the premise that vampires really do exist, and/or set aside your disbelief in vampires for a while -- and you will be rewarded by an excellent, logically-progressing, and very exciting, realistically-played movie. You will definitely enjoy this movie as you watch it unfold -- and you will probably remember it, if not for all eternity, at least for a very, very long time to come!