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Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete Third Season
Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete Third Season
Actors: Scott Bakula, John Billingsley, Jolene Blalock, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery
Directors: Allan Kroeker, David Livingston, David Straiton, James L. Conway, LeVar Burton
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television
NR     2005     17hr 6min

Set in the 22nd century, a hundred years before James T. Kirk helmed the famous starship of the same name, ENTERPRISE takes place in an era when interstellar travel is still in its infancy. Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott B...  more »


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Actors: Scott Bakula, John Billingsley, Jolene Blalock, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery
Directors: Allan Kroeker, David Livingston, David Straiton, James L. Conway, LeVar Burton
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television
Sub-Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction
Studio: Paramount
Format: DVD - Color,Widescreen
DVD Release Date: 09/27/2005
Original Release Date: 09/26/2001
Theatrical Release Date: 09/26/2001
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 17hr 6min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 7
SwapaDVD Credits: 7
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 8
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English
Subtitles: English
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Movie Reviews

A great season
Ted | Pennsylvania, USA | 04/26/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The second season of Enterprise is one of the best i've seen yet had has some fine episodes. Here are the synopses.

Shockwave Part II
Archer is taken 900 years into the future by Crewman Daniels and becomes stuck there.

Carbon Creek
T'pol tells Archer and Trip about her great-grandmother's accidental crash landing on Earth in the late 1950's The story is shown in flashbacks

The Enterprise becomes trapped in an alien minefield later revealed to have been built by the Romulans.

Dead Stop
The Enterprise encounters an automated repair station and when they dock with it to make repairs, trouble starts

A Night in Sickbay
Archer's dog, Porthos becomes very ill and Archer stays with him in sickbay

The Enterprise is low on deuterium fuel and sets down at a station but the managers say that they don't have enough. It is learned that the Klingons stole much of it

The Seventh
T'Pol is asked by the Vulcan High Command to locate and capture Menos, a Vulcan criminal who has been on the run for many years.

The Communicator
When a communicator is left behind on an alien planet, Archer and Reed are imprisoned while attempting to reclaim it.

While observing a trinary star system, various members of the crew are working on a variety of tasks from substituting of an ill chef, to building a new captain's chair.

Vanishing Point
Hoshi begins to believe that she is dead after using the transporter for the first time

Precious Cargo
When a group of aliens bring aborad a woman in a stasis pod, Trip's curiosity leads him to open it. The woman inside awakens and says she is being abducted.

A radioactive stellar phenomenon is headed for the ship and the crew must take cover for more than a week inside the shielded warp nacelles.

Trip is attacked while alone in a shuttlepod and has to land on a moon. He subsequently gets stalked on the surface

T'pol learns that she has become infected with a communicable disease that is only spread by mind-melding, a forbidden practice among her people. Her job is endangered as a result.

Cease Fire
The Vulcans and Andorians are involved in a territorial dispute that is in danger of becoming an armed conflict. Archer is sent in to arbitrate for them.

Future Tense
The Enterprise encounters a small ship with a dead human aboard but the Suliban and the Tholians both claim it for their own. When it is learned that the ship is fromt he future, Archer is forced to stop them from taking it.

Archer and Tucker are mistakenly believed to be smugglers and arrested. They are then put on a ship headed for a penal colony

The Crossing
The Enterprise becomes engulfed in a nebula inhabited by aliens that want to exchange minds with the crew

Archer is arrested by the Klingons and put on trial facing a life sentance at Rura Penthe

The Enterprise meets up with the ship that Maywather was raised on and he spends time on his old ship.

The Breach
The Enterprise assists in the evacuation of Denobulan geologists from a planet undergoing a military coup d'etat. Several rescuers become trapped in the caves with the scientists and the Enterprise has a short time to leave before being shot at.

The Enterprise is visiting with a group of alien scientists but Tucker becomes too curious about the species' third gender.

An team of scientists in the Arctic discover the remains of a Borg sphere and two frozen Borg but they reactivate, asimilates the team and takes their ship. The Enterprise is called in to stop them.

A Tellarite bounty hunter kidnaps Archer and intends to take him to the Klingons who put a big price on his head.

The Expanse
After an alien probe launches a devastating attack on Earth killing millions, the Enterprise is called to search for the attackers. Silik returns and offers to help Archer find them. It is learned that a race called the Xindi are responsible and doing so because they were told that humanity would destroy them in the future.

The final episode of season 2 kicks off the season long story arc on finding the Xindi that concludes at the beginning of season 4"
Excellent Season!
Ted | Pennsylvania, USA | 07/09/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Season three was the most interesting of all the seasons on the show. The entire season was a single story arc surrounding the Xindi attack on Earth and had some memorable episodes.

The Xindi

Enterprise begins to search for the mysterious Xindi who have plans to destroy earth They encounter a mining colony with a worker who knows something about the Xindi. It is learned that the Xindi are a multi-race species.


The Enterprise begins to fall victim to the spatial distortions in the expanse, later an alien ship attacks them and the ship's crew beam aboard and rob them.


While on a planet searching for a crashed Xindi ship, a protomutagenic virus reverts some of the crew into more primitive life forms


An alien offers the crew a method for creating a chemical called Trellium-D that will protect the ship from the anomalies and slave girl named Rajin captivates the ship's crew


The Enterprise receives a distress call from a Vulcan ship and when they arrive the crew is attacked by a group of vulcans who have been turned into zombie like creatures. It is determined that the trellium-D is toxic to Vulcans and that T'Pol would be affected if it were used on Enterprise .


A telepathic alien contacts Hoshi and offers to help her translate the Xindi database they found. Meanwhile, Archer and Trip investigate a mysterious sphere that is nearby

The Shipment

The crew locate a Xindi Sloth colony that is unknowingly helping manufacture the weapon that will be used to destroy Earth. Archer manages to convince the colony leader to sabotage a shipment of a chemical used in the weapon.


12 years in the future, Archer wakes up and learns that Earth was destroyed and that he is affected by a extradimensional parasite that damages his memory. It is learned that if the parasite is destroyed, that the events of the previous 12 years could be reversed. They succeed and Enterprise is back on it's mission

North Star

The Enterprise crew encounter a planet inhabited by humans living in a colony similar to the Western US in the 19th century. It is learned that they were abducted and moved to that planet by aliens still living with them.


Trip is badly injured in accident and can only be saved if he is cloned and the clone is killed for an organ that Trip needs replaced.

Carpenter Street

Temoral agent Daniels locates a group of Xindi Reptilians in early 21st century Detroit and enlists Archer and T'Pol to assist in finding out why they are there.

Chosen Realm

A group of religious militants hijack Enterprise accusing them of desecrating the one of the many spheres in the region and attempt to use the Enterprise to attack 'heretics' that they are fighting against.

Proving Ground

An Andorian ship led by Shran assist Enterprise in locating the facility where a prototype of Xindi superweapon is being tested.


Archer meets Degra, the designer of the Xindi weapon and tries to fool him into thinking that that they escaed from a prison and that his memory was erased.


The crew rescue a mysterious alien in one of the spatial distortions and his ship is made of the same material as the spheres

Doctor's Orders

After learning of the location of the superweapon the Enterprise crew discover that the only direct rout is through a massive disturbance. Phlox is the only one immune to the radiation and he puts the rest of the crew into stasis.


Archer discovers a nest of Xindi insectoid eggs and begins to become emotionally attached to them.

Azati Prime

The crew have reached Azati Prime and Archer decides to go on a one way mission to destroy the weapon. He is met by Daniels who takes him 400 years into the future where he learns about the sphere builders and their ability to see alternate timelines. He tells archer he must make peace with the Xindi. Archer decides to go anyway but discover the weapon is gone he is then kidnapped by the Xindi and learns the the Enterprise has been hit by a crippling attack


The Xindi continue to attack but suddenly stop. Archer is returned and the crew try to recover from the attack.

The Forgotten

The xindi offer to stop the attack if Archer can prove that they were lied to by the sphere builders.


The Enterprise crew try to use a subspace corridor but meet up with a ship of their descendants who tell them it will throw them 117 years back in time.

The Council

Archer meets with the Xindi council and tries to convince them to call off the attack, but Degra is killed and the reptilian and insectoids secede, kidnap Hoshi and launch the weapon.


With the new primate, aboreal, and aquatic Xindi allies, Archer begins a mission to track down and sestry the Xindi superweapon. Meanwhile, it is learned that one of the spheres controls all the others, if that one is destroyed, all the others will be disabled.

Zero Hour

With some last minute help from the Andorians, Archer and the Enterprise crew manage to destroy the superweapon and disable the sphere network. But they find themselves in an alternate timeline on 1940's Earth where an alien race helped the Nazis invade the US

This season is one of my favorites and includes some excellent bonus features."
Season Three-...and the beginning of a new one(The series ow
(5 out of 5 stars)

"After two season of eroding ratings,the wrath of fans, and the ST franchise at an all time low, The Third season of the newly re-christened Star Trek Enterprise had taken the series into a new direction and produced some of the best episodes since the end of Deep Space Nine.
Taking it's cue from the second season finale The Expanse,the entire season deals with Captain Jonathan Archer's mission to stop the Xindi from destroying Earth with a superweapon after a devastating attack.Albiet,there were some weak semi stand alone episodes (Extinction,North Star,Carpenter St.,and E2),among classic episodes which ranks with some of the franchises best(Impulse,Twilight,Azati Prime/Damage,The Counsel/Countdown/Zero Time).Staff member Manny Coto was responsible for new direction which made for the most exciting season of the entire four year run.
Unfortunatly the exciting new direction couldn't produce ratings and was barely renewed after a fan based letter writing campaign,echoing the classic series fan fueled renewal.As a result,Coto became the official show runner which he produced one last season to correct the many continuety errors that has littered the series from the beginning."
A big step up - but still not great
B. Garfield | 08/22/2005
(3 out of 5 stars)

"I applaud "Star Trek: Enterprise" for trying something bigger for its third season, but the results aren't terribly impressive. The year-long storyline of the Enterprise searching out the mysterious Xindi and exploring the deadly "Expanse" region of the galaxy was good stuff, but there are a number of times where it simply doesn't go far enough, or where an episode nearly derails the entire thing. It comes just to the edge of being quite good, but ultimately falls to the "OK" side of the fence.

The show is still plagued by many of the same problems it suffered from before, most noticeably that much of the cast is simply ignored. Instead of developing current cast members, new ones are introduced this season, only to be dropped or forgotten two episodes later. The show continually takes two steps forward, and then quickly takes one back.

That said, there is some wonderful visceral entertainment in this season. The writers and directors got a bit more bold, with larger, more impressive action sequences, and the special effects in this third season are second to none. The final stretch of episodes (save the ludicrous and awful season finale) are quite thrilling. If only the show had had the balls not to screw up the ending, this would easily be a Four-star season.

Even with the several large problems this season suffers from, the third season of "Star Trek: Enterprise" (along with the fourth season) is the best season of "Star Trek" since the late 1990s. That doesn't say much - it's still not nearly as good as it could or even should have been. But it's worth checking out."