Help Center - When can I expect my credit for sending a DVD?

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You will get your credit for sending a DVD when the requestor marks it received from his or her account page.   At that time, you will get an auto-email from SwapaDVD telling you that you have gotten credit. If you want to get credit sooner, you can use the optional Delivery Confirmation or Printed Postage services.

The average length of time from mailing to receipt is 5 days. Many packages get to their destinations much faster; some will take more time.

  • The average transit time includes those packages coming from military addresses outside the US and HI, AK, PR and GU
  • If the information on the request says that the DVD is coming from outside the continental US, your DVD may take longer to arrive. 
    • You can tell where your DVD is coming from by looking at the right side of the "en route" request.
  • If you are concerned about a DVD that hasn't arrived/been marked received yet:
    • You can contact the requestor using the button on the en Route transaction to send a Personal Message.

If you are sending a DVD to or from outside the continental US, it is a good idea to send a Personal Message to the requestor at the time you mark the DVD mailed, to let her know the package might take longer than usual in transit.

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