Help Center - What if the sender is taking too long to respond? Can I cancel and reorder from someone else?

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Yes, you can do that by clicking on the request, but it will probably delay your getting the DVD! 

This is because:

  • If the requestor cancels, the DVD will go back onto the sender's DVD Tower
  • If the order is then re-submitted, it will go to that same sender.
  • If you still want the DVD, it is best to let the system handle the request automatically!
    • If the sender doesn't respond within 5 days, your request will automatically be passed along to a new sender
    • You can tell that this has happened because the Requested on: date will change on the request
    • You will not get an email telling you that this has happened.  This is not done to drive you crazy; we want to limit the number of SwapaDVD emails cluttering up your inbox.
  • It may be hard to wait, but just know that SwapaDVD will get the DVD for you as quickly as possible, and you don't have to do a thing more after requesting it!
  • If the sender does not respond, and there is not another copy of the DVD available in the system
    • The request will be canceled, you will get your credit(s) back, and the DVD will go onto your Wish List
    • You will get an email from SwapaDVD if this happens.


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