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For a Stronger, Sexier More Confident You. There is nothing more satisfying than being sexually fit. With advanced yoga positions, designed to target your sexual-core muscles, Better Sex Through Yoga III brings you to you...  more »


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Genres: Special Interests
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Movie Reviews

Good Usual Yoga Session with small added twists
Lena, LMT | Nassau, NY | 03/16/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I found the instructor to be sweet, friendly & graceful. She instructs as she does the poses, it's not a narative overlay. Some of poses/exercises were a little more sexy, she sometimes giggles slightly how silly or sexy it can look which was a cute, like working out with a good friend & not so deadly serious as some professionals.

The session consists of: sun salutations, downward dogs, upward dogs, plank, warrior 1 & 2, child, spinal twists, mountain, table, frog, standing forward bends, wide-legged forward bends, triangle, bow, locust, bridge, half hero/herione, sitting wide-legged head to floor, sitting wide legged head to one foot, etc. not in that order of course & possibly more that I can't remember. All the poses were held a good amount of time, not too long that you get bored & not to short that you don't have enough time to get into the pose & adjust yourself to make sure your form is correct & get a nice stretch before moving on. There were some extra nice twists that felt good & slight pelvic thrusts that incorporate the abs that were a nice addition that workout more subtle muscles. At the end she adds a little breathing exercise. During corpse pose at the end, they used colored graphics while music is playing to meditate which helped me trance pretty well.

The negatives I have is that her voice over the heavy beat music was a little bit too low so I had to turn my head to make sure I was keeping up. She gives only basic cues on feet placement, muscle use & breathing. She does warn you about common mistakes/sloppy form, but not enough for a first or second attempt at yoga. To their credit they give added instruction in the bonus area, replaying each pose & stopping it for a brief minute with text telling you all the important muscle use & form. But that's not helpful as during the workout in my opinion.

I've been doing yoga for about 3 years now using mostly beginner/intermediate DVDs from Rodney Yee, Rainbea Mars & now my favorite, Wai Lana. I suprising felt rejuvinated after this workout & my legs felt incrediably flexible more then other mainstream yoga workouts like most of Rodney Yees's DVDs. I find this yoga as well as Wai Lana's poses & arrangement are different the most I have seen which is great to kill the monotoney. Except for wanting a little more instruction to remind you to keep the right form, I enjoyed the workout very much. In the extras area, she tells you which no one else did, that side & angle poses are suppose to be kept straight using ab muscles, not holding yourself up with your arm on the ground. I wouldn't recommend it to total beginners who are just learning, but I would to anyone else with more basic experience."
Feel Sexier
Rebecca Johnson | Washington State | 11/10/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Jacquie Noelle is probably the sexiest Yoga instructor I've ever seen. Her personality makes her workouts some of the most enjoyable yoga workouts I've tried. She is wearing a black outfit while working out. You of course, can wear anything you want to wear. Hint: "Something Sexy" like well, you can decide.

There is one scene that could be considered a short dance. It is not difficult, however it will make you feel very sexy. The bare wood floor and sheer drapes covering the window are the basics of the set. Then, you have some plants and candles, a chair, a water bottle and a towel.

Throughout this workout, the instructor teaches sensual and graceful yoga moves beyond upward or downward dog. Horizon, plank and warrior pose will all be familiar.

You will also learn some essential:

Breathing techniques
Pelvic Stretches
Inner-core strengtheners
Body-enhancement positions

What did I notice after exercising?

1. I caught myself walking in a sexy way through my kitchen. Hey, hey.
2. I felt like I had more energy.
3. I felt that my skin tingled a bit and I felt warm all over. (Probably revitalizing nerve endings and increasing blood circulation)
4. My body loved the stretching and relaxation section at the end of the workout.
5. I felt kinda sexy and the feeling lasted all night and well into the next day.

The exercises in this workout will be very familiar to anyone who has experienced yoga. This is mostly yoga, but there is a small section of modern dance. I did appreciate the attention to some of my more favorite poses although I'm still struggling with "table" pose.

Some of the Special Features Include:

1. Better Sex Through Yoga - This section explains how increased Strength, Flexibility and Control leads to sexual fitness. Jacquie explains how these exercises will help you "get into" and "hold" new and exciting positions. I think we are talking about Kama Sutra here.

2. Scene Selection:

Warm Up
Standing Poses
Sexy Yoga Dance
Floor Work
Abs and Sexual Core
Final Relaxation

3. Additional Instruction - Introduction & Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses - This is an almost "silent" section you can watch that shows a variety of poses with notes on proper form. You have to hit pause to read each one as they move through the poses rather fast. You will learn the names of the poses and this will be helpful for anyone new to yoga. This is the section to watch to understand the "sexual core" exercises.

4. Out-Takes and Bloopers - Explains some of the chemistry going on during the filming of this workout.

"Better Sex Through Yoga is an exciting workout designed to increase your body awareness all while seducing you into a new level of sexual fitness."

I also tried the second Intermediate workout and third advanced workout and they are slightly more challenging than the first workout. I love them all!

~The Rebecca Review
emily dickinson | 07/17/2005
(1 out of 5 stars)

"I don't know why this yoga DVD got such good ratings. The sound quality was so awful, i couldn't hear what she was saying. It seemed like it was filmed in her living room without proper sound equipment or something. Also, definitely not for new yoga users. While Volume 1 is for "beginners", her positioning went excessively fast throughout the workout. It shouldn't be noted as for "beginners" if it's not."
Big Disappointment
Mamzelle Bee | Michigan, USA | 04/28/2006
(2 out of 5 stars)

"I saw this DVD in a store, and bought it almost immediately. The minute I popped it in the player, I was disappointed.

It's a very boring DVD. Now, I'm no yoga slouch, but some of the positions were a little difficult - but not so much difficult as tedious. The sound quality was awful - not just difficult to hear, but it fluctuated depending on where she was facing. And, to be honest, I can't even remember if there's music.

I was hoping to unlock bedroomy fun, and was left boredly hitting the fast forward button. If you want to feel sexy, I suggest getting another, slightly more active DVD - like Carmen Elektra's strip tease aerobics. A totally different ball field, but guaranteed to put a little spice in your life."