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Cut Snake
Cut Snake (2015) R
Director: Tony Ayres
Actors: Sullivan Stapleton, Alex Russell, Jessica De Gouw
Release Year: 2015

Review by: K. K. (GAMER2012) - 3/26/2017 7:55 PM
"Very well done plot with lots of twists and turns all. The way to the ending."

Cut Snake [Blu-ray]
Cut Snake [Blu-ray] (2015) R
Director: Tony Ayres
Actors: Sullivan Stapleton, Alex Russell, Jessica De Gouw
Release Year: 2015

Review by: K. K. (GAMER2012) - 3/26/2017 7:54 PM
"Very well done plot with lots of twists and turns all. The way to the ending."

Journey 2001
Journey 2001 (2001) NR
Actor: Journey
Release Year: 2001

Review by: K. K. (GAMER2012) - 3/26/2017 6:03 PM
"One of the greatest bands of all time. The concert was well done and had a real nice mix of songs and solo performances. I would have given it a 5/5 rating but the sound quality was not the greatest at times. A must watch for Journey fans!"

The Stranger Within (1974 TV)
The Stranger Within (1974 TV) (2010) Unrated
Director: Lee Phillips
Actors: Barbara Eden, George Grizzard, Joyce Van Patten
Release Year: 2010

Review by: Larry N. - 3/26/2017 5:18 PM
"This movie is fair; I rated it 2 out of 5. There's probably a reason this movie isn't shown verify often and that's mainly because of the story. It's kind of weak and I think it could have benefited from better direction. The acting is decent and Barbara Eden is her usual gorgeous self. Ann Collins (Eden) discovers that she's pregnant. Her husband had a vasectomy three years prior and insists that he can't be the father. Ann gets a second opinion on her pregnancy which comes back positive. Her husband gets checked twice and his vasectomy is still good. Ann insists she has not been unfaithful, so just how can she be pregnant? You'll have to watch the movie to find out how."

The Last Waltz (Special Edition)
The Last Waltz (Special Edition) (2002) NR
Director: Martin Scorsese
Actors: Robbie Robertson, Muddy Waters, Neil Young
Release Year: 2002

Review by: Carrie G. - 3/26/2017 12:47 PM
"If you are looking for this movie - the UPC code is wrong on this entry. The UPC code on the DVD leads to this entry on this site: You can order it - there are 10 available copies as of 3/26/17."

The Fall, Series 2
The Fall, Series 2 (2016)
Director: Allan Cubitt
Actors: Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan
Release Year: 2016

Review by: Chrissy S. (naughtyspider) - 3/24/2017 10:09 PM
"An excellent follow up continuing the first series. I watched all of it in one sitting. Great story, great acting, enthralling."

Blood: The Last Vampire [Blu-ray]
Blood: The Last Vampire [Blu-ray] (2009) R
Director: Chris Nahon
Actors: Gianna Jun, Allison Miller, Liam Cunningham
Release Year: 2009

Review by: Schuylar L. (schuym1) - 3/24/2017 7:42 AM
"A great vampire flick with tons of action. The movie's only downfall is its bad CGI when it comes to the demons and blood."

JAG (Judge Advocate General) - The Complete First Season
JAG (Judge Advocate General) - The Complete First Season (2006) Unrated
Directors: Donald P. Bellisario, Doug Lefler, Duwayne Dunham
Actors: David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, Patrick Labyorteaux
Release Year: 2006

Review by: Jr N. - 3/23/2017 6:34 PM
"As a US Marine who served from 1963 to 1969 i found this show to be really cool and enjoyable' Loved it!"

Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) (2012) PG-13
Actors: Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly
Release Year: 2012

Review by: Rob K. - 3/21/2017 9:33 PM
"meh ..."

Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke - Strengthen & Condition
Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke - Strengthen & Condition (2012) NR
Release Year: 2012

Review by: Tracy B. (TeaBea) - 3/21/2017 11:23 AM
"Cover Art

Not for me. The workout was good, but I found the instructor annoying."

Jay Z - Fade to Black
Jay Z - Fade to Black (2005) R
Directors: Michael John Warren, Patrick Paulson
Actors: Jay-Z, Rick Rubin, Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott
Release Year: 2005

Review by: K. K. (GAMER2012) - 3/21/2017 7:43 AM
"Not really impressed but Beyonce's performance with Jay Z was pretty good."

Video Hits: George Thorogood & the Destroyers
Video Hits: George Thorogood & the Destroyers (2005) NR
Actor: George Thorogood
Release Year: 2005

Review by: K. K. (GAMER2012) - 3/21/2017 7:41 AM
"Short but entertaining videos."

Brad Paisley Music Video Collection
Brad Paisley Music Video Collection (0) NR

Review by: K. K. (GAMER2012) - 3/21/2017 7:38 AM
"Kind of a short collection but the videos were pretty entertaining and the singing was good."

Il Divo - Live at the Greek
Il Divo - Live at the Greek (2006) NR
Actor: Il Divo
Release Year: 2006

Review by: K. K. (GAMER2012) - 3/21/2017 7:37 AM
"This was great and had some familiar songs from singers from different parts of the world."

Insane Clown Posse - Bootlegged in L.A.
Insane Clown Posse - Bootlegged in L.A. (2003) NR
Actor: Insane Clown Posse
Release Year: 2003

Review by: K. K. (GAMER2012) - 3/21/2017 7:33 AM
"The beginning was a cool intro but then this became NWA gone bad. I did not like it but it may be your cup of tea considering other reviews were stellar..."

Defiance (2009) R
Director: Edward Zwick
Actors: Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber
Release Year: 2009

Review by: Randal A. (Movieran) - 3/21/2017 6:08 AM
"An inspiring true story of strength and courage in adversity. One of the few instances of Jewish resistance during World War 11."

Forever Young (Snap Case)
Forever Young (Snap Case) (1997) PG
Director: Steve Miner
Actors: Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elijah Wood
Release Year: 1997

Review by: Randal A. (Movieran) - 3/21/2017 6:07 AM
"Refreshing love story for all ages."

Cinderella Man (Widescreen Edition)
Cinderella Man (Widescreen Edition) (2005) PG-13
Director: Ron Howard
Actors: Russell Crowe, Renée Zellweger, Craig Bierko
Release Year: 2005

Review by: Randal A. (Movieran) - 3/21/2017 6:05 AM
"Revealing dramatic story of a true hero at the height of the depression."

Charlie Wilson's War (Widescreen)
Charlie Wilson's War (Widescreen) (2008) R
Actors: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Release Year: 2008

Review by: Randal A. (Movieran) - 3/21/2017 6:03 AM
"Interesting and exciting story of how Afgan Rebels beat the Russian War machine."

Manchester By The Sea [DVD]
Manchester By The Sea [DVD] (2017) R
Release Year: 2017

Review by: Doug S. - 3/19/2017 12:18 PM
"What A waste of time watching this movie...If you like swearing and adults being ok with under age sex in their home.. this ones for you.. kind of a long drawn out depressing movie.. can I get my 2 hours plus back please!! over rated and over hyped"

The Midnight Horror Collection: Blood Predators
The Midnight Horror Collection: Blood Predators (2010) Unrated
Director: Horror Collection
Actors: Darian Caine, Brian Anthony, Adrian M. Pryce
Release Year: 2010

Review by: Melissa R. (bloodymary) - 3/18/2017 12:33 AM
Five people are abducted by a maniacal vampire and put into a deadly maze of wits and endurance. If they make it through alive, the Vampire's fortune is theirs. If they fail, they'll be placed back in the game--forever--as bloodthirsty slaves pursuing the next round of victims. The group must discover the connection between them to solve complex clues and survive the band of slaves to escape a twisted game of predator and prey.

As an undercover detective infiltrates an illegal underground fighting ring, he begins to piece together bizarre clues connected to an unsolved murder. And when he discovers that the ring is run by bloodthirsty vampires, the underworld of the undead becomes more dangerous than ever...

Dakota, a young werewolf, has finally learned to control her nighttime transformations. She desperately wants to live a normal life, and to break free from her curse, she flees to hide in the city. When the pack aggressively hunts her down, the bouncers offer her protection and band together to battle the werewolves who want her dead…and who won't give up their wolf without a vicious fight.

Sammy, who wants to throw the ultimate bachelor party in the Hamptons for his best friend Chuck, has scored a bungalow for the fest. The wild weekend takes a turn for the rowdy and raunchy when a trio of strippers arrives at the door...but these are no ordinary strippers! They're smokin' hot and dance to kill. One by one, the guests are seduced and devoured--only a lucky few will survive the Bungalow of the Damned!"

The Midnight Horror Collection: Road Trip to Hell
The Midnight Horror Collection: Road Trip to Hell (2010) Unrated
Director: Horror Collection
Actors: Gerald Downey, Jesse Boyd, Lesley Paterson
Release Year: 2010

Review by: Melissa R. (bloodymary) - 3/18/2017 12:29 AM
On a road trip across the country, a group of college friends become stranded in the desert. Miles from anywhere and with limited supplies, they discover that when the sun goes down, a deadly killer comes out. Something that will not go into the night quietly...or without a meal. The group must battle the creature for their lives in a desolate, harsh land that few have survived.

On the eve of a massive storm, Joey, an awkward but straight-laced bartender, offers a group of vacationers refuge at his house. As the storm wreaks havoc outside, the group slowly discovers why they've been invited to the house, just how disturbed their host is, and that they'll have to fight a crazed killer if they're to see the light of dawn.

A road trip for four college friends turns into a twisted, bloody nightmare when they pick up Lucinda, a hot, young hitchhiker who lusts for the kill. After she terrorizes them, the group kills her. But around the next bend--and every bend--she appears like a mirage, ready to slaughter again...

En route to a weekend at a desert cabin, four young couples find themselves in a dangerous situation that will push them to their breaking points. After a glitch in plans forces them to pull over, they burn time by getting the party started amid the gorgeous desert scenery until a grisly discovery sets them running. But there's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide...

Fantasy-Adventure Collector's Set V.2
Fantasy-Adventure Collector's Set V.2 (2010) Unrated
Director: 4 Fantasy-Adventure Features
Actors: Marc Singer, Jason Connery, Daniel Bonjour
Release Year: 2010

Review by: Melissa R. (bloodymary) - 3/18/2017 12:16 AM
From Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of the Tarzan series, comes this spectacular tropical adventure! After their boat is capsized in a violent storm, a group of survivors land on a lush, deserted island. But they are not alone...and this is no ordinary island. Prehistoric predators from every era roam the jungles, and castaways from time periods past aren't welcoming visitors. The odds of escaping are slim--if they can survive to see the day!

A vicious mythological beast has been awakened by a warlord ready to conquer the world. The only thing that can stop them--a pendant created to destroy evil--has been lost for centuries. To save the world from destruction, a young Keeper must learn the ways of the pendant, retrieve it, and summon his powers to battle the greatest force of evil the Earth has ever seen!

A retelling of H. Rider Haggard's "King Solomon's Mines," the classic action-adventure that inspired Indiana Jones! As his arch nemesis trails closely behind, Allan Quatermain leads Lady Anna and Henry Curtis across the dangerous terrain of Africa in perilous pursuit of the world's greatest treasure.

Britain, 420 A.D. The Dark Ages have begun...
It's a time lost to history. A time of legends, violence and bloodshed...and also a time of magic, mythical creatures, and of an exceptional wizard, Merlin. Hengest, an equally talented but evil wizard, has threatened to wage war with a fleet of Dragons at his command. In a spectacular adventure, Merlin must prevent Britain from falling to evil's greatest superpower."

Horror Collector's Set V.5
Horror Collector's Set V.5 (2010) Unrated
Director: Four Feature Films
Actors: Jeffrey Donovan, Leonor Varela, Waylon Payne
Release Year: 2010

Review by: Melissa R. (bloodymary) - 3/18/2017 12:09 AM
Ron (Waylon Payne) and Dina (Miranda Bailey)--unexpectedly pregnant and broke--list their unborn child for adoption on the internet and hope for the best: someone wealthy and willing to pay up front. An easy plan; take the money and run. Enter Paul (Jeffrey Donovan) and Maria (Leonor Varela). Rich, desperate for a baby, and ready to play a twisted, sadistic game of their own...

Brother and sister Johnny (Russell Streiner) and Barbara (Judith O'Dea) travel to a remote town in Pennsylvania to visit the gravesite of their deceased father. But the dreaded trip turns into a terrifying nightmare when a flesh-eating zombie attacks the pair, killing Johnny. Barbara escapes and runs to the first residence she sees--a lone farmhouse where a group of people has taken refuge against the monsters. But their hiding place isn't safe for long. When darkness falls, a mass of ravenous zombies descends upon the house, and by the dawning of the next day, all that's left is a sole survivor.

In a week-long anarchistic rampage of violence, death, and destruction, the RAZOR EATERS take suburbia prisoner, gaining a cult following by taping their attacks on all who deserve punishment: corrupt politicians, arrogant sports stars, filthy drug dealers and more. Following their trail of looted stores, torched cars, blown up houses and bullet-ridden bodies, Detective Danny Berdan relentlessly tracks the gang until the ultimate bloody confrontation explodes in a mind-blowing, twist climax.

Millions witnessed Philip Markham's (Edward Furlong) public humiliation when he got dumped by Catherine, the beautiful star (Jaime Pressly) of a popular dating show, and now--several years and reality series later--he wants revenge. After taking Catherine captive, he lures nine unsuspecting co-eds to her luxurious mansion in the middle of nowhere, trapping the contestants in his own sick version of reality TV--where the challenges are bizarre, the danger is real and death is just a competition away."

Horror Collector's Set
Horror Collector's Set (2010) Unrated
Director: Four Feature Films
Actors: Charlie O'Connell, Victoria Pratt, Jack Scalia
Release Year: 2010

Review by: Melissa R. (bloodymary) - 3/18/2017 12:05 AM
Thirty years ago, Ray Reiter (Charlie O'Connell) witnessed the brutal death of his parents at sea by a strange, octopus-like creature. Now determined to exact revenge, he joins archaeologist Nicole (Victoria Pratt) on a perilous high-seas expedition to find a legendary Greek Opal--said to be guarded by the very beast that murdered his family. As they come face to face with the killer Kraken, they must also battle a ruthless crime lord (Jack Scalia), who will stop at nothing to seize the coveted treasure for himself. Co-starring Christa Campbell.

In the sleep-stilled dead of night when the moon is high, a bone-chilling howl pierces the subdued night air, and one woman's tranquil dreams are exchanged for terrifying nightmares. Marie (Romy Windsor), a successful novelist, has been plagued by horrific visions for quite some time. On the brink of a nervous breakdown, and at the direction of her doctor, Marie and her husband plan a restful getaway to the picturesque wooded town of Drago. But the heart of the scenic, serene village is much darker than its benign appearance; and while Marie hopes her vacation will dispel her visions, in truth, a dark presence has drawn her there. Soon she will discover the ghosts that have haunted her are real and that her visions are a mysterious message. Marie knows that something sinister is going down in the town of Drago, but what she doesn't know is that it has razor sharp claws, throat-ripping teeth, an insatiable lust for blood, and it kills by the cold light of a full moon...

Alex, an up and coming TV journalist, returns to her hometown of Danford unaware that her brief encounter with a hitchhiker is about to result in unspeakable terror. As local government and police attempt to cope with a series of brutal murders, the small town plunges into a state of panic with shuttered homes, abandoned streets and padlocked businesses. The murders continue. Their grisly nature leads to an inescapable conclusion: all are clearly the work of a monster, more beast than man. The trail of death leads to a dark and forbidding old mill, where Alex and her companions come face to face with the evil itself--a meeting that ends in an explosive encounter.

Oceania, an underwater seismic survey lab, picks up an unusual phenomenon from the ocean floor: a field of magnetic pulses that drive sharks into a frenzy. Dr. Mike Olsen, his wife Linda, and their crew monitor the incredible convergence of hundreds of sharks around the "energy field." It's unlike anything they've ever seen before... Soon after, divers on a repair mission from Oceania are viciously attacked by the raging sharks and all life-support cables leading to the lab become severed. The oxygen supply is critical and the shark attacks have compromised the stability of the structure. The lab is in danger of collapse!"