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2009 - Deceiving Innocence The Roger Coleman Story

Genres: Documentary

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World War II The Greatest Conflict / Merrill's Marauders

Genres: Indie & Art House, Educational, Documentary, Military & War
American Gangs Bundle Street Gangs A Secret History / In Search of History Five Points Gang (2-Pack, 2-DVD)

The Biography Channel Presents Notorious Collection The Brother Kimble / Love Triangle / A Confession in Question / Black Widower / Drowning in Lies / Serial Wife / Thrill Killers / Spree Killer / Raised to Hate / The (2008, 5-DVD Set, 15-Documentaries)

Genres: Indie & Art House, Documentary
History of Medicine Mavericks Miracles Medicine (2-DVD Set, 3 hrs 20 min)

The Mysteries of the Bible The Lost Years of Jesus / The Last Supper / Paul the Apostle (Vol 5)

Treasure The Czar's Faberge Eggs - AE