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If you would like to give credits to another member, you can do this two ways:

  • Using the button on the member's Tower or profile.
    • You can get to a member's Tower or profile by
      • clicking on his or her highlighted name in a Personal Message
      • clicking on the PM button on an active transaction, then clicking the highlighted name in the PM To: field
      • clicking on his or her name on the right side of a past transaction in your Transaction Archive
      • clicking on his or her nickname on his or her Forum post
      • clicking on the DVD Tower button on his or her Forum post
      • It is not wise to try to search the Member Directory to find the member!  Members share common first names and last initials, and not all members have profiles (which is necessary to appear in the Directory).
  • If the member is on your Buddy  List, you can also give credits from there.   (see below)

In order to give credits to other members, you must first have received at least 1 DVD from SwapaDVD.  Once you have received one or more DVDs, the option will be available for you. 

In order to receive a credits from another member, you must have completed registration. If the recipient in the transfer has not registered a mailing address, the transfer attempt will result in an error page.

Please note that there is a limit of 50 credits/month for credit transfers between members (this limit does NOT apply to credit transfers to or from Games Moderators). 

To give credits to a Buddy:

  • Go to your Buddy List:

    • Place your cursor over My Account in the toolbar at the top of the site, and choose Buddy List from the menu that drops down OR 
    • Click the Buddy List tab in My Account
  • Click next to the Buddy's name
  • Choose the number of credits to give
  • Click
    • If you need to cancel this action, click instead
  • An email will be sent to both giver and receiver specifying the number of credits given, who gave them, and to whom they were given. 

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