Help Center - What if I mail the wrong DVD?

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If you put the wrong DVD into the wrapper OR you printed the wrong wrapper to send a DVD, first contact the requestor(s) to explain what happened and make arrangements to fix the problem.

To contact the requestor(s):

  • Click the button on the transaction(s) for the DVD(s) involved, to send a Personal Message
  • If the transaction is in your Transaction Archive already (= it has been marked received), you should click  on the far right of the transaction and then choose "Personal Message" to send a message to the requestor.

If you used the wrong wrapper to send a DVD:

  • You should offer a credit or postage to the person to whom you sent the DVD, asking him or her to send the DVD on to its proper destination (you can provide the address in a PM)
  • You will get a credit when the proper requestor marks the DVD received, so you will "break even"
    • If your DVD has been declared Lost in the Mail by the time the proper requestor gets it he or she can still mark it received (and thus give you credit) from his or her Transaction Archive

If you put the wrong DVD into the correct wrapper:

  • You can simply offer to send the correct DVD
  • The requestor can let us know when the correct DVD was received from you 
  • When a DVD is marked "received, with a problem" (and in this case the receiver would choose "wrong DVD" from among the options), the sender does get credit for sending the DVD, even though it was the wrong one.
  • The requestor who received the wrong DVD in the correct wrapper is NOT obligated to send your wrong DVD back to you, but may agree to do so.

If you mixed up two requests and sent the wrong DVDs to two people:

  • Contact both requestors.
    • Use the PM buttons on the active transactions for the DVDs to let them know what happened.
    • If the DVDs have been marked received already, click  on the far right of the transaction in your Transaction Archive and then choose "Personal Message" to send a message to the requestor.
  • You can ask the requestors to send the DVDs to each other
    • You provide the addresses in PMs.
    • You should also offer them each a credit or postage for sending the DVD to the proper destination.
  • When the requestors get the DVDs they requested, they can mark them received.
    • This means the sender "breaks even" on these transaction, but each DVD ends up with the person who requested it.
  • If the DVDs are delayed enough to have been declared lost at SwapaDVD:
    • the requestors can still mark them received when they get them from their Transaction Archives.
  • The requestors can let us know when they have received the correct DVDs.

Tip: the best way to avoid mixing up requests is to match each SwapaDVD Wrapper page 2 (which has both the address and the DVD  title on it) with the DVD first, then match page 1 to page 2 (which you have already matched to the DVD) before wrapping.