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When a sender clicks on a transaction (if, for example, she or he can't find the DVD he or she agreed to send), the system will pass your request for the DVD automatically on to another member who is offering the same DVD (if there is another copy in the system).  It will do this without sending you an email notification.

  • If a sender clicks
    • The request will cancel automatically, and will be passed along to another member offering a copy of the same DVD. 
      • the requestor will NOT get an email when this happens.
      • the requestor will be able to tell that the request has passed along because the request date will have changed.
    • If there is no other copy of the DVD available, the DVD will go back onto the requestor's Wish List and the requestor will get the credit back.
      • the requestor WILL get an email when this happens. 

If the sender told you that she or he couldn't send the DVD but there is still a request for the DVD on your account page:

  • This may be the request that was passed to a new sender.
  • Click (personal message) on the transaction to see whose name pops up in the To: field of the empty Personal Message.

    • If it is NOT the same name as the sender who told you that he or she couldn't send the DVD, then your request has been passed to a new sender.

    • If it is the same name as the member who told you that she or he could not send the DVD, then the SENDER needs to cancel by clicking the Cancel Order button on the transaction.
    • If the sender has marked the DVD mailed already, then the SENDER needs to ask us to cancel (the sender cannot cancel if the DVD has already been marked mailed).

If the sender canceled by mistake and is contacting you to ask if he or she can still send you the DVD:

  • First, check to see who the sender is in the active transaction on your account page: click the "Personal Message" (or PM) button on the transaction.
    • If the name that comes up in the "To:" field is NOT the name of the sender who is contacting you (the one who canceled by mistake), then your request for this DVD is with a NEW sender.
    • If you want to receive the DVD from the first sender, look to see if you can cancel this new request:
    • If there is a button on the transaction, you can still cancel it.
    • If there is not a button on the transaction, you cannot cancel it. (This means the sender has already printed your address to send you the DVD)
  • If you can no longer cancel, then you will be receiving this DVD from the new sender, and you should tell the previous sender (the one who canceled by mistake) NOT to send this DVD to you (she or he should repost the DVD).
    • If she has already sent the DVD, you will be getting 2 copies.
    • You are not obligated to give a second credit for a second copy of a DVD if you submitted only one request
    • You are also not obligated to return the extra copy
  • If you can cancel the new request, and are willing to do so, you can click to cancel, and tell the first sender in a PM to go ahead and send the DVD to you, even though there is not an "official" transaction for it on either of your accounts.
  • If the sender sends the DVD to you "outside" of an official transaction:
    • You will need to mark it received from the canceled transaction in your Transaction Archive, which is accessible from a link at the top of the My Account page (and from the dropdown menu under My Account in the toolbar at the top of the site).
    • If there is no "Was DVD Received?" button on the canceled transaction when you get the DVD, you can "buddy" a credit to the sender instead of marking the DVD received.


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