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Beat Cabin Fever Our stuck-inside guide to home fun ó with GHRI-tested gadgets, popcorn poppers, and more
Good Housekeeping - 1/1/2009 by Staff

Movie-Swapping Web Sites
Donít be snowbound with nothing to watch. Boost your viewing options: Trade your old movies for someone else's at a DVD-swapping Web site. We tested seven, exchanging The Little Mermaid for either Batman Begins or High School Musical. Two earned our endorsement. was the easiest to navigate and use, with an excellent search engine, printable shipping labels, and a queue that tells you about when to expect the DVD. Trades aren't made one-for-one, meaning you donít need to find a Batman owner who likes mermaids. After posting a list of 10 DVDs, you earn a credit that allows you to request a movie. As you send your DVDs to other traders you earn more credits. The only cost to you is the postage to ship your DVD, about $2.