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The best products to beat winter cabin fever
MSNBC The Today Show - 1/9/2009 by Host Meredith Vieira

Movie-swapping sites
Donít be snowbound with nothing to watch. Boost your viewing options: Trade your old movies for someone elseís at a DVD-swapping Web site. We tested seven, exchanging "The Little Mermaid" for either "Batman Begins" or "High School Musical." Two earned our endorsement: was the easiest to navigate and use, with an excellent search engine, printable shipping labels, and a queue that tells you about when to expect the DVD. Trades arenít made one-for-one, meaning you donít need to find a Batman owner who likes mermaids. After posting a list of 10 DVDs, you earn a credit that allows you to request a movie. As you send your DVDs to other traders you earn more credits. The only cost to you is the postage to ship your DVD, about $2.