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Money Savers: More Deals on the Internet
CBS 47/Fresno - 3/23/2009 by Ashley Langford

It's no secret; you can find all kinds of great deals on the internet. We recently found designer maternity clothes at about 80% off retail prices!

But why spend money when you can just trade for the things you need?

Parents know that kids go through clothes so quickly but "," a locally owned website, allows families to trade outfits and the only cost is shipping.

Creator Matt Wilbourn said, "With the mortgage rates the way they are, the gas prices… people can’t afford to go out and spend the way they were spending before, so they’re looking at other avenues to save money and this is just one easy, simple way to do that.”

More than 5,000 customers are signed up on “U-and-I Trade”.

If movies are your thing, try, which is the same principal as U-and-I-Trade.

There are also similar sites for paperback books and CDs. There's no cost to sign up and the creators say the average family saves hundreds of dollars a year using these services.

And check out the “free stuff" section on Craigslist. You can find everything from free barbecues to palm trees to furniture. Just pick it up and it's yours.