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Swap A DVD Review
AC Associated Content/ Arts and Entertainment - 9/18/2009 by Grace Foster

I am a movie addict, without a doubt. Horror, comedy, action adventure, sci-fi, classics...pretty much anything but romances I'll happily watch. I also have no interest in signing up for either cable or satellite television, so DVDs and, yes, even some old VHS tapes, are necessities for
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home-based multimedia entertainment.

The problem is, all those movies and television series collections can add up to a lot of money. Imagine my surprise when a friend told me all about getting DVDs for free, and not in a Columbia House, " owe us $50 for movies you don't want" kind of way, either. SwapaDVD was, according to my friend, was a straightforward and user friendly option for people willing to trade in their DVDs in exchange for new ones.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic! I had some old DVDs laying around that none of us ever watched, and I had contemplated selling them on Amazon until I realized that I would be getting less than .35 each for them after Amazon extracted their fees.

On SwapaDVD, however, I had 2 movies that had already been on people's wish lists, which meant 2 quick credits after my DVDs were requested. Another bonus - after posting your first 10 DVDs, you get an extra credit.

So what are these credits, and how many do you need to actually redeem them for something good? Well, unlike airline miles, SwapaDVD credits are really easy to figure out. One credit = One DVD. Yes, it is that simple. So, if you want a copy of Beetlejuice, you request it and spend one credit. If you want a television series DVD set, the cost is still one credit per DVD; so a 5 disc set would cost you 5 credit.

Even more exciting is the fact that SwapaDVD is owned by the same people who operate PaperbackSwap and SwapaCD, which means that the credits can be transferred from one account to the next. So if you want to trade your old "Buns of Steel" DVD for "The Bee Gees - Their Greatest Hits" CD or a paperback copy of "The Aeneid," you can do that! I signed up for all three places (all of them are free to sign up with) and have not been disappointed.