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Saylor: Mixed Media - Web Watch
Knoxville News Sentinel - 6/6/2008 by Kevin Saylor

Here’s where you can send old DVDs
When you were a kid, swapping stuff was an art. Comics, action figures, dolls, stickers, gossip, chicken pox, you name it, you traded it.
Now that you're older, you probably don't trade your stuff as much. You might take some old paperbacks to McKay's Used Books or dump clothes off at Goodwill, but that's it.
Well, now you can share your DVDs with anyone using
Here's how. Round up all the DVDs that you no longer want. Post these original, playable DVDs in your "DVD Tower" to show that you're willing to offer them to others. After you've posted 10 DVDs online, you'll receive one "gift credit" from the site, which you allow you to start swapping. You, then, earn additional credits by sending your DVDs to other members.
You can order most available DVDs for one credit (some DVDs do cost more than a single credit). If you're craving a DVD that's currently unavailable, put it on your wish list and you'll get an e-mail notification when it's ready.
DVDs you receive are yours to keep. Hang on to them forever if you want or start the process over again. Also check out sister sites and for more non-stop swapping.
Checking for the best fair airfare
How do you know you're getting the best possible deal? It's a sticky question because you can never be completely sure.
That's especially true of plane tickets. Do you wait a few days to see if you can get a better deal? Or do you pounce on what's available now, in case the prices go up in a few days? Recent rounds of flight cancellations and reports that several airlines will begin charging for second bags don't exactly boost confidence.
As the summer travel season looms, one solution might be
"On, you'll find cheap plane tickets, discount first class airfare, the easiest air travel planning tools, and expert travel advice," notes this site. "Airlines change airfares constantly. Let monitor airline ticket prices so you'll be first in line to pickup the best deal on your quest for a cheap flight."
The site is masterminded by Rick Seaney, a "sought-after national airfare expert" whose analysis has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and on ABC, CBS and CNN network news. Use to compare the best flights available (and to compare this site's findings with those of, and
Shipping happens - for free
Gas prices are closing in on the $4 mark. That doesn't exactly inspire consumer confidence. Nor does it make one eager to drive across town to go to the mall. All that driving and idling in traffic adds up.
That makes online shopping all the more appealing. Why spend the time and gas money when you can make a few clicks and have what you want delivered right to your door? Online shopping is even more tempting when free shipping is part of the equation.
"Smart online shoppers have always known the cost of shipping can make the difference between a good deal and a great deal," according to "But finding out which online retailers are offering free shipping deals has not always been easy, and it can be very time consuming."
Fortunately solves that problem. The site is an easy-to-navigate resource for saving you big bucks on shipping. The site lists hundreds of retailers who are currently offering free online shipping. Browse by store, category, most recently added deals or soon to expire. Use this site and you're bound to save enough to put a gallon or two of fuel in your ride for later.