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666 Demon Child
666 Demon Child
Genres: Gay & Lesbian
666 Demon Child $11.70 + $2.98shipping this item brand new. we only have one in stock but an excelent one.

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Genres: Gay & Lesbian
Sub-Genres: Gay & Lesbian
Format: DVD
Number of Discs: 1
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Movie Reviews

I've seen this before... haven't I?
John Kolecki | Philadelphia, PA United States | 01/31/2005
(1 out of 5 stars)

"New from the shaky hand-cam school of film and broadcast its a rehash of the old horror flick "Its Alive". I am running out of synonyms to say "junk" and (...) when referring to a movie. This is definitely a low-budget film. The first five and a half minutes of this movie we are treated to an old man wandering around the American southwest desert. When minute 4 of this snore fest rolled around my friends and I were shouting directions at the television to tell grandpa where to go, by minute 5 we figured grandpa wasn't gonna find his way to Vegas and he should just hurry up and die already. *sigh* We finally get to the premise of this movie, which is grandpa (for reasons we never really understand why) decides to end the world by breaking an ancient mystical seal that housed three eggs. Fast-forward 10 minutes, grandpa is dead, an egg has hatched and the most evil rubber baby puppet ever unleashed on earth is born. The dumb rubber puppet is a toys-r-us cabbage patch kid, with glued on horns, fangs and tail. The foley artist (guy who makes sound effects in movies) decided he would use the sound of a baby crying and a cat meowing as the "voice" of this thing. He never mixed it up, and the same 2 second baby-cry-meow-cat-hiss sound is played about 1000 times. In fact, if you wanted to make this awful movie into a drinking game, and took a shot for everyone of the little baby's sounds, you'd be dead in 15 minutes. I would demand Amazon give me a star back so I can give it something more worthy, but alas I must work within its confines. To sum up, there is no production value to this (...), the acting is flat, (not all the actors are, but certain scenes are), You don't care about the characters one way or the other, although towards the end you are hoping they all die so you can end your own torture in watching this mess. I fully admit to fast-forwarding this movie in certain parts, simply because I couldn't take the long panning shots, the sloooooooow and inevitable deaths of all the characters, etc. (...)"
Insulting to anyone's intelligence - God awful - 0 stars
sinisterfiend666 | the master of Horror | 04/17/2005
(1 out of 5 stars)

"Occasionally something comes along that redefines the phrase B-horror
This is beyond awful. Would you like some wine with that cheese? Oh, where to begin:
(1) hazy grainy vhs quality picture. Which really stands out on the black nighttime background.
(2) Terrible actors and actresses. I was actually laughing at them, their lines, and their overacting. You would have to see this to believe it, but I definitely would see this for that reason
(3) The baby in the movie is a prosthetic looking rubber doll. When it attacks people they grasp onto this lifeless rubber mass that is obviously fake, and pretend it is alive by moving it with their hands, and pretending it is biting them. I kid you not, it is that bad!
(4) Terrible sound. It literally fades in and out, from muffled low end, to loud high end. It plays like warped vhs tape, but this is a DVD
(5) A good chunk of the movie is spent inside a Winnebago listening to bad actors talk to each other. ZZZZzzzzzzz
(6) More money was spent on the dvd cover artwork than the movie itself
(7) Bad special FX - an egg that looks more like a nut(if you know what I mean), and lots of Halloween store blood
(8) If you must see a stupid movie like this with a higher budget, then get the movie "It's Alive"
Diabolically Bad!
Ghoulie Guru | 06/30/2005
(1 out of 5 stars)

"Ah, the return of the Monster Baby Movie! Thank God somebody out there is thinking outside the box. In this camcorder retelling of "It's Alive", a bunch of people are terrorized on a sound stage by a really ferocious hand puppet. There are a lot of scenes that take place in the Winnebago, which is supposed to be moving I think. I've seen some bad Poor Man's Process shots, but this was ridiculous. Couldn't they have at least gotten someone to shake the camper back and forth? Oh, the humanity. Personally, I think they should have gone the extra distance and had a scene where someone changes the Devil Baby's diaper. Now that would be horrifying! Diabolical Devil Diapers!