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9/11 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions
9/11 Mysteries Part 1 Demolitions
Actor: David Ray Griffin
Director: Sofia Smallstorm
Genres: Special Interests, Documentary
NR     2007     1hr 30min

This is the official version created (and endorsed) by director Sofia Smallstorm. — "Watch and decide for yourself." - Rosie O'Donnell — "Excellent. The best of the 9/11 movies." - David Ray — Griffin, author of The New Pearl...  more »


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Actor: David Ray Griffin
Director: Sofia Smallstorm
Genres: Special Interests, Documentary
Sub-Genres: Special Interests, Politics
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 08/14/2007
Original Release Date: 01/01/2007
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2007
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 1hr 30min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 2
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Hard Evidence of Demolitions in WTC Towers
J.W.K | Nagano, Japan | 01/23/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Of all the so-called 9/11 conspiracy films, "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" provides the most compelling facts along side the most professional production, and has thus been widely praised by film critics and academics alike.

Refreshingly, the film refuses to participate in the emotional sparring that so often surfaces in this highly charged subject. Rather, in honor of those who lost their lives on that fateful day, the film sets out to discover the full truth through an objective, even-handed look at physical evidence, eyewitness testimonials and expert analysis. You will find no name-calling, politicking or crass appeals to emotion.

Through its careful investigation of the facts, the film shows how the official story not only fails to adequately explain the events of 9/11--it actually flies in the face of hard science. How can a 110-story building collapse at near free fall speeds? What happened to the undamaged steel core columns? How was it possible that molten steel simmered under Ground Zero for months after the collapses, when jet fuel fires could not have melted the steel? These questions are not even addressed in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Another mystery is WTC-7, a building that housed the United States Secret Service, the DOD, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management, the IRS and the CIA and damning documents pertaining to the Enron Scandal. Although virtually ignored by mainstream media, WTC-7 also collapsed at near free fall speeds on 9/11. However, it was not hit by an airplane, and only suffered minor damage.

Many questioned raised by this film have just recently begun to surface, brought forth by brave individuals who face persecution by a public who uncritically mob against so-called 'conspiracy nuts'. This is quite ridiculous when one considers that the official story of 19 Middle Eastern hijackers promulgated by the government was itself a conspiracy theory--a conspiracy theory with more holes than the complicity and demolition hypotheses put forward by scientists and academics like professors Steven Jones and David Ray Griffin.

It is my firm recommendation that you watch this documentary and read Griffin's "The New Pearl Harbor"--if only to counter balance any preconceived views you might have on the subject. Clearly, there is more to the 9/11 story than is being portrayed in mainstream media.

Nails It!
Robert D. Steele | Oakton, VA United States | 12/08/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Edit of 11 Jun 09 to fix Tarpley and add links.

I read a lot, but lately I have been discovering the real value of non-fiction DVDs. This is one of the best, one of the most important DVDs that I have ever seen. I recommend it without reservation.

Although I am a very conservative person, my views have been radicalized by the superb non-fiction coming from Webster Tarpley, Jim Marrs, and Michael Ruppert, among others.

This DVD systematically and logically covers the power blackout that turned off the security camaras and access devices, the withdrawal of the bomb-sniffing dogs, the heavy dust each morning in the days preceeding 9-11, the secondary explosions that strongly suggest a planned demolition of three buildings (one of them, WTC 7, not hit at all), and--quite interesting--the asbestos problem that made the buildings, built in the 1960's--a real loser unaffordable to fix or take down. 9-11 was literally a $7 billion bonanza for its owners, at one stroke destroying the bulk of the complex to be cleaned up at taxpayer expense, and paying a DOUBLE insurance premium (in court, the claims that the two airplanes were two separate incidents rather than one coordinated attack, doubled the money paid out by the insurance companies). Bottom line: I think the US Government "let it happen" for its own reasons, and Larry Silverman was tipped off and it was Larry Silverman, not the US Government, that brought the buildings down. If this is obvious to me after a cursory examination of public materials, I have to ask myself: 1) how much did Rudy Guliani get for scooping and dumping to destroy the crime scene? and 2) is the insurance company part of the scam, or just stupid?

I have to say, on the basis of all my reading and my own past experience as a professional intelligence officer, that I am certain of one thing: this has not been properly investigated; and I am fairly certain of a second thing: 9-11 was known to be happening by a handful in the US Government and a handful in Israel as well as Pakistan, and it was welcomed as a cataclysmic event that would also be financially profitable to another handful. All of the suspicious activity began when Larry Silverman took possession of the complex.

Although I am less inclined to believe--without a proper investigation--that 9-11 was in fact made to happen at the instigation of Dick Cheney among others, I do believe there is enough evidence about neo-conservative views that such an event was needed, to *demand* a public investigation. The 9-11 Commission was a whitewash, actually criminal in its negligence.

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Among the best....
H. Hubbard | California | 02/07/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This DVD is among the best and most comprehensive documentaries that I have seen on 9/11 and I am sure that I have seen them all, both 'official' versions and conspiratorial versions. I found myself analyzing through every piece of content, as I always do, and I seriously found no flaws in the research and the presentation is excellent! They way that they avoided certain politics, which in the end is necessarry to apprehend those who are really responsible, was very well done. They just presented the viewer with concise questions so that one can make their own inference. This film does a great job of explaining in layman's terms many simple scientific principles that most people are ignorant of. Examples are the melting points of steel and basic chemistry which could be easily determined from a periodic table of elements. No one can manipulate science and math, not even the government.

One of the best parts of the film is how they went into details of the chemestry involved with the materials used in all types of controlled demolitions. There is already a growing number of physicists who are looking into these matters and are coming to the same conclusions, that the only way these towers could have mangled themselves to the bottom so fast on their own footprins was a direct result of a controlled demolition. I dare to say that mathematics is the language of truth and not the TV news stations, one must make up their own mind.

Another great part of this film that I have not seen in previous documentaries were a lot of great footage and film. One of the best examples were the pictures of the huge I-beams and how they were angularly sliced through. This is a charachteristic consiquence of using thermate, thermite (C-4) mixed with sulfer, which literally slices through steel.

Again, I am no engineer but as an experienced technical inspector in the aviation industry, I do have a good math and chemistry background and I have already previously studied the specifics of the science surrounding 9/11. I would say that this film was worth every cent and I encourage everyone to take a look at this. I myself have no respect for someone who simply parrots what they heard from someone else or the TV especially as their own opinions so watch this film and make up your own mind."
Just What We Needed! 9/11 Percipient Witnesses!
William Hare | Seattle, Washington | 02/02/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

""9/11 Mysteries" is a film that has come along at the right time to supply a critical element to the ongoing debate over what really caused the collapses of the World Trade Center buildings.

I have recently been viewing some of the ongoing Internet debates surrounding various books and films on 9/11. A recent debate involving two passionate devotees of opposing views ultimately turned on "my experts are better than your experts." The argument was fine-tuned at one point on whether one college professor was sufficiently "peer reviewed" and how much criticism was generated within the ranks of his colleagues for his opinions.

"9/11 Mysteries" invokes a breath of fresh air into the ongoing debate. This is perhaps an ironic way of stating the point in view of the difficulty of breathing at all at Ground Zero, but this has been accomplished with this brilliantly revealing documentary, and for a fundamental reason.

The term used in court trials that has been proven most effective in winning over juries is that of "percipient witnesses." The American Heritage Dictionary defines percipient as having the power of perceiving. This element is precisely what is needed in the ongoing 9/11 debate. The steady u-turns away from confronting this critical element is what prompted the restlessness and boos from the families of victims at hearings conducted by the official 9/11 Commission.

The Commission's persistent bobbing and weaving away from the nitty-gritty of what occurred that unforgettable day is what has prompted a savvy Washington area viewer of current political events as Amazon reviewer Robert Steele to state in his review of "9/11 Mysteries" that the 9/11 Commission Report constitutes "a whitewash" and is "actually criminal in its negligence."

Those are strong words, but the severity of the entire pattern of events leading up to the Commission's final report justifies harsh conclusions. For instance, after the greatest tragedy of its kind in U.S. history it would be considered a "no brainer" for a Commission to be immediately established to determine what went wrong with an eye toward correcting any actions or failures to act that made the nation vulnerable to such attacks along with an eye toward punishing perpetrators.

Remember what happened? Actually nothing. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney initially stonewalled against such an investigation. The threadbare reason advanced was that such an investigation would distract and detract from the advancing effort to fight terrorism in the U.S. and globally.

Does this make sense? After such calamities occur in New York City the answer is to ignore those events and never investigate them, all in the interest of fighting prospective future terrorism.

If an enemy surfaces and engages in a method of attack the answer is to skip past that initial attack and not investigate it because doing so will only distract from future efforts to fight that enemy. In short, seek to thwart your enemy by not investigating the bloody devastation he unleashed. Does this so-called reasoning contain even a shred of logic?

So now "9/11 Mysteries" surfaces in the picture and provides that breath of fresh air into the debate. This film goes beyond the "gotcha" debates of "my experts are better than yours" by displaying the action right down there at Ground Zero from those, to use that term again, percipient witnesses.

What did the First Responders, those New York firefighters risking their lives to save others, have to say? What did those percipient witnesses among those who were fortunate to escape from the devastation alive as well as sidewalk witnesses have to say?

The one word that reverberated with steady and alarmed repetition among the ranks of the devastated and the responders was "explosion." Time and again, from the lips of responders as well as other percipient witnesses, that word "explosion" was stated with unvarying repetition.

The film provides the best photography I have viewed to date of what actually happened. At one point we are asked to pay close attention and listen. Yes, the sounds appear very clearly. We need no experts to tell us, this is something we actually experience as we step into the shoes of individuals at Ground Zero on that fateful September 11.

Two major names that surface repeatedly in the film, and from whom hopefully much more will be heard in the steady pursuit of truth concerning 9/11 are William Rodriguez and Scott Forbes, both of whom worked at the World Trade Center. Rodriguez, in fact, was the last person to escape from the flaming wreckage alive.

The courageous Rodriguez not only speaks of a series of explosions he heard, consistent with the theory of building destruction through controlled demolition; he proceeds one step further and mentions the fear that enveloped him when he heard sounds of explosions beneath him in the basement.

It was confirmed with expert comments and other analysis that a ground floor explosion is consistent with accepted current controlled demolition practices. In the process of that discussion the "pancake theory" presented by the mainstream media as an explanation of how the 9/11 tragedies occurred is dismissed. Had that occurred Ground Zero would have been covered with far more debris.

Experts also debunk the accepted theory that the 9/11 tragedies occurred as a result of planes crashing into the buildings by explaining that the temperature of the buildings was no more than 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. A cataclysm such as what occurred could only happen if the temperatures were at the 2,500-degree level.

There is much explanation as well over the survival of other large buildings that endured fires without collapsing. Footage is shown of a building in Spain that endured in the midst of a 20-hour fire.

Scott Forbes provides some of the most thought provoking analysis of the film. He explains how much activity was occurring in the building where he served as a supervisor. This hub of activity occurred just before 9/11 and was never explained. Forbes recounts that only because he was off on 9/11 did he survive. Instead he watched the tragic events from the window of his nearby apartment.

"9/11 Mysteries" is the first volume of a series in which producer Avatar will tackle other areas of continuing interest into the causes of the tragedies. After having witnessed this comprehensive effort, the sooner the better.

There is a reason to be intimately concerned about this issue - the survival of our nation.

The longer one explores the more ludicrous the official "rush to judgment" instant account becomes of mainstream media commentators and journalists reporting in lockstep the Bush Administration official explanation.

This "explanation" would have us believe that one man in an Afghanistan cave with a cell phone and computer reeked the devastating human tragedies in concert with a cadre of "aviators" who learned just enough to crash planes into buildings while, luckily for us, leaving letters and other sure fire identity clues around for us to find. Enough, that is, to render all of them instantly culpable.