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Angels and Demons Revealed
Angels and Demons Revealed
Actor: Patrick Macnee
Genres: Documentary
NR     2005


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Actor: Patrick Macnee
Genres: Documentary
Sub-Genres: Documentary
Studio: Highland Ent.
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 03/01/2005
Release Year: 2005
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English
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Movie Reviews

Interesting, But...
Matthew S. Schweitzer | Columbus, OH United States | 04/25/2005
(3 out of 5 stars)

""Angels and Demons Revealed" is a bit misleading. This documentary goes into great detail regarding the historical background of several prominent secret societies that have appeared and disappeared throughout history including the Illuminati, Freemasons, The Knights Templar, the Assassins, and the Priory of Sion. These secret brotherhoods have often been credited with, or accused of, working behind the scenes of international affairs to influence the course of human history. The evidence for this, however, is often slim and ellusive.

The biggest problem with this documentary, however, is that it really has nothing at all to do with the book "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown other than it deals with the history of the Illuminati and the Knights Templar. Both of these groups were very real, but the film puts a hugely biased slant on the story, choosing to portray them as evil underground organizations working to enslave mankind. It makes no mention of the fact that the Illuminati were themselves created in the late 18th century to promote knowledge and reason over church dominated superstition which had hindered these very Enlightenment virtues. And like the Illuminati, the Prior of Sion, if it ever truly existed, was alledged to have worked toward a similar and laudable goal. Hence it is reputed to have attracted the leading and most promising minds of their day: Issac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Francis Bacon, and Benjamin Franklin. Whether or not the Priory ever actually existed is open to debate and the evidence is not encouraging. The film, however, makes great efforts to link these groups together and to paint them as part of a diabolical plan to create the dreaded New World Order. Would such men as Franklin, Hugo, and Debussy really work to create a sinister and opressive world regime? Questionable at best.

This documentary is interesting for its portrayals of the various secret societies that it investigates, but many of its conclusions are seemingly biased and highly questionable. It also, disappointingly, had little to do with the highly enjoyable novel that it purports to "reveal"."
New World Order, Old World Evil
Geneva Chapman | Toledo, Ohio | 08/08/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"There's nothing new about the new world order discussed in the movie "Angels and Demons Revealed." I watched the documentary twice on pay-per-view because I know everything in it has merit. I'm sure those who support the beliefs of the Illuminati and the other secret societies want us to think "A & D R" is a big joke -another whacky conspiracy theory with no basis in truth. I don't think so.

I am a journalist and I know there are things that are deliberately kept out of the news, persumably because the public will panic or cannot handle certain truths. Nothing could be further from the truth. The public today is informed and aware. That's why larger numbers of people are starting to see through the whole charade that caused the invasion of Iraq when the terrorists we were supposed to be after were in Afghanstan.

We are not fools and "A & D R" treats us like the intelligent public we are. I guess when the members of Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Affairs orchestrate the next attack on innocent American people to perpetuate the myth that there are rabid terrorists out there that "hate us for our freedom" more people will start to believe.

Fear is the tool that is used to control us. When we are not afraid, that tool becomes useless. Information like that shared in "A & D R" erases our fears and increases our awareness and our outrage. As a nation we support our troops without question (they are pawns of the power elite just like the rest of us), but more and more of us have stopped supporting the senseless and expensive wars that deplete our economy and needlessly take the lives of far too many of our citizens.

Hopefully, if those at the top decide to put more "terrorists" into action, fewer of us will react in fear and more of us will see the truth and not be fooled thanks to films like "A & D R.""
Pretty interesting...
Brandon L. Harlow | Colonial Heights, VA United States | 03/15/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Goes into the history and objectives of the Illuminati. Whether or not you believe they are real, it still is pretty fun to watch. Ok, maybe not so much fun as scary...."
Convincing presentation
Stockmann R M | 10/26/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Patrick MacNee, the narrator on this DVD, does a fine job in presenting the things covered. If one has seen the TV series 'The Avengers' with MacNee as John Steed and his female partner Diana Rigg (Emma Peel), one wonders if he has been into these secrets all his life.

The DVD starts with identifying the order of the Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion. The order of the Knights Templar became the Church inside the Catholic Church. MacNee however presents facts that The Knights Templar became influenced by evil forces, after they had found highly valuable documents during excavations underneath the Temple Mount (Hence the name Knights Templar). The influences were of Arabic and Turkish secret order assassins. To this day no-one knows what really was found. After King Philippe IV the Fair had taken back possession of the Templar assets in France, they were forced underground. It was this event that made The Order of the Knights Templar the arch enemy of the Catholic Church. To this very day a serious vendetta is going on between the Jesuits and the Templars and related secret societies. The Bavarian Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt is described by MacNee as the secret society ruling all other secret societies, like one ring to rule all other rings. The evil plot by Weishaupt's Illuminati, a New World Order and total control over mankind, is well within reach today. The signs are very very alarming. The rest of the DVD then details how the Illuminati infiltrated the KGB in the former USSR, and how the KGB in turn infiltrated the Vatican. Although "The Davinci Code" adepts might look strange to this explanation, i am convinced that this is exactly what has happened. The 1000 year vendetta between the Vatican Catholic Church and the Templars seems complete, where todays Vatican is totally corrupted from the inside. MacNee presents very convincing evidence illustrating this.

If one realizes that "The protocols of the learned elders of Zion" are in fact a protocol book for the Illuminati, the following quote is rather revealing when one knows about the vendetta between the Jesuits and the Templars:


"4. Moreover, the art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbiage, by regulations of life in common and all sorts of other quirks, in all which the GOYIM understand nothing, belongs likewise to the specialists of our administrative brain. Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity. In this respect the Jesuits alone might have compared with us, but we have contrived to discredit them in the eyes of the unthinking mob as an overt organization, while we ourselves all the while have kept our secret organization in the shade. However, it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! But to us, the Chosen People, it is very far from being a matter of indifference."

Angels and Demons revealed is a convincing presentation of evidence and its sinister conclusions."