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Here are the Episodes !!!!!
Person | 11/24/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"1. Adios, Johnny Bravo
The Brady's are auditioning for a tv amateur show, which where the musical agent spies Greg and decides to offer him a chance of being a solo star. Mike and Carol don't like the idea because they were hoping that Greg would go ahead on to college. The other Brady 5 are mad at him for deserting the Brady 6, or as we know The Silver Platters.

2. Mail Order Hero
In this episode Bobby lies to his friends saying he knows Joe Namath. This makes Cindy to the idea, she writes to Joe Namath saying Bobby is dying and his last wish on earth is to meet the football star.

3. Snow White and the Seven Bradys
The Bradys need to get enough money to buy a retirement gift for a teacher, so they decide to put on a production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A mistake threatens the whole performance when they don't have a theatre to perform in.

4. Never too Young
After Bobby defends a girl at school she rewards him with a kiss. and he immediatly sees sky rockets. This leads him up to try to kiss her again, but after seeing those sky rockets a second time, she tells the news that she might have the mumps.

5. Peter and the Wolf
Greg gets a date with a girl named Sandra, but only if he can get a date for her visiting cousin Linda. He has to turn to Peter, who has to wear a fake mustache to look older.

6. Getting Gregs Goat
Greg is the person to house Raquel, the rival school teams mascot, a goat. Whom they swipe from the other team after their mascot is stolen. Everything gets out of control when the goat proves she is hard to handle, easy to feed, but not easy to catch.

7. Marcia Gets Creamed
Marcia got a new job at the ice cream parlor. With school and work, she has very little time for her boyfriend. He finally gets fed up with it and comes in with another girl. Marcia then tells Peter he needs to look for a job for himself. But when he goofs off, she's the one who fires him.

8. My Brothers Keeper
When Bobby pushes Peter out of the way of a falling ladder, Peter volunteers he will b Bobby's slave for life, we all know what happens, a household argument.

9. Quarterback Sneak
Marcia becomes involved with the Fairview's quarterback, Jerry Rogers. Who Greg says wants the playbook. Marcia does not believe him. But sure enough, Greg was right. Jerry Rogerssteals the playbook.

10. Try, Try, Again
Jan thinks she is a no talent loser, whan she does not make it in the ballet recital, when she totally drops out of ballet, going to tap dancing, which we all know, it drives the Brady family crazy.

11. The Cincinnati Kids
Mike has to present plans for a amusment park in Cincinnati. So he invites the whole family. But when he has a Yogi Bear poster and Jan has his plans, that get lost on one of the rides.

12. The Elopement
Marcia and Jan mistakenly hear Alica and Sam talking about elopement. Jumping to the idea they are plannig to. Which leads the Brady family to begin planning a wedding reception.

13.Miss Popularity
Jan is competing for a popularity contest at school, with Peter as her campaign manager. With the rest of the family pitching in. She has a great chance at winnig. She quickly finds herself making promises she can't keep.

14. Kelly's Kids
The Brady's friends are in the middle of adopting a little boy, but soon find themselves adopting 3 boys. Each one with a different ethnic backgrounds. The Brady's are soon dealing with racist neighbors.

15. The Drivers Seat
Greg bets Marcia that she can't beat his score on her driving test. All the pressure gets to Marcia's head. Meanwhile, Jan has to speak in fornt of alot of people.

16. Out of This Worls
After meeting an astronaut Bobby and Peter are starting to wonder about life on other planets. They get excited when they claim to see a UFO in the backyard.

17. Welcome Aboard
Bobby and Cindy eavesdrop hearing Carol say she was expecting. Of course, they think she's pregnant, and pass it on to the others. But, she's really expecting her nephew to be visiting while his parents are in Africa over the summer.

18. Two Petes in a Pod
Peter is stunned after he runs into a boy who looks just like him at school. His look alike comes in real handy when Peter accidentally has two dates in one night. One he promised with Mike's boss's niece, and one with Michelle.

19. Top Secret
When a FBI agent makes a visit to check Mikes security clearence, Bobby and Oliver are convinced Mike is working on a top secret. They are later suspicious of Sam, thinking he is trying to steal the "secret plan" and pass it on to the Russians.

20. The Snooperstar
Marcia writes a bogus story in her diary, to bait Cindy after she gets tired of her snooping all the time. The story is about Marcia contacting a talen scout, showing Cindy's picture to him, and him wanting Cindy to be the next SHIRLEY TEMPLE.

21. The Hustler
The Brady family tries to find out who would send them a pool table. Later learning it was Mr. Matthews (Mikes boss). Meanwhile, Bobby gets obsessed with the game and begins betting people money, even Mr. Matthews.

22. The Hair-Brained Scheme
Bobby wants to get rich quick, so he begins selling bottles of hair tonic. He sells one to Greg. However, Bobby starts running for his life when the tonic turns his hair orange. JUST DAYS BEFORE HIS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION."
I grew up with the Brady Bunch and still love them today!
M. T. Lehan | Brockton, MA USA | 12/04/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

When I was a little girl, I begged my poor Dad to please let me call Paramount so I could talk to Cindy/Susan Olsen who was my favorite.

I also told my third grade classmates that I was going to marry Peter/Christopher Knight someday.

When I was nine I hurt my wrist in an accident and had to get fourteen stitches. My Nana wrote Susan Olsen telling her what a big fan I was of the show. One day a big yellow envelope came in the mail - a letter and three pictures autographed by Susan Olsen!!

I'm thirty nine now, but guess what? I still LOVE the Brady's!!

I am looking forward to season five coming out!!

I really wish they would release the "Day By Day" episode when Christopher Barnes dreams he is a Brady, the 90's "The Brady's" show, and "A Very Brady Christmas" on dvd!

Brady fans, I would love to hear from you!

email me at:

Have a sunshine day!
Maria :)"