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Bad Ronald
Bad Ronald
Actors: Scott Jacoby, Pippa Scott, John Larch, Dabney Coleman, John Fielder
Director: Buzz Kulik
Genres: Drama
2009     1hr 14min


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Actors: Scott Jacoby, Pippa Scott, John Larch, Dabney Coleman, John Fielder
Director: Buzz Kulik
Genres: Drama
Sub-Genres: Drama
Studio: ABC (TV)
Format: DVD
DVD Release Date: 11/17/2009
Release Year: 2009
Run Time: 1hr 14min
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 21

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Movie Reviews

Rat Boy found in wall.
Paul Aragon | Virginia | 07/26/2010
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Disclaimer:This is a fictitious news report that serves as my movie review. The names of characters, and description of events, have not been changed in order to respect the authenticity of the film this is based on.

In what is turning out to be one of the most bizarre news stories in recent memory, a teenage boy suspected of murdering an adolescent girl was arrested late last night after he broke out from iniside of the walls of an occupied house. Apparently he had been living behind these walls for several months entirely undetected by the new residents of the home. Police Officer Sergeant Carter said that the teenage boy Ronald Wilby, had disappeared in the hours fallowing the murder of a neighborhood girl Carol Matthews, who's body was uncovered in a shallow grave next to an alley way behind The Hastings Place less then a day after she was reported missing. All the clues pointed to Ronald Wilby, but when the police came by his house to arrest him, all they found was the torn jacket that linked him to the crime scene, and a hand written note saying that he had ran away. His mother Elaine Wilby, swore that she had no idea where he had run off to. Unknown to the police, Elaine Wilby had devised a plan to have her son cover over the existence of a downstairs bathroom with spare sheetrock and wallpaper that they had kept in their attic. He had done such a fine job of hiding this entry way, that any sign at all that a bathroom had ever existed in that location of the house was entirely undetectable to the naked eye. This sealed over bathroom had now become Ronald Wilby's new living quarters.
" Apparently Ronald Wilby was very handy with tools." Police Officer Sergeant Carter said.

Throughout the fallowing month, Elaine Wilby kept her sons whereabouts a secret from nosey neighbors and police dragnets by feeding him through a specially designed trap door hidden in the bottom of their walk in kitchen pantry. It is said that Eliane Wilby would use a series of knocks to signal when their was danger, and when it was safe for him to make all the normal noises of daily lving. For close to a month Ronald Wilby stayed safely hidden away under his mothers care, but then his mother unexpectedly passed away during routine gallbladder surger. This left her fugitive son to fend for himself while living behind the walls of a now unoccupied house. But the house wouldn't remain unoccupied for long.

It is the opinion of many that Ronald Wilby's father was an atypical deadbeat dad. He had been divorced from Elaine Wilby for an undetermined amount of time and was living in a different residence ever since. It is also reported that MR. Wilby had not bothered to contact his son for a very long time prior to these tragic occurrences. MR. Wilby now seemed to have sold the property to the first bidder as quickly as possible as a way of distancing himself from the shame of having a child murderer as a son. Unknown to The Wood family who just bought the house, Ronald Wilby was not only living inside the very framework of their new dream home, but he had also drilled various peep holes to spy on their three teenage daughters. Worse still, it is clear from the artifacts found in Ronald Wilby's secret room, that his mental state had been deteriorating rapidly for some time.
" I guess The Wood family purchased more then they had bargained for!" One area man remarked.

It has been said that Ronald Wilby has retreated into a psychological fantasy world which he called Antranta. He covered the walls and ceiling of his tiny living area with images that he drew of a prince, castles, and an evil duke which he had angrilly attacked with splotches of blood red paint. He had also filled the spaces in between these various drawings with other nonsensical quotes and phrases such as " Evil, bad, mad." " Why can't no one see but me?" and " Ronald loves his princess." Though every member of The Wood family seemed to have noticed that some of their food went missing from time to time, no one but their youngest daughter, Babs Wood, suspected that something more sinister might be going on inside the very walls of their new home. Unknown to the discontented youngest daughter however, this hidden stranger had zeroed in on her believing her to be the princess of his fantasy world.
" Even rats in a cage will go crazy if they're kept there too long." Babs Wood told reporters.

" Since Ronald Wilby had been living behind the walls in dead silence all this time, his now highly trained sense of hearing had picked up every detail of what The Wood family was up to." Police Officer Sergeant Carter said." He waited until the parents where out of town, and Babs Wood was all alone before showing himself to another person in the outside world."

It is reported that when Babs Wood had come home from playing tennis earlier in the day, that she had found her bedroom mirror covered with a large drawing that look like an odd oversized playing card. Confused, she had walked over to inspect this mysterious drawing when the bedroom door suddenly slammed shut behind her. Babs Wood had found herself in the presence of a soot covered wild eyed teenage fugitive. Before she had time to scream, he had covered her mouth with his filthy hands and warned her to keep quiet or else. Which she did out of fear for her life. News reports state that Ronald Wilby then told her that she was Princess Fansetta of Antranta, and that he was her Prince Norburg. It is also reported that Ronald Wilby told her that her family had been spending too much time with the evil duke. It is also now a known fact that The Wood family had just learned from their oldest daughter's boyfriend Duane Matthews, that his little sister Carol Matthews, had in fact been murdered by the last occupant of The Wood's new home. Babs Wood had suddenly realized that she was now face to face with the actual killer himself.
" I said to him, you're Ronald Wilby aren't you?" Babs Wood told police. " But he just kept yelling back at me. I told you my name's Prince Norburg!"

Though the events that fallowed are still not entirely known to the media, it is known that Babs Wood had somehow ended up locked inside the basement of her next door neighbors house MRS. Schumocker. It has also been stated that Duane Matthews had been bludgeoned, kidnapped, and found hogtied and gagged inside of Ronald Wilby's secret room. Duane Matthews even told police that Ronald Wilby had called him an intruder, a transient, and said that he was going to banish him. Realizing then that he might die at any second, Duane Matthews began to struggle, and it was his struggles that finally alerted the two oldest Wood daughters that someone or something was indeed living behind their downstairs walls. Ronald Wilby had then burst through the living room wall to elude discovery. It is said that Ronald Wilby then ran outside in a vein attempt to escape, only to be apprehended by the police on The Wood's front lawn.
" We had been watching The Wood house because The Wood girls filed a report earlier that evening stating that their little sister Babs Wood had gone missing." Police Officer Sergeant Carter said.

It is reported that Babs Wood had managed to escape from MRS. Schumocker's basement and was actually in police custody at the time of Ronald Wilby's arrest. Police Officer Sergeant Carter has told the media that Ronald Wilby has remained unresponsive, and will not talk about his crimes.
" All he does is just sit there nibbling on candy bars like a rat, while making these odd little whistling squeaking noises." Police Officer Sergeant Carter has said.

It has also been reported that MRS. Schumocker has not been seen by anyone for over a week, and it is now presumed that she is Ronald Wilby's second murder victim.

This has been a Krakatoa1883 news report.

Love the movie, hate the Warner Archives issue!
Jerrica Lee | San Diego, CA | 09/28/2010
(3 out of 5 stars)

"My only copy of this, my favorite 'Psychotronic' TV-movie, was one I recorded onto VHS from WTBS one afternoon in the late `80s. I was willing to order the special overpriced 'Warner Archives' (Warner burned-to-order) copy (pictured) (that you have to wait for a couple weeks for while they do it)thinking I would get a nice clean, uncut copy. WRONG!!!! The color, picture quality, and sound is atrocious- much worse than my old one from TV. What's more, this copy is only 71 minutes- 7 minutes shorter than the original film is reported to be. What's going on here, Warner? You don't want anyone selling "unauthorized" copies yet this is the best you can provide fans? It's a disgrace. I waited over two weeks for Warner to send this and considered asking for a refund, but I think I waited too long. My advice is wait and see if this gets officially released- this is dvd-r and may not even play on some decks."