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Movie Reviews

This review is actually for "ancient evil 2"
sinisterfiend666 | the master of Horror | 04/21/2005
(1 out of 5 stars)

"Since this website does not list the sequel to this movie and I fell victim to renting it, I thought I would add my review for it to this movie. Besides, after seeing the second one. You couldn't pay me enough money to watch the first one. Anyway, here is my review:
People always wonder what a really bad horror movie is, some will give a movie like "ring 2," "Texas chainsaw massacre (remake)" or "darkness" one star and say they are bad horror movies. You do not know squat about bad horror movies. You really haven't been around the block long enough to see what a REALLY BAD horror movie looks like until you see something like this. Here it is, this is it ladies and gentlemen, this is a BAD one! Let me get into the review (1) terrible grainy vhs quality picture - this really stands out on the black nighttime background in some scenes. (2) Bad grainy VHS quality sound. On some of these bad B-horror movies, the sound will be muffled, but this oen is a little strange, the sound is not muffled, but is very strange. In one scene there is a background noise that sounds like static on an old record player. On another seen, there is a dull humming noise (like a broken speaker, and on another scene, the sound is fine. (3) putrid acting - Saying the acting is bad would be an understatement. Its actually some of the worst overacting I have ever scene. When these actors and actresses get into these movies why don't they just relax and be them selves? No one talks or acts like these people do. (4) special FX that are the equivalent of defecation - Halloween store gags, really fake rubber arms, bad editing, bad masks with a guy slowly chasing people through the wood, terrible costumes. The movie starts off with one of the slowest cheesiest sword fight scenes I have ever seen to date.
Final word: I skimmed through this movie. I stopped caring what happens, I couldn't wait for the generic man in the mummy suit to kill everyone of the annoy actors in the movie, however, I soon even lost that much interest and finally shut the movie off about half way into it.
We should all surreptitiously work together to find the people who made this grade school horror movie project and break their legs."
Threatened Aztec Apocalypse, but with Cute Stars
interested_observer | San Francisco, CA USA | 11/21/2003
(3 out of 5 stars)

""Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy" is a moderately successful low-budget thriller. Professor Cyphers (played by Brenda Blondell) and her students have possession, in a small academic museum, of an unprecedented Aztec mummy. The mummy came from a ruined pyramid-temple near Mexicali, a location far to the north of known Aztec territory. According to the writings at the temple, the mummy is to assist the High Priest of the rain god Tlaloc in a virgin's sacrifice that will trigger a catastrophic rain storm sweeping away the opponents of the Aztec gods. The scientists agree everyone knows this can't happen nowadays.The students are a mixed bag. Don (played by Jeff Peterson) and Arlando (played by Russell Richardson) are the hunky, diligent male students. Norman (played by Trent Latta) is the slender, blonde geek, who loves Mexican archaeology. Morris (played by Michael Lutz) is motivated primarily by Janine (played by Michelle Erickson), a good student willing to dally. Then there is Stacey (played by Ariauna Albright) who likes to mention that she is still a virgin, though she has a jock boyfriend, Scott (played by Christopher Cullen). Now the audience can guess something can and will happen.Morris starts the ball rolling by stealing an amulet-bracelet off the mummy to give Janine as a love token. She notes that this is wrong and that she will get around to returning it some day. Morris seeks excitement in going after Janine and wants the others to escape the dorm to get in a partying mood, perhaps searching the museum for the professor's liquor cache. Meanwhile, separately, Norman is able to hold his hands over the mummy, causing it to come back to life. It turns out that Norman is the direct descendant of the Aztec High Priest of Tlaloc and wants to sacrifice a virgin to start the Final Cataclysm. The mummy sneaks up on the unsuspecting scientists and uses a neat steel sickle-knife to dispatch them one by one. Of course there is a final confrontation with the virgin tied to the sacrificial table. Does Tlaloc get to show off?While the premise is unhistoric, the story is straightforward and apocalypticly grand. The costume for the mummy was pretty good, although allowing for a conveniently unwrapped face . The museum sets were not convincing (few exhibits and lit by candles), and the treatment of the mummy (on an open table, often covered and uncovered with a sheet) seemed less than state of the preservationists' art, but was maybe necessary for the movie. Skin fans should enjoy what they get to see of Don, Morris, and Norman; in addition, they and Arlando were the best of the moderate cast. The women stay dressed and performed adequately. There were good aspects to the movie.There are quibbles too. There is a lengthy lightening storm outside with simultaneous thunder and lightning. The students are a bit too eager to break into the museum, even for distraction. The mummy knows its way around without much instruction. At one point it looked as though Don had punched his fist into the interior of the stout mummy's belly. Don was too fond of a brown towel; Norman of necklaces and black nail polish. The steel sickle-knife never has blood on it, even though some corpses are very red. The mummy-screaming in the title is misleading. Other petty stuff adds annoyance.

Overall, a mid- to low-three star rating."
Not the worst film of all time, but I turned it off before t
Micheal Hunt | Hellbourne | 03/29/2007
(2 out of 5 stars)

"A group of college kids who cant act for *bleep* are studying a recently found mummy from the Aztecs. The plot bores on to find one of the kids who really cant act is a high Aztec priest who brings the mummy back to life and it kills of the kids one by one till the usual end happens.

I couldn't stand the way any of these kids talked, I think they spent more money on the effects then they did bothering to hire any one who even knew somebody who had been to acting school.

About halfway through I was just bored and couldn't take anymore of the bad dialog and turned it off. How the movie ended, I don't know, I don't care.

Avoid this *bleep* at all costs unless you are an inspired bad movie maker in the making."
Oh, what a B movie!
Robert Meador | New York, NY United States | 07/09/2007
(3 out of 5 stars)

"I often wonder where the really beloved bad movies of tomorrow are today. So many today are intentionally campy or crappy and that just isn't the same. But this gem--what a real low-budget mess, and not intentionally I'd guess. The actors are exquisitely awful--not a single line is delivered in any kind of believeable way. The mummy itself (it's an Aztec mummy!) has a scary face, but he's fat! Really roly-poly. He comes with a big knife, and so the movie itself is more of a teen slasher flick type of thing only the slasher is a mummy. But of course the whole thing is a wonderful mess filmed at no budget. It was filmed in a sort of house/compound that is supposed to be a college campus. The `museum' is like a big entry hall with little bits of stuff on "display". The classic tortured-nerd-kills-everybody plot device is used, with the nerdy guy skulking around and making this little pouty face in every scene. He ends up being the descendant of ancient Aztec priests, even though he's blond and painfully white. One of the main hunky lead guys--whose acting just redefines stiff and unnatural--spends a lot of time in a tank top. Not scary in the least, but I sure did enjoy watching this z-level movie!"