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Dallas: The Complete Thirteenth Season
Dallas The Complete Thirteenth Season
Actors: Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Barbara Bel Geddes, George Kennedy, Howard Keel
Directors: Cliff Fenneman, Dwight Adair, Irving J. Moore, Leonard Katzman, Michael Preece
Genres: Drama, Television
NR     2010

For J.R. Ewing, Season 13 is as unlucky as a steer at a Texas barbecue. He starts by lying and cheating Ewing Oil to the brink of destruction and ends by kicking and screaming in a psychiatric hospital. In between he tires...  more »


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Actors: Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Barbara Bel Geddes, George Kennedy, Howard Keel
Directors: Cliff Fenneman, Dwight Adair, Irving J. Moore, Leonard Katzman, Michael Preece
Genres: Drama, Television
Sub-Genres: Drama, Drama
Studio: Warner Home Video
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 04/13/2010
Release Year: 2010
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 3
SwapaDVD Credits: 3
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 4
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Possibly My Favorite Season of the Entire Show
Clavinbot | TX | 04/22/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This to me was actually one of my favorite, if not my favorite seasons. I thoroughly enjoyed it all the way through. I know ratings dipped after Linda Gray's departure, but for me she was not the show and I loved what was there. This season had an exciting hip new main title, which now included George Kennedy and Cathy Podewell, as well as newcomers Kimberly Foster, Sasha Mitchell, and Lesley Anne Down. I neglected to mention in my last review that Charlene Tilton also returned to the main title last season and continued here as well. This season was powered by a timely storyline about a Ewing Oil Tanker crash, Bobby's marriage to April, JR's tumultuous marriage with his second wife, and the arrival of the grown son he never knew he had, James. Jessica Montfort also returns to cause trouble, and Clayton and Ellie end up involved in a scheme which will bring Dusty Farlow back later. What is exciting about this year is the setup-you have some classic members of the Ewing family alongside some new ones and new enemies, thus making the year fresh and interesting today for those who neglected it when it first aired. It is the final year for Charlene Tilton, reduced to basically just a recurring character, as well as Barbara Bel Geddes, who left somewhat unexpectedly at the end of the season. The last year is sort of a tragic one about the downfall of the family, thus this year is very interesting dramatically-it is the last time that a full Ewing house and family is present and has some hope for a good future. Perhaps written down in this review one can't see the magic of the season, but for whatever reason, for me in particular, perhaps because for me 89-90 I was 4 and 5,the nostalgia of the era sort of creeps through. I think it was very well done, and I think basically the people in charge gave it their all and did a great job for CBS when they needed them-others may disparage it, but I personally feel that in terms of the whole story and how it was pulled off, it was very satisfying and well-balanced, and for me one of the most re-watchable. Also Starring Audrey Landers as Afton Cooper, Beth Toussaint as Tracey Lawton, Karen Kopins as Kay Loyd, Denver Pyle as Blackie Callahan, and Alexis Smith as Jessica Montfort."
Best of the series.
Eliana B. Martins | 05/10/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I love Dallas,this is one of the best episodes and I can't wait for the next season to come out.Larry Hagman is just great as well all the other actors"
'Dallas' Season 13 DVD [REVIEW]
Antoine D. Reid | Durham, NC United States | 04/26/2010
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I love 'Dallas', but after viewing this season on DVD, I'm just on the fence about this particular season. This release of the show's 13th season, in my view, was something of a mixed bag. It was clear that the producers either knew the show was winding down or that they were trying to tweak and change the show so that it'd have another few seasons left in it. This was the first season with the exception of perhaps the post-dream season where things really felt a bit slow and tired. You had the typical plot: Ewing Oil is in trouble because of something J.R. did, Bobby and others think J.R. needs to get out of the business so that Jock's legacy and company can be preserved; J.R. concedes but still wins the day. After 13 seasons, this whole plot feels a bit worn out. There were however good plots and new characters introduced that kept things fresh and flowing, and kept this season from being a complete bore.

The Good: As for the quality of the transfer to DVD, I can't complain. If you were satisfied with the previous seasons on DVD, you'll be happy with this one for the most part. As for the plot and storylines for this season, the focus felt to be set more on J.R. than the last few seasons. Without having Sue Ellen to worry over and being back at Ewing Oil after a season or two of being knocked out and down, he's back and determined to do Jock proud. It was a bit like the early seasons, with J.R. really digging his heels into the oil business and scheming for the sake of coming out on top of it all. This season also changed the dynamic a bit by having more defined villain roles. Cliff Barnes, who last season seemed to go soft and join the good guys, goes back to being the thorn in the Ewings' side; Carter McKay, who was introduced in the previous season, goes from being on the fence to really becoming the new villain/big boss to beat. McKay, to me, was the most interesting character of the season because he has redeeming qualities and depth and you understand his motivations while wanting him to lose for the sake of Bobby and others coming out on top. Another great arc of the season was how Cally (J.R.'s new wife) comes to the same realizations and feelings that took Sue Ellen years to develop and how she teams up with a new character to finally out-maneuver J.R. Albeit a season or two too late, we also get to see Bobby come to terms with Pam's departure/death, even if the storyline is a bit contrived and too soap opera like. The cliffhanger of the season was definitely far better than the previous season's and has me anxiously awaiting the release of the final season.

The Bad: Back to the plot, it was clear that the writers really ran out of ideas for certain characters. Clayton and Miss Ellie spend the entire season trying to solve mysteries, puzzles and chase down murderers as if they were on 'Murder, She Wrote'. Another focus of the season was on April Stevens and her relationship with Bobby. I'm sorry, I never bought into their relationship in the past two seasons and still have a hard time figuring out why April would be Bobby's next great love after Pam and Jenna Wade. All April seems to do is whine, cry and steam the whole season over how Bobby doesn't love her and it becomes tiring to watch. Lucy Ewing is back as a regular but has absolutely nothing more to do than to play Cally Harper Ewing's hanging-out buddy. The first episode or two of the season starts with J.R. trying to deal with Sue Ellen's threat from last season, but by the end of the season J.R. is calling Sue Ellen and referring to her as 'darling' and asking her to take his son off his hands for a bit. Even if it was so that he could properly carry out a scheme, it just seemed unbelievable that J.R. would be so chummy with Sue Ellen considering how she schemed and threatened him last season. On a side note, I know some liked this season and didn't feel Linda Gray's absence didn't affect the show but to me her missing from the series really changed the dynamic and feel and definitely left J.R. a bit less interesting.

Another issue I had with this season was (and I'm being vague so not to spoil a big arc and plot) the emergence of yet another Ewing no one knew about. J.R. welcomes the new Ewing with open arms, without any bit of hesitance or suspicion. We've seen a new Ewing or family member emerge almost every season and J.R. is always the first to leap up and object to him or her being accepted without earning their dues. Suddenly, J.R. accepts this new Ewing into the fold, gives them a piece of Ewing Oil, helps them whenever they ask and even lets them into Southfork and it isn't until the final episodes of the season where he seems to get some sense and question their intentions. Perhaps it's old age or the fact that he had closer ties and more stake in the new Ewing than others but it just baffled me. J.R. continuing love and devotion to his new wife also confused me considering his years with Sue Ellen and how she seemed to do and express a lot of the same feelings that Cally did. Again, it isn't until late in the season when he comes around and treats Cally just as he did Sue Ellen. On a last note, again, no special features for the DVD? Not even a random cast interview or clip from the reunion show?

In all, a decent season but far from one of the best from the season. There are a lot of competing plots and arcs that either feel too drawn out or that were cut short or simply fumbled and dropped. There was definitely a feeling of change for the series with this season: even with another season on the horizon, it felt like certain plots or characters were given resolution (i.e. Bobby and his unresolved Pam issues, Lucy figuring out and getting employment, April getting what she wanted after her first appearance in the series). As a viewer and 'Dallas' fan, I wish this release would have come with an extra or two but am holding out hope that the final season will get a great send-off on DVD and that perhaps we'll get a TV-movie collection packed with special features as well. I'd really give this season and DVD release 3.5 stars but it was still enjoyable and had some great moments."
Almost Goodbye
Les G. Solomon | NSW, Australia | 05/11/2010
(3 out of 5 stars)

"I had a memory that this season was really bad, but it is far stronger than some of the latter seasons and keeps the flag flying for the great series quite well. Of course there is a gap with Linda Gray missing and a few too many new characters, but the invention of JR's long lost son is a stroke of genius and Sasha Mitchell's playing of him is a suitable mix of scheming sexuality and charm. Also introducing a vixen is a good idea, a few too many good girls floating around, we needed an Abby Ewing type to boil the pot a bit. In all, not a bad season, though as with season twelve, the standard of the prints vary enormously and none are of the standard of some of the early seasons of the show. One more season and a couple of telemovies and the collection will be complete. Best scene in the season; Barbara Bel Geddes (in one of her last great moments) giving Larry Hagman the letter from Jock. She is so missed and the last season was much poorer without her.
PS I wonder whatever happened to young Joshua Harris who plays Christopher, he is a fabulous child actor, so natural and unaffected."