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Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Collection, Volume One (My Friend Irma / My Friend Irma Goes West / That's My Boy / Sailor Beware / Jumping Jacks / The Stooge / Scared Stiff / The Caddy)
Dean Martin Jerry Lewis Collection Volume One
My Friend Irma / My Friend Irma Goes West / That's My Boy / Sailor Beware / Jumping Jacks / The Stooge / Scared Stiff / The Caddy
Actors: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis
Genres: Comedy


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Lynn R. (firethorn)
Reviewed on 4/7/2010...
By far my FAVORITE Jerry movie. I never cared much for Dean Martin (hes rather pompous) but the focus really is on Jerry. Basic plot of switched at birth and each boy finds his true family to everyone's delight.

Movie Reviews

Can't Believe They Finally Did IT!!!!!
J. Snoke | Harrisburg, PA | 09/08/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I have waited years upon years for them to put "That's My Boy" out on either DVD or VHS...and here it is! This is a great collection! Jumping Jacks, The Caddy, The Stooge, That's My Boy and a whole lot more. These are CLASSIC Martin and Lewis films and probably their best! That's My Boy is about a sniveling weakling (Lewis), born to a father who was All American...Mr Jock if you will. Dean Martin on the other hand is Mr All American, and he has a father who is a sniveling weakling. Well, Jerry's father wants to make a football pro out of Jerry and asks Dean to help him along. Lots of fun in this movie. Jerry playing football and even at practice is absolutly Hilarious. The hunting scene, where Jerry and his dad go to do some really manly things is a riot. A really great flick. Looking forward to the release."
A "handsome man and a monkey" finally make it to DVD!
Randy E. Halford | Boise, ID | 11/16/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Many, many fans (myself included, of course) have been awaiting the day that Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis would get their due in an official movie DVD collection...that day has finally arrived!
All the early films are here (with only "At War With The Army" curiously missing from the line-up). It's interesting to see Dean & Jerry's movie debut in "My Friend Irma"---Dean makes an impressive showing as smooth as his singing, while Jerry looks as if he's barely graduating from high school! The film was a big hit, which was naturally followed up with a sequel, "My Friend Irma Goes West". This time around, the boys' characters were integrated firmly in the plot, gravitating toward equal billing with the cast. From that moment on, there was no stopping them.
The 2 "service" comedies here, "Sailor Beware" & "Jumping Jacks", are the most enjoyable outings of their kind since Abbott & Costello did their part for WWII a decade earlier.
My favorites? "That's My Boy", an early 1951 effort, has a good story with Jerry as the frail son of an old college sports hero (a blustery Eddie Mayhoff in a hilarious supporting role), who tries to make good with the help of current BMOC (Dean). "Sailor Beware" is gag-packed Navy fun from start to finish. "The Stooge" is a semi-autobiographical tale combining laughs and poignancy; it also proved that the boys could handle dramatic elements in their storylines as well. "Scared Stiff" goes for atmospheric chills & chuckles at a creepy Cuban estate. It even borrows elements from Bob Hope's "The Ghost Breakers" comedy (dead bodies, a creepy mansion, zombies)---even both Hope & Bing Crosby make cameos at the end of the film. Finally, "The Caddy" is one of their best, a bright, snappy comedy which starts off on the right foot with the boys performing on stage.
It's about time Paramount acknowledged these boys' contribution to entertainment. Can't wait for Volume 2!"
We Can All Sleep Easier Tonight
Mark Ebert | Lancaster OH | 09/14/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Paramount Pictures has wisely released the first half of the Martin and Lewis collection. This box set features some of their most memorable movies together. "The Caddy" is a fun romp that features Dean's timeless "That's Amore". "Jumping Jacks" and "Sailor Beware" are fun service pictures of which the world rarely sees today (services films that is, not these wonderful classics). The best is "That's My Boy" an amazing comedy drama.

This, with the solo Jerry Lewis compilation from Paramount are must-haves. Must haves also include all of the Martin and Lewis pictures, and solo films, not yet on DVD, so let's hope they keep'em coming!"