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Depraved Degenerates
Depraved Degenerates
Genres: Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy
R     2006     7hr 0min

Six movies in each grim an creepy set for one low price. Depraved Degenerates includes the following 6 full length movies: Abberdine County Conjuror, Burning Dead, The Dead Live, Kill Them and Eat Them, Old Man, and Suburb...  more »


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Genres: Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Studio: Pendulum Pictures
Format: DVD - Color - Full length
DVD Release Date: 02/07/2006
Release Year: 2006
Run Time: 7hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Not an actual review....just notes
HorrorFilms101 | Hollywood, CA | 08/30/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Seriously, they are bad, I know. But I should comment that there's a difference between b-movie, and microbudgeted b-movie. In my book, no movie is bad, just underbudgeted.

I've seen million-dollar hollywood films suck just as much, which is really sad. My stars go in for effort, which nobody can understand unless they've made a film before. I've done about 35, started working with Artisan, and then Lions Gates, when Artisan was turned over. It took me about 10 films to really appreciate the dedication these low-budget retards put into the films. It starts out with a dream and a wal-mart camera, and a lot of hard work, even for a short film.

What eats me alive is that nobody cares...these ARE just kids having a good time, they are actually going for a dream, beating the odds, doing what they love, while working at burger king and driving a 1980's Honda with 180k miles, possibly attending college as well. You try to compare that with a person who has a degree, at least 6 other collaborative industry professionals (on a low-budget, up to 30 on med budget), and tons more experience, plus money for real equipment, actors, a real set and the indy guys do this for a living....the mico-film guys do this in free-time...and it takes roughly 3200 man hours to make a film of about an hour. That's filming, reshooting, editing, sound, mastering, ect...

I just don't understand why people blame the film-maker for no budget...not the budget itself. People need to give these guys credit for what it is, not what it could've been with money that they didn't have to being with.

Don't say "it looks like they just shot this in their basement," as a fault because they did shoot in their parents basement. That was the intent, and be it not to your personal liking, there is nothing wrong with that.

I challenge you to do this; take out $1,000 (that's probably the budget for these guys, maybe less) get your friends together and try to make a better film with at least 4-6 characters. It cannot be done....but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try for yourself. Send me the film when you're done and I'll be sure to tell you how good it could've been despite your hard work, your dreams, and your dedication...oh and the $2,400 extra you spent, because you got swept up in the project that was looking really good.

I'm not trying to attack anyone personally or anything, just tired of people killing off these kid's dreams. If someone had done that to me when I first started out, I probably wouldn't be here today. So a lot of kids are giving up, and some of them might be able to make some actually credible films given the means....

And six films for $6? Come on people, if you think it's not worth that, you're cheap as hell... I burn $6 at the bar in 10 mins. for one drink...that's like an hours work at minimum wage (which if your complaining, I imagine you make about that much) think these guys made all 6 films in one hour?

Not that it matters, but that's my 2 cents."
Jefferson E. Cooper | Austin, TX | 02/21/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"If you're into low budget independent horror films, then this is the box set for you! You can hardly rent movies this cheap!

The Abberdine County Conjuror (2005)

A Jeff Cooper Film

On one terrifying evening, a group of campers ventured into Abberdine County and fell victim to a back woods Conjuror and her sadistic apprentices Edda (Natalie Geneva) and Raven (Ellen Keefer). Bev (Charlemagne Domiona) has gone camping for some rest and relaxation, but when she strays from the path leading back to her camp she is quickly abducted by one of the Conjuror's Zombies then shackled naked to the bloodletting table where she is repeatedly drained of blood for the conjuror's potions. As Meg (Teresa Deasey) and Mike (Ivan Sadowski) are setting up camp, Molly (Liz Goddard) is escaping from her captors only to find herself lost in the woods. Even the local Fortune Teller, Jessie (Winter Witchwood) is abducted and subjected to torture and various forms of abuse. The Conjuror, who is over 150 years old uses her victims blood to brew her life sustaining poitions that keep her alive but do not keep her from aging. In fact, she is so hideous at 150 years old that she is not played by an actual person but instead is a life size puppet operated via cables. Zombie hunter, Sean Steel (Jeff Cooper), is determined to overthrow the Conjuror, but anyone who wants to survive this gruesome and heinous ordeal will have to find the courage to fight for their lives.

Burning Dead (2004)

Jim Reed is tormented by the memories of a fire that burned his entire town of Maxwell when he was a boy. Over the years he has traveled from place to place trying to escape the ghosts that haunt his dreams, only to return to Maxwell. The longer he stays in Maxwell, the stronger the nightmares become. Now the mania is spilling over into all hours of the day. Can Jim Reed discover the evil that holds this town in its malevolent grasp? Or will he and his loved ones feel the scorching caress of The Burning Dead?

The Dead Live (2004)

What you are watching is real or it wouldn't be on the Six O'clock News! It is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it - for some reason the dead are beginning to walk. Survivors must not only battle the rising undead, but each other in a deadly and gruesome game of cat and mouse!

Kill Them And Eat Them (2004)

Deep below the city streets, the sinful Doctor Gore turns beautiful soft and fleshy souls into hideous mutated creatures, ferocious and craving human flesh as he prepares for a bloody rampage! Kellin, his beautiful prisoner, is gradually succumbing to a disease that will transform her from a beautiful young girl into a monstrous murdering beast from the depths of HELL, while the Doctor's assistant has plans of his own...

Old Man (2004)

Michael and Linda Harris have just moved into their beautiful new home bought for a killer price. Linda will soon begin to learn why they were given such a great deal as she begins to discover the dark and evil secrets of its former owner - a demented serial killer, Walter "OLD MAN" Dowden. WARNING: This movie may scare you to death!

Suburban Sasquatch (2004)

Bloodthirsty and pissed off, the Suburban Sasquatch arises from the dark depths of the forest wreaking carnage on a small suburban town! Rick, the local independent reporter knows what the monster is capable of. Only the beautiful Talla has the training to battle the creature. Will the town be savagely destroyed before they can stop the Suburban Sasquatch?"
Avoid this micro budget disaster
J. Balsamo | 10/26/2006
(1 out of 5 stars)

"Audio is weak at best for the films.
Picture quality for all films match my home video camera.
Acting is much lower than Troma (not a good thing).
Music drowns out all dialog.

I read the good reviews so I purchased the video. At $6, an average of $1 should be a good deal but it is not. Buy if you find for $1.25 or lower.

I suggest not buying anything from Pendulum."
Jeez, sorry guys!
R. French | Texas | 04/15/2007
(1 out of 5 stars)

"I enjoy B movies as much as anyone. I have purchased many of the 50 movie packs and felt like I got my money's worth, however I have to say this collection is just plain bad. I should have listened to the other reviewers (aside from the reviews by the guys who made the movies)but so often I can find something I like in spite of bad reviews. The simple fact is the plots (what plots?) are not even mediocre, the acting is horrible, some worse than others, audio is bad, and so on and so on. Out of the bunch, the only one that even comes close to a movie in my opinion is Old Man. If you are interested in paying this for something that looks like your kids typed up the screenplay in an afternoon and made it with their camcorder in the backyard, by all means proceed. If you are expecting the kind of movie you might see on Mystery Science Theater, this isn't it. I can't imagine even the MST folks sitting through these. Sorry guys, I really tried to like them."