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ECW: One Night Stand
ECW One Night Stand
Actors: John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Edge, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2006     3hr 0min

Studio: Genius Products Inc Release Date: 07/11/2006


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Actors: John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Edge, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle
Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling
Format: DVD - Color - Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 07/11/2006
Original Release Date: 01/01/2006
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2006
Release Year: 2006
Run Time: 3hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English, Spanish

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Movie Reviews

The Revolution Begins Again!
R.A. McKenzie | New York | 06/12/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

Last year's ECW PPV was more of a homecoming tribute, and turned out to be an excellent event. This time, ECW is brought back with an another solid presentation, and plenty of "F-You"s for those who don't believe in it. The WWE Superstars battle the ECW Hardcore Wrestlers - Read on:

1) Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler
---This grudge match was conveniently short...about 30 seconds, I think. I'm not incredibly upset about this one, because I can't say it's a bad match. I can't really say it's a "match" at all. Enough said.
"No Grade"

2) Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle
---Angle is the perfect catalyst to launch ECW's division of technical wrestlers. And Randy Orton, in my opinion, is one hell of a superstar. Unfortunately, this one starts off a little slow and doesn't really pick up until the end. I think it's because Orton has ring rust, and the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd clearly thinks so. This isn't a bad match, but if Kurt Angle wants to give ECW a new face, he's gonna require more suitable competition.
"6.0 out of 10"

3) Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke vs. Super Crazy & Tajiri
---Now this is an ECW match that gives fans warm nostalgia, and will educate the newcomers. This type of high-flying, hard-hitting contest is what gave ECW its reputation. It's a good clean fight with some wicked spots that WWE rarely shows. A very good Tag Team match!
"7.5 out of 10"

4) World Heavyweight Championship
Sabu vs. Rey Mysterio (champion)
---I had my doubts about this one because Sabu's body has been beaten beyond description, plus I'm sure he has the all-time record for botches. Boy, was I wrong! This match is excellent! You want fast-paced action...check. You want tables broken...check. You want sick chair spots...check. You want a great finish...sorry, too bad. I can't tell if this match's ending was planned or not, but I will say that it is the only bad part. Sabu and Mysterio pull off a great table spot, and then the match ends via referee stoppage. If you can just go easy on the finish, you'll probably still get into it.
"8.0 out of 10"---("9" for the action, "5" for the Finish & time length)

5) Mick Foley, Edge, & Lita vs. Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, & Beulah McGillicutty
---The original two-on-two match becomes bigger when the two women decided to jump in. Well not really, because Lita and Beulah don't do much, but rest easy as you will see a "CATFIGHT!". As for the four veterans, this match definitely more of a spot-fest than an actual competition. In other words, the individual moment is more important than the overall story and outcome. I'm not sure either team was really trying to "win". There are some tough spots to watch here, particularly the barbed-wire and burning-weapons moments. I think this brutal showcase, as awesome as it is, seems too choreographed. But I give tons of credit to four gladiators who are willing beat their own bodies for our sadistic pleasure.
"8.0 out of 10"

6) Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka
---It is great to see Balls back in action, and Tanaka is tougher than anybody else...PERIOD. This is your typical short-but-sweet ECW match with solid wrestling and chair violence! I wish it were longer, but it doesn't disappoint. It's the roughest main-event cooldown I've ever seen.
"7.0 out of 10"

7) WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena (champion)
---If you wanna see this main event to watch John Cena get booed out of the building, it delivers in spades. If you wanna see a good hardcore match, it's adequate. I have never seen such a rabid crowd since Hogan/Rock at WRESTLEMANIA X-8. Literally every move gets a loud reaction, most of which are so obscene that nobody can print them. The match itself is solid, as RVD and Cena do some sweet moves and keep the things going. But the crowd makes the match even better. As shocking as the finish is, to me it was kind of a jip. Just like Chris Jericho didn't get a proper push as the Undisputed WWF Champion, RVD's push is tainted. But make no mistake, the crowd has to be seen to be believed. This match will go down in the books, I promise you that.
"7.0 out of 10"---(physical match gets a "6", the crowd gets a "100!")

ECW ONE NIGHT STAND 2006 is almost as good a PPV as last year's, but a somewhat different experience. The quality of the matches was about equal compared to the 2005 ECW PPV. The ECW spirit has never been more alive. I guess the only criticism is that last year's WWE angle was an might've annoyed you, but you were supposed to be angry at it. This year, WWE kind of reared its safety helmet on the title bouts, which may bother some ECW faithful. Regardless of those minor nitpicks, if WWE is serious about giving ECW a fresh start, this is a more-than-worthy way to do it. The passion is still strong, the fans are still rabid, and the physicality is still entertaining. When the DVD comes out, every wrestling fan should check this out.

ECW's first PPV from 1997 --- BARELY LEGAL --- is included in the 2-disc set. Big props to WWE for giving one of their best PPV DVD bonuses ever. There are some pretty good matches on here. Rob Van Dam is an impromptu replacement to face Lance Storm, and then later cuts a killer shoot promo. There's a solid opener between The Eliminators and Kronus/Saturn. Terry Funk competes in a violent 3-way match, and gets his ECW Title shot against Raven immediately afterwards. But the real treat of the card (in my humble opinion) is a Michinoku 6-Man Tag Team contest. I don't really know where this card came from, but it appears that ECW paid 6 overseas veterans to put on an exhibition bout to give fans a dose of variety. In short, it's one of the greatest Tag Team matches you'll ever see. I know I'm forgetting a few other contests, but overall, ECW BARELY LEGAL is an excellent trip down memory lane."
D.P. | California | 08/04/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Last year about about a reunion, this year was about establishing the third WWE brand, WW-ECW. You saw elements & some talents from the old ECW mixed in with what Vince is tryin' to establish with the new ECW. You could tell that by comparing the show last year (which Heyman booked all by himself) to this years show which obiviously showed the WWE influence. The real highlight of the night was the rabid audience that I haven't seen play such a big role since Goldberg/Lesnar at WM20.

Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler - This wasn't more about getting the crowd pumped up instead of actually having a match...and it worked because seeing Jerry "Extremely Crappy Wrestling" Lawler get choked out was justice.

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton - The audience was all over Orton while Angle certified his "wrestling machine" character by dominating Orton throughout the match. Orton was a little rusty & the crowd let him know it. Average match but again, the crowd made it better than it was.

Tajiri & Super Crazy vs. F.B.I. - This match was great on many levels. We saw the return of Tajiri, Guido was allowed to show what he's made of instead of being jobbed out like he is on SmackDown, and Crazy pulled out some of his old ECW moves that we haven't seen during his "Mexicools" run in WWE. Plus the "Nacho Libre" chant from the fans was just comedy.

After this, Big Show came out & beat up all four guys along with Big Guido before leaving. This would have looked impressive but it was the same stuff we've seen Khali do on SmackDown for around the past couple of weeks so that was a obivious WWE influence on the show.

I think it was here that J.B.L. came out & did a pointless rant on how he's the new commentator on SmackDown & did a obivious swipe at the Blue Meanie incident last year before leaving. It was pointless.

World Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu - This was one of the rare matches in Mysterio's title reign where he was able to showcase what he's all about & he obiviously learned his lession from last year's event as he & Sabu went extreme. Chairshots, high flyin' action, broken tables. The ending was a little cheap but it doesn't take away from the match for me.

Dreamer & Funk vs. Edge & Foley - This match was like an updated version of the November 2 Remember '95 match...only replace Raven with Edge. Just great hardcore action with Funk stuck in barbwire, Dreamer & Edge brawling, the catfight with Beulah & Lita and even Foley on fire. Just great non-stop it was nice to see Beulah again (you can never get enough of her)

Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tatanka - Worst match of the night only because Tatanka was really injured & couldn't do much. Compared to his match last year, disapointment is an understatement but the match also was just really short for them to do much.

My favorite moment of the night came when Eugene came out and ended up getting caned by Sandman (starting his "anti-sports entertainment" gimmick) to the point to where a fan on the outside gave him another cane to use on Eugene.

The main event between Cena & RVD was one of Cena's best showings while RVD showed signs of his old ECW style. Honestly, the match was above average but the thing that put this match over the top was the crowd who was just all over Cena non-stop. From then throwing back his hat & shirt, the "If Cena Wins We Riot!" signs, their reaction to everything he did, and their creative chants...lets just say if you watched this match with no sound, you wouldn't get the same effect. But the big payoff was that RVD finally won THE BIG ONE infront of his fanbase & his audience.

This was one of the best PPV's of the year so far. DVD extras include the battle royal from the WWE vs. ECW special (which featured The Big Show joining ECW), interviews with fans, and the segment from ECW on Sci-Fi where RVD is proclaimed the new ECW Champion (sorry Rhino!) I wish they would have added the RVD vs. Mysterio match from the special as well but you can't win them all.

But that's not all as this comes with a second DVD of ECW's first PPV event...Barely Legal. The differences between this copy & the Pioneer Home Video copy is that all the backstage interviews are on here, all non-WWE owned ECW music is removed (no "Enter Sandman"), and some of Joey Styles' commentary is redone. Eventhough 3 of these matches (RVD vs. Storm, Sandman vs. Funk vs. Richards & the match with Raven afterwards) were available on other WWE DVD's, this whole event is something worth watching. Here's my review for the original Barely Legal DVD:

"This was ECW's first PPV from the bingo hall known as the "ECW Arena" and really the event that put ECW on the map. Tag Team Champions Dudley Boyz fought Eliminators which really showed by Eliminators were one of the best teams back then, a young Lance Storm fought Rob Van Dam in a match that started his "Mr. Monday Night" push, a six man tag match with stars from the Michinoku Pro promotion in Japan, TV Champion Shane Douglas fought Pitbull #2 with a special appearence from Rick Rude at the end, Sabu vs. Taz in a match 18 months in the match with an ending nobody expected, Sandman vs. Terry Funk vs. Big Stevie Cool in a hardcore 3-way dance with the winner facing ECW Champion Raven right afterwards and Tommy Dreamer on color commentary.

It wasn't the best PPV but if your looking for one of the most emotional nights in wrestling history, you'll find it here."

Here you get two great PPV's together for the price of one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
Great Package for the Price
Chad Carpenter | Kentucky United States | 07/11/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is a great deal for any wrestling fan. the Barely Legal dvd it comes with is pretty good. There are a couple things bad about it tho. First the Cussing is Edited out except for the fans. Second some of the original themes have been edited out. Now on to the One Night Stand dvd it's self. There's not alot of extras on this dvd, kind of disapointing. But over all this dvd was well worth $16 at the local Wal-Mart."
Let The Bodies Hit The Floor!
JBLFAN | USA | 07/03/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"1. Tazz vs Lawler- Well I cannot give this match a grade because it was about only 30 seconds. Well it was good this match was short because if it was longer this match would probably be the worst match in history. No Grade

2. Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle- A very good technical match. Angle is a machine and should carry ECW to the top. A lot of negative chants directed to Orton. A good match. 8/10

3. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke vs Super Crazy and Tajiri- A good crusierweight style of match. A lot of hard hits especially from little guido and tajiri. This match had a lot of high flying moves and it was very enjoyable. 8.5/10

4. Rey vs Sabu- A nice high risk type of match. It could've been longer but in the time given this match was crazy. The ending was absolutely sick and it had a great reaction from the crowd. 9/10

5. Edge and Mick Foley vs Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer- A brutal ECW style match. A lot of disturbing things to see especially at the end when Terry cannot get out of the barbed wire. A lot of blood in the match and a nice spot at the end with the fire. Great match! 9.5/10

6. Balls Mahoney vs Masato Tanaka- Basically just a filler to waste time. Nothing special here and a boring match. 4/10

7. RVD vs John Cena- A good match that had a lot of crowd reaction. It was funny the things they were saying to Cena and I agree with a lot of the chants. Nothing out of the ordinary you would see from Cena and RVD won his first wwe title. Imagine if Cena won some fan would go crazy and try to attack him or something. Anyway a good match, 8/10

Well there you have it. A great ppv with a lot of good match. All the matches are definately watchable except maybe for Mahoney and Tanaka. A great event worth the purchase. ECW!"