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Fairy Tale: A True Story (Chk)
Fairy Tale A True Story

When her father is declared missing in action during World War I, Elsie Wrigth (Florence Hoath) goes to live in England with her cousin Frances Griffiths (Elizabeth Earl) for whom the topic of fairies is forbidden. Immedia...  more »


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Studio: Paramount
Format: DVD
DVD Release Date: 11/11/2003
Release Year: 2003
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
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Movie Reviews

"If You Believe in Fairies...Clap Your Hands!"
Kenneth M. Gelwasser | Hollywood, Fl USA | 11/18/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I saw "Fairy Tale - A True Story", when it had it's theatrical release and I was utterly charmed and moved by this wonderful movie. I am so glad that it has finally been released to the DVD format.The story is based upon the true life events surrounding the famous and sensational 'Cottingly fairies photographs'.The film takes place during the dark days of WWI Britain. A young Elsie Wright (Florence Hoath) is sent off to live with relatives, because her father is 'missing in action'.Elsie becomes fast friends with her twelve year old, cousin, Frances (Elizebeth Earl) both of whom seem to have a playful fascination with the subject of fairies. One day the girls borrow an old camera and go off to a local brook to take pictures. When the photographs are later developed, they show images of what seem to be real, live fairies!Through a series of events the photographs fall into the famous hands of Sherlock Holmes Writer, Sir Author Conan Doyle (Pete O'Toole) and Magician & Escape Artist, Harry Houdini (Harvey Keitel). Doyle publishes the photographs in a national magazine and causes a sensation throughout the country.Are the pictures real or did these two young girls pull off the hoax of the century? The movie puts it's own twist on the facts and attempts to come up with some very interesting answers.Director, Charles Sturridge and Screen Writer, Ernie Contreras have created a magical and moving film about the subject of faith. Sometimes if you believe in something hard enough, maby it can come true. This is found throughout the film. It applies to everything from the belief in the unseen (such as fairies, spirits of love ones), the return of a father, or even the faith needed to win a brutal war.The acting in this movie is splendid.I especially like the casting of the two girls (Florence Hoath & Elizebeth Earl). Even in the unusual situations, that occur, they both act like normal, everyday, children. Not a false note in their performances.The film's special effects are also great. They are well done and realistic (flying miniature fairies), yet do not overwhelm the story.This is greatly aided by cinematographer , Michael Coulter's beautiful photography, which highlights both the colors found in nature (the woods and brook) and the light and darkness of urban, Victorian England. All these elements come together to make a wonderful fantasy film, which I highly recommend!"
"Fairytale:A True Story" absolutely wonderful-A MUST SEE!
Michael Slater | Massapequa Park, NY United States | 03/05/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"For young and old alike,this delightful film has it all! Based on the true story of two young girls who claim to have seen fairies in England during WW1,"Fairytale:A True Story" features superb acting throughout,especially Elizabeth Earl and Florence Hoath as Francis Griffiths and Elsie Wright, whose fairy sightings stir up quite a bit of controversy throughout wartime England. Among the people caught up in the excitement are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,brilliantly portrayed by Peter O"Toole and Harry Houdini,featuring Harvey Keitel in one of his finest performances. Paul McGann and Phobe Nicols are also wonderful as Elsie's parents. I really can't say enough about this film. Brilliantly cast and beautifully photographed,it is enchanting entertainment from beginning to end. The film score is even well worth the price if you can still find the CD! This film is not your average children's movie and I have read alot of reviews that ask weather this film was aimed at children or adults.This could very well be why it was not more of a commercial success.A pity, because I believe this film offers something for all ages.I also regret that I have not seen Florence Hoath in many other roles,save for "The Governess" and I haven't seen Elizabeth Earl at all-they deserve more recognition!"
Utterly delightful for children and adults alike
Maudeen Wachsmith | Port Townsend, WA | 03/21/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Don't be fooled by thinking this delightful film is just for children. I just happened on the movie on TV yesterday and was absolutely captivated and I am middle-aged. I already knew the background story about the Cottingley fairies and was curious as to how this would be dealt with on film. The movie did not disappoint in the least. Although the account is, of course, fictionalized a bit, that fact does not deter from its charm. In fact, I would imagine those unfamiliar with the true events might even more interested -- and even compelled to read even more of the story. Do yourself a favor, watch this movie, I am sure you will be as captivated by this charming story as much as I was. HIGHLY recommended."
Adorem | 12/07/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Two young girls who believe that fairies are real attempt to prove it to the world in this drama based on actual events. In 1917, there is little to be happy about in the Wright household in West Yorkshire, England. Polly (Phoebe Nicholls) and her 12-year-old daughter Elsie (Florence Hoath) are still grieving over the death of Elsie's younger brother, and Polly's niece Frances (Elizabeth Earl) has come to stay with them after her father was declared missing in action during World War I. Polly longs for some sort of proof that there is a life beyond our own, while the two girls ardently believe in fairies and enthusiastically study legend and lore. One day, Elsie and Frances produce photographs of fairies that they claim were playing in their garden; Polly believes that they are real, and soon the snapshots attract international attention. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Peter O'Toole), author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and a confirmed spiritualist, declares the photos "as genuine as the King's beard," while illusionist Harry Houdini (Harvey Keitel), who has devoted much time and energy to exposing phony mediums and psychics, takes a more cynical view, though he too is eventually convinced that the fairies are real. While Fairy Tale: A True Story presents the appearance of the fairies as fact, analysis of the photographs proved them to be fakes (especially after the same fairies were discovered as illustrations in a children's book published before the photos were taken). The real-life Elsie Wright admitted late in life that the fairy photos were a hoax performed as a "little joke" and that she was always surprised that so many people believed .

This is yet another of the many beautiful sentimental movies and is one you will really enjoy!"