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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid - Starter Set
Full Metal Panic The Second Raid - Starter Set
Actors: Tomokazu Seki, Satsuki Yukino, Yukana Nogami, Shinichir˘ Miki, Michiko Neya
Director: Yasuhiro Takemoto
Genres: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
UR     2006     2hr 55min

One of the best-selling series in 2003 continues....To Souske Sagara, undercover high school student and member of the mercenary group Mithril, life in Tokyo seemed the same as always. But underneath the promising exterior...  more »


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Actors: Tomokazu Seki, Satsuki Yukino, Yukana Nogami, Shinichir˘ Miki, Michiko Neya
Director: Yasuhiro Takemoto
Creators: Ryuuta Nakagami, Shikidouji
Genres: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
Sub-Genres: Action & Adventure, Animation, Animation, Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
Studio: Funimation Prod
Format: DVD - Color - Animated,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 11/14/2006
Release Year: 2006
Run Time: 2hr 55min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
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Movie Reviews

What all Anime Sequels Should be
Michael Sinatra | Santa Barbara, CA USA | 10/29/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Although it has been almost a year since "Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid" premiered in Japan, US fans can finally rejoice over the release of the long-awaited sequel to one of the most unlikely hits in recent Anime history. With the same cast of delightful characters, wonderfully original story, and fabulous art and character design, the "Full Metal Panic" franchise comes to a thrilling and unexpected ending that will not leave a single fan unsatisfied.

Although peace seemed to return to the life of our young hero, Sousuke Sagara at the end of Season 1, it's certainly not easy being a teenage mercenary-soldier-elite being called to battles all over the world AND trying to protect his lovely high-school friend Kaname Chidori at the same time. Things don't get any easier for Mithril either, when on a routine mission in a remote third-world country, it is discovered that rogue governments have acquired anti-ECS (Electronic Cloaking System) technology, as well as other high-tech weaponry which poses a threat unlike any Mithril has faced before. Tasked with hunting down the organization responsible for distributing such technology is the famous Uruz Team, consisting of our old friends Mao, Kurz, and Sousuke. In the process of hunting down this mysterious organization - known only as "Amalgam" - Sousuke struggles with both his own troubled emotions as well as new enemies - including two merciless, young female assassins. And just when it seems things are at their worst, Sousuke receives the unthinkable order - to return to base - permanently. Nothing is certain in this thrilling conclusion - not even Death.

Without a doubt, "Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid" is perhaps one of the best Anime SEQUELS ever made - I stress the word "Sequel" to avoid any misinterpretations. Brought back once more is the fantastic original cast and crew, including the English Dub (Funimation purchased the rights for "The Second Raid", but the cast is the same as the ADV Original dubs of the first two). Also returning is Music Composer Toshihiko Sahashi, whose capable hands craft another great soundtrack. And once again, Shoji Gatoh's writing creates a fantastic story, even-further-developed characters, and an unforgettable experience overall. This Anime is still one of my absolute favorites, and will most likely be so for a very long time to come.

Note - There is no word yet on whether this DVD set (released by Funimation Entertainment) will contain the 2006-released OAV, starring Teletha Testarossa. However, as with most OAVs, one can hope that it will be released as a special feature/additional episode in the final disc. But again, it is not certain yet."
Even better then the first season
Nicholas Jensen | USA | 10/06/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I personally have not seen the second season of full metal panic. But I own the first season and have seen all of the third season. First off you dont need to see the 2nd season (fumoffu or whatever its called) to understand the 3rd. Story pretty much continues where the first season leaves off with Sagara being the only one who can pilot arbalist. I wont spoil anything for you so Ill comment on the content and give a minor synapse of the story. This season is only 13 episodes long.

Plot - is very good, has a few holes where you could potentially get confused but eh doesnt everything. Other then those few plot holes it is a very solid story and very entertaining. I found myself routing for Sousuke Sagara throughout the story wanting him to win fights, and of course get the girl.

Animation - I Prefer high quality animation that is animophoric and widescreen with DTS or atleast 5.1 sound. This season is widescreen (not sure if its animophoric as details are not up on the site yet and I saw sub version from japan) Nor am I sure about it being 2.0 or 5.1 sound hopefully its the later if not it still sounded good. The CGI is beatiful needless to say.

Action - My personal favorite part, this season has about twice as much action compared to the first season. Sousuke Sagara most master the Arbalist to survive and cant relay solely on luck anymore.

Character design - 95% of the charaters in this anime are well designed and given a good amount of detail considering theres only 13 episodes to do this. The main villian is a little weak as far as villians go. And some characters have brief apperance that makes you wonder why bother even put them in the story (hopefully that just means theres another season after this one).

This was one of the best anime's Ive seen. Great animation, lots of action, good story that sucks you into the plot and makes you want to know whats going to happen next. I would certainly reccomend checking this series out if you liked full metal panic season 1 or 2.

So those reading this can understand my taste Ill post a few other animes that I enjoyed and would also recommend so you can see if you have similar taste to mine or not.
Gundam Wing, Full Metal Panic, S-cry-ed, Get Backers, Ghost in the Shell Stand alone Complex, Avatar, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Last Exile, Ruroni Kenshin, Samuria Deeper Keyo, Samuria 7, Princess Monoke, Vampire Hunter D blood lust, Full Metal Alchmist, Naruto and Hellsing."
Sesho | Pasadena, TX USA | 12/21/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"After a slight comedic detour with Fumoffu, Full Metal Panic has returned to the roots of its first anime version, which focused more on the action and drama with interludes of humor. Like the first season, The Second Raid alternates between the the dangerous missions of Mithril and the almost as dangerous interactions between Sousuke and Chidori at school. As this excellent first volume begins, Sousuke and his team, the beautiful Mao and the perverted pretty boy Kurz are sent in to take out a despotic dictator who's managed to get his hands on some highly advanced weapons technology. We are also introduced to the main villain of the piece, a insane psychotic named Gates who is a cross between the charming personalities of the Joker and Darth Vader. The thing that makes him more of a threat is that he operates a Venom AS equipped with the Lambda Driver similar to the one Gauron used to almost kill Sousuke in the first show. But unlike Sousuke, he can activate the Driver at will. Sagara is beginning to lose hope that he will ever be able to control its power. But he might not have to worry too much longer, because Gates's plan is to seize Sagara's AS for himself. And he's got two deadly assassins and spies in Mithril to help him out.

This first volume started out a little rough at the edges because the transitions from Fumoffu style school hijinks to two killer sisters touching each other inappropriately in the shower just didn't gel. When the show focuses on one aspect, either the comedy, or the action/drama, it works incredibly well. But when it mixes the two in the same episode, it seems unnatural. Thankfully most of the dvd does the former. Even though this is rated for ages 14 and up, there is some full on nudity, and some extremely graphic violence. For example, a Mithril agent gets his throat cut with a knife in extreme closeup with nothing left to the imagination. The animation overall is incredible for a TV show and the writing is also pretty good, especially in the episodes where the Mithril team walks into a trap in a tunnel labyrinth, which really ratchets up the suspense. Excellent start to the series.

There is short bonus episode that is really a teaser trailer for the series. There are also three extremely interesting documentaries: The first is a Japanese Self-Defense Tour exhibition that the show's staff attended to get reference for the vehicles and weapons used in FMP. The second is location shooting in Hong Kong by the director and author of the novels which is a nice tour of the city. Finally, there is a brief history of the Light Novel in Japan, with a focus on the publisher of the FMP books. Also includes clean opening/closing."
Thomas Von | 11/08/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Based off the short Novel "End of Day by Day" by Shoji Gatoh, The Second Raid certainly lives up to its name. It truly is a second raid on the show. While not entirely revolutionary in the world of Mecha anime, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid retains the same over-the-top marriage of Giants Robots and school comedy, with an emphasis on the robots this time around.

All the characters are back from season one, and have gotten a graphical overhaul. Kyoto Animation, perhaps most well known for producing the show Inu Yasha, has given the characters new life. The animation is smooth and rounder, and most often much darker and gritty than when Gonzo animated the first season. Kyoto was the same animation company who did "Fumoffu?" so many fans are already familiar with their work. The Mechas are back and look better than ever as well, with plenty of action and battle scenes for those who don't quite dig the romantic comedy aspect of the show.

I can't say enough about the story without giving it away, but all I can say is it flows much better than the first season did. The Second Raid is half the length of the first season and packs all the action from the novel into the story, with a few extra episodes added on as well. The shows flows nicely from episode to episode, making you want to watch them all in one sitting. With few lags in the plot you will most likely be left wanting more at the end, but don't worry. As long as Shoji Gatoh hasn't stopped writing novels and short stories (which he hasn't), there will always be more Panic!"