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Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah - Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah - Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
Actors: Chiharu Niiyama, Ryd Uzaki, Masahiro Kobayashi, Shir Sano, Takashi Nishina
Director: Shusuke Kaneko
Genres: Indie & Art House, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
UR     2004     1hr 45min

Three ancient monsters, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Baragon, join forces to save Japan from Godzilla. Genre: Science Fiction Rating: UN Release Date: 1-JAN-2007 Media Type: DVD


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Actors: Chiharu Niiyama, Ryd Uzaki, Masahiro Kobayashi, Shir Sano, Takashi Nishina
Director: Shusuke Kaneko
Creators: Masahiro Kishimoto, Shusuke Kaneko, Isao Tomita, Hideyuki Honma, Shogo Tomiyama, Kei'ichi Hasegawa, Masahiro Yokotani
Genres: Indie & Art House, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
Sub-Genres: Indie & Art House, Godzilla, Mystery & Suspense
Studio: Sony Pictures
Format: DVD - Color,Widescreen,Anamorphic - Closed-captioned,Dubbed,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 01/27/2004
Release Year: 2004
Run Time: 1hr 45min
Screens: Color,Widescreen,Anamorphic
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 4
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English, Japanese, English
Subtitles: English, French

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Movie Reviews

Best kaiju movie, ever!
trashcanman | Hanford, CA United States | 04/02/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This one just blew me away when I saw it. Just freakin' awesome! The only films that even compare, technically, are the 3 Gamera films by the same director. I love Gamera and all, but Godzilla stomps all over him! In this film, Godzilla returns to Japan to avenge those who died in the Pacific War and he has never been meaner. His eyes are pure white, giving him a demonic look about him and his fire breath unleashes all of the power of an atomic blast, mushroom cloud and all. Every time the combined might of the military and the 3 opposing guardian beasts threaten to stop his relentless destruction, the big guy pulls another trick out of his sleeve and just devastates. You will truly cheer for the villain in this film. The lead Japanese actress is adorable and does a great job with her character, and the supporting cast is good as well. I think what impressed me most about this film was Mothra. No longer can you practically see the wire holding her up as her wings slowly flap and propel her at a leisurely pace across miniature sets. This Mothra dodges and swoops between buildings at breakneck speed and even fires stingers from her abdomen. Pretty awesome stuff! The shots of Baragon travelling through the forest are beautifully done as well. Ghidora is the least impressive, but most powerful, of the trio of guardian beasts. Still, the part where he bites Godzilla and shocks him is pretty darn cool. I disliked the ending, but due to the content of the rest of the film, I'm willing to accept it and bestow the highest honor I can give a film of any genre: a five star, absolute must-see rating."
Grey and mean!
H. N. Dohe | My Sanctum Sanctorium | 03/22/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This is an interesting episode in the Godzilla saga. Once again TOHO has re-written Godzilla's past. In this story, Big G has not been seen since 1954, but everyone has a funky feeling he'll return one day. And he does. But this time, there are three Guardian Monsters- Baragon, Ghidorah, and Mothra- to stop him.This is a very mystical film that may be hard to fathom by American audiences. For example, Godzilla is powered by the souls of those who lost their lives in the Pacific War. So he is now a force of vengence, and not a "force of nature" as stressed in previous movies. Bad guy Ghidorah is now a good guy. Baragon is a lame monster. TOHO won't learn- 4 legged monsters just don't work (it's obvious the man inside is walking around on all fours). One thing that really sets this apart is that Godzilla is seen killing people. Folks get trampled, burned, and buried under rubble and earth by Big G. This Zilla has a bad attitude. Japanese, with English subtitles. A nice addition to your Big G collection. Now if only they would re-make King Kong vs. Godzilla."
Escushion | 01/01/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I've seen the region 3 disc of this film and I must tell you all. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GODZILLA MOVIES EVER MADE! The opening credit sequence sets the tone nicely giving close up shots of the monster's skin as if displaying their battle armor. The first battle between Godzilla and Baragon is a great kaiju battle! Godzilla literally knocks through a hillside to battle Baragon killing the people below! Run and hide because he means business! Its just very well filmed and choreographed and the musical score does the film justice. Amazing stuff!

Godzilla has more of a dinosaur-like look to him but I have never seen Godzilla be more evil since the dark and gloomy original. If you like Godzilla then this film is an absolute must have."
Kaneko Runs This Show
Escushion | Monticello, NY USA | 11/15/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Shusuke Kaneko is the man behind the recent trilogy of Gamera films that turned the giant turtle from film camp to excellent cinema. He changed the creature's origin to that of myth and gave the movies a great script, close human involvement, amazing special effects (the last entry rivalling standard effects,) and leaving a breath of wonderful imagination over the series. But Kaneko wasn't done. He wanted to make a Godzilla movie.With "Godzilla-Mothra-King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack," he has brought everything from that Gamera series to Godzilla. The human drama is interesting, the pain of the Japanese people is realistic, the monsters look great... This very well may be one of the best Godzilla movies yet made.This is one of the movies that ignores all others except the first. Godzilla appeared in 1954, was defeated, and has not been seen since. However, there are those who believe that the monster will reappear, such as the current Japanese Admiral. A submarine has been destroyed off of Japan, and a submersival has discovered it, as well as catching a glimpse of something's spines beneath the water.The Admiral's daughter, Yuri, is a reporter for a local tabloid TV station. She believes she may have caught on to something real, but her boss won't let her pursue it. Soon, reports of monsters appearing spread over Japan. An old man tells Yuri that they are the Sacred Beasts, guardian monsters who will defend Japan when Godzilla returns... and boy, does he ever return. No longer the spawn of the atomic bomb, Godzilla is now composed of the souls of those who died in the wars of the Pacific, exacting their revenge for being forgotten.The story is involving and it's nice to care so much about the humans (for a change in these movies.) But that's not all. Because of the mythic background Kaneko has given the Godzilla monsters, they end up having human souls... and human actions. The monsters no longer act like intelligent animals. Baragon (not in the title, but he's here) plans before attacking Godzilla. Mothra does the same, as well as showing compassion for her fellow beasts. And Ghidorah goes from terror to noble warrior. Godzilla is the best of them. His personality is one of malice and vengeance. He doesn't just wander around tearing things apart. He looks to a crowd of people, his back lights up, and... well, you know what happens. This is the most villainous Godzilla has ever been, even topping the original film in that sense.As for the monsters' looks, they're hit and miss. Godzilla initially looks somewhat fat and awkward, but as he continues, begins to look powerful and even scary. His eyes have lost their pupils and his mouth is adorned with fangs. Baragon looks great and I love how his ears flare out when he roars. It's a shame he's missing his heat ray, but when crawling on all fours he looks better than when he tackled Frankenstein. Mothra is incredible and is the only one of the monsters to remain looking good completely. Alternating between suit and CGI, Mothra flies realistically and is awesome to behold. Ghidorah is on and off, like the first two. At some points, he is very detailed and looks menacing. At others, he looks fake. I was impressed at his wingspan at first, but then it diminished in suit-form and looked fake. You'll have to judge for yourself.As for sound, everything is clear and the dialogue is funny and touching at times (I use subtitles though.) The sounds of artillary and destruction are great. The monster roars remain as signature, but with some alterations that help exert their new format. Most pleasantly, Ghidorah regains his original chirp (for the most part) after losing it in his last film with Godzilla.The only problem with the movie is... well, monster time. By getting so wrapped up in what the humans were doing, I didn't notice time going by. The non-Godzilla monsters are slightly unrepresented, and those uninitiated into the series by other films may be confused about them, even though they shouldn't considering that this is a stand-alone project.In spite of that qualm, this movie is highly entertaining and involving. It tops all the other recent efforts and certainly shows off the magic that Kaneko has brought to the series. It also managed to save the series, considering that the success of this movie in Japan was the deciding factor in whether or not more Godzilla movies would be made for a while. In light of this fact, I hope Toho gives Kaneko the reins of the Godzilla franchise at least once more. He's certainly proven he knows how to make a great movie out of it."