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The Greatest Superstars Of Wrestlemania (2 DVD Set)
The Greatest Superstars Of Wrestlemania
2 DVD Set
Actor: Various Artists
Genres: Sports
NR     2008     0hr 6min


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Actor: Various Artists
Genres: Sports
Sub-Genres: Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling Entertainment
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 03/25/2008
Release Year: 2008
Run Time: 0hr 6min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

fmwaalex | Austin, TX USA | 01/22/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)


The Greatest Superstars of Wrestlemania is yet another flawed WWE release that really does not live up to the title, simply because they left out some people. I believe with all my heart that of all people Randy Savage deserved to be on this collection no matter what is going on between him and Vince. Another person who needed to be on here was Ric Flair, in fact take out Taker's fight with Orton and add the Taker vs Flair match would have showcased both and since Orton is also on the Rey Mysterio match that would have worked out perfect. Also where is Piper he really needed to be on here, I believe he is the reason the first Wrestlemania was so successful more so then Hogan could have ever been. He was the heel to Hogan's baby face but he was also a huge star because of his interactions with Mr.T. Before each match they have some cool little mini documentaries about the person they are highlighting.


1.[WWF CHAMPIONSHIP]-HULK HOGAN VS SGT. SLAUGHTER-I hate the fact that Hogan comes out second, the champ always comes out second in my mind. With that said I must say that I have never been a Hogan fan, ever. I won't go into a rant about why but just know I never liked that guy and with that said I will also never take any thing away from what he has done. So yes I absolutely agree that he needed to be on this set, not for his wrestling because he has never been a great wrestler but he was always a great entertainer. The dude could entertain and bring in the people and when paired with a great wrestler [Savage, Piper, Flair, Hart, Michaels & so on] he could have a good match., so lucky for him he was up against Sgt. Slaughter who helped make this a good match for Hogan. This was a good match between these two as both played to the crowd real well, Hogan hammed it up as the baby face and Slaughter played it up as the turncoat heel. There is a lot of good action and suspense that make this an enjoyable bout, but it is the psychology of the match that really makes this match shine. Still the typical Hogan ending brings the rating down, boot then leg drop eh.3.8/5

2.[WWE CHAMPIONSHIP]-BATISTA VS TRIPLE H-again why does the challenger come out second, what is that all about? Any way this was right after Batista refused to go to Smackdown [even though he was heading there any way not to long after] and went up against fellow stable mate Triple H. This is really not a classic match and not as great as some would think, this is a better showcase for Batista [good choice then] but Triple H has had much better. The action is pretty good and goes back and forth but when one has the upper hand they keep it for a while, much like the first match this one runs better off of the psychology of the match, Triple H sells the ending very well.4/5

3.SHAWN MICHAELS VS CHRIS JERICHO-some people have said that this match is overrated while others have said it was a classic, I tend to agree with the latter. I remember watching this and thinking man this feels like Wrestlemania, unlike the last match that felt like it could have been at any other pay-per-view this one felt like a big time match. For any one who watches these knows that Wrestlemania is the one event where even the under card feels like big time matches, not every time but they are supposed to. This match is great and has a lot of near falls as both these superstars go at it, their story line going into this was great and it showed in the pay off. Their styles in this match were similar but it made for a very interesting story and some classic moments. Both deliver a lot of punishment threw out the match that seems like it could end it, I thought Jericho had it at one point. But luckily HBK pulls it off in a way I have to admit I did not see ending this match, classic.5/5

4.UNDERTAKER VS RANDY ORTON-these two had a really good rivalry going for a while over on Smackdown, a real living legend against the legend killer. There is a lot of great action in this match between these two heated rivals; Taker really brings it Orton even throwing over the top after an RKO attempt. Taker really controls most of the match although Randy does take charge at times. This is the most dramatic match up to this point with a lot of close calls, and even the cowboy comes into play. This is a great match and on this set it makes an almost classic rating.4.5/5

5.[HARDCORE MATCH]-EDGE VS MICK FOLEY-this is probably one of the most enjoyable matches to ever take place at wrestlemania, at least to me. I enjoy this bout every time I watch it and happen to think that it is one of the best matches I have seen, don't know but I like this match. There is a lot to love about this match like it is Foley in a hardcore match, and that the top heel right now Edge is the opponent. But if that is not enough just look to the violence with all the weapons and of course the classic ending involving a flaming table and a beautiful spear. This is a classic in my mind and will live on as one of the best Mania matches in my mind.5/5


6.[WWF CHAMPIONSHIP]-BRET HART VS YOKOZUNA-now I have to agree that they could have picked a better match for his Wrestlemania spot on this DVD, but hey Yoko is always cool to see [R.I.P.]. I really think the best choice would have been his classic with Roddy Piper [who is the guest referee] and that could have showcased both of them, especially since Piper deserved to be on here. Also the match he had with his brother Owen from this very same Wrestlemania would have been great. This neither the best match these two ever had at Wrestlemania or from other matches these two had together. But contraire to what people say this is not a terrible match. There is a lot to like about this match like the psychology of the match and the sense that Bret has no chance since because of his earlier match and injury. Plus there are a few good moments of action. Bret pulls off the up set and all the wrestlers from the back come out to congratulate him, look at Luger's face, he hates it.3.5/5

7.THE ROCK VS HULK HOGAN-now I remember when I watched this one up in Maryland all I could do was wish The Rock would destroy Hogan and send him home. What I got was one of the most memorable clashes of all time, the fans that night made that match what it is. It was because of the fans emotion that they felt in the arena that night that match became timeless, that shot of them two face to face looking at the fans at opposite directions is classic. The start of this match is brilliant as ever time Hogan knocks down The Rock he starts his posing which puts the fans in a frenzy, The Rock doing the same thing is great. Action wise The Rock controls this match obviously since Hulk is a bit older, but Hogan holds his own in there. The Rock comes out on top when the thing end and shakes hands with Hogan afterwards, the emotion alone makes this a classic.5/5

8.[WWE CHAMPIONSHIP]-JOHN CENA VS JBL-once again why is the champion coming out first, what is this all about? I have always been a fan of both of these guys and yes that includes JBL, Texas baby. I remember when this match was taking place the people just wanted JBL to loose the title, they were ready for a new champ. This match is a little short for a man that held the title as long as JBL did, still I guess that makes it good. There was some good action in this match with JBL dominating much of the match until the surprise end, which really wasn't a surprise. I think this was pretty good match and worth watching.4/5

9.[WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP]-REY MYSTERIO VS KURT ANGLE VS RANDY ORTON-now this match right is off the hook and like others have said it is very TNA like in its style. To any one who has not seen this match you are missing out. These three go at like only they can each bringing a very different style just destroying each other. The action is fast paced and moves along nicely with Rey coming out on top since he was the emotional favorite to do so. But I still feel that Angle should have won this match with his outstanding performance, Orton as well did a great job.5/5

10.[UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP]-TRIPLE H VS CHRIS JERICHO-I thought this match was pretty good even though some people disagree with me. Triple H had just returned and won the Royal Rumble and was after Y2J's undisputed title. The action was pretty good and the two had good chemistry but the pacing was a little slow. Still Hunter's wife being against him added to the match, and it looked at times like he was going to lose. But in the end Triple H pedigrees his wife and wins the title.4/5

11.[WWF CHAMPIONSHIP]-STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN VS THE ROCK-I think this was an excellent match right here. Multiple refs were laid out and there was a nice breaking of a table. Still I think my favorite part was when they fought threw out the crowd, only adding to the fan frenzy. The action between the two as always was picture perfect, these two had a great chemistry together. Vince interfering is great and Mankind coming out added to the atmosphere, great stuff. Austin takes this one after a stunner.5/5

This was a decent collection of matches from some of the best at Wrestlemania, if you can find cheap or used I would recommend it.
Not worth it
Jovan Fernandez | 06/11/2009
(1 out of 5 stars)

"in my opinon there where better matches in other wrestlemanias then the ones they pick to be on this dvd.."