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Half Past Dead (+BD Live) [Blu-ray]
Half Past Dead
+BD Live
Actors: Stephen J. Cannell, Morris Chestnut, Claudia Christian, Hannes Jaenicke, Kelly Lange
Genres: Action & Adventure
PG     2008     1hr 38min

Genre: Feature Film-Action/Adventure Rating: PG Release Date: 12-AUG-2008 Media Type: Blu-Ray


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Actors: Stephen J. Cannell, Morris Chestnut, Claudia Christian, Hannes Jaenicke, Kelly Lange
Genres: Action & Adventure
Sub-Genres: Crime, Steven Seagal
Studio: Sony Pictures
Format: Blu-ray - Color,Widescreen - Dubbed,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 08/12/2008
Release Year: 2008
Run Time: 1hr 38min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 1
MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Subtitles: Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish
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Movie Reviews

Not half bad...
trebe | 12/29/2003
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Half Past Dead, is a reasonably entertaining, comic book level, action flick. While no masterpiece, it does have its moments, and some pleasant surprises. Action veteran Steven Seagal heads a diverse cast, and though we don't see too much of his trademark fighting style, he delivers a solid performance, with perhaps a bit more depth of character than usual.Seagal is Sasha Petrosevitch, an undercover FBI agent, working to gain the confidence of Nick, a big time car thief, played by rapper Ja Rule. After a confrontation with the FBI, both men are incarcerated on Alcatraz. Bruce Weitz (Hill Street Blues) is Lester McKenna, a prisoner who has stolen and hidden 20 million in gold bullion. On death row, he is about to be executed, when the prison is invaded by the "49ers", a group of criminals who want McKenna to reveal the gold's location. Morris Chestnut is Donnie Johnson (49er One), the group's charismatic and ruthless leader. His second in command is 49er Six, played with style and panache, by the explosive and sexy Nia Peeples. Johnson's plans need to be adjusted, when the inmates get involved. Actor/Writer/Director Don Michael Paul provides an informative commentary that stresses and details, the trials and tribulations of bringing this low budget production to the screen. Paul's screenplay was originally written years before, but was shelved because of similarity to Jerry Bruckheimer's film, "The Rock". Rewritten to incorporate modern elements of hip-hop culture, Paul explains that his goal was to produce a fast paced film, with a stylized music video vibe. His big screen directorial debut was filmed primarily in Berlin, shortly after the 9/11 incident. Despite the monetary difficulties, the film delivers some decent action scenes, with enough of a plot to hold things together. Rated PG-13, it contains massive amounts of gunfire and violence, punctuated by a rap and metal soundtrack.Ja Rule's performance is quirky, and he does a passable job in his action scenes. Morris Chestnut makes an eloquent and intelligent villain. Linda Thorson, as a Supreme Court Judge, and Bruce Weitz, are not bad. Supporting characters played by Claudia Christian, Tony Plana, and the rapper Kurupt, are less developed and more one-dimensional. Nia Peeples is a suprisingly impressive bad girl. Costumed in a tight black outfit, her look combines elements from The Crow, and The Matrix. Peeples looks great carrying a gun, and performs most of her own fight scenes. Her background as a dancer is put to good use, as her flashy fighting style primarily features kicking and jumping, bringing an edge to the proceedings.As for Steven Seagal, this film, like Exit Wounds, seeks to build some ties with hip-hop culture. His character is troubled, reflective, and a bit restrained, taking the back seat at times to others. He doesn't engage in much hand to hand, and editing makes his fight scenes flow. Those looking for old school Steven, may be disappointed, but the reality is that time catches up with all of us. Nonetheless, Seagal carries the film, making it an enjoyable and entertaining escape for action film aficionados."
Fun no-brainer, packed to the gills with explosive stunts
BD Ashley | Otago, New Zealand | 07/13/2003
(3 out of 5 stars)

"The times they are a-changin'. With the exception of Arnie and Bruce, the top action heroes of the 80s and 90s seem to be going direct to DVD these days. Van Damme. Sly. Chuck. Even some of Jackie's movies. And of course Steven Seagal- graduate of the Chuck Norris School of Non-Acting. A man who talks softly and hits hard.
Seagal's latest offering HALF PAST DEAD was released on DVD in NZ simultaneously with THE FOREIGNER. I decided against renting both at once in case I came down with a severe case of "Seagal Stupidity Syndrome" due to overexposure to his movies, thus rendering me a lifeless vegetable (In which case my friends would probably have me embalmed in French dressing, just to be cheeky.)
Actually HALF PAST DEAD ain't half bad. The plot is a mix of DIE HARD, THE ROCK and CON AIR. A not terribly original combo from Writer/ Director Don Michael Paul, but this isn't CITIZEN KANE we're talking about here. Paul has loaded the movie with so many explosive stunts that viewers are unlikely to care.
Seagal also co-produced with Andrew Stevens, the man responsible for the humdrum NIGHT EYES franchise.
Steve plays FBI Agent Sascha Petrosevitch; who coincidentally also used to work for the CIA, KGB, and U.S Marshalls. Busy boy.
The opening is pretty silly: Petrosevich is wounded in the line of fire and flatlines, but comes back cuz he's Steven Seagal baby!; hence the movie's title HALF PAST DEAD. (Shouldn't this be HARD TO KILL 2?).
Immediately, the movie flashes forward 8 months later to Sasha's latest assignment: To go undercover in the newly re-opened Alcatraz prison (Cleverly renamed "New Alcatraz") to infiltrate gangs operating within the compound's impenetrable walls. Well, almost impenetrable. The warden makes the silly mistake of announcing to the inmates: "There's only one way off The Rock, and that key is under my pillow". How helpful.
Convieniently there also just happens to be $200 million worth of gold hidden in the facilities by a prisoner who is condemned to die in the electric chair within the next few hours.
And as if this isn't bad enough the prison is taken hostage by a band of commandos turned terrorists led by "49er One" (Morris Chestnut) & "49er Six" (played by the incredibly sultry Nia Peeples) who want the gold- and they mean business when they strap the visiting Supreme Court Justice into the electric chair in which she's sent so many men to their deaths. Naturally only Steve, with help of convict Nick (Played by rapper Ja Rule) can save the Judge and the prisoners.
Fortunately, HALF PAST DEAD is an action movie which seems to realize its own limitations, so it delivers what viewers want: Loads of explosive, high-octane stunts and mindless destruction. The personal highlight for me is the fight scene between Peeples and Ja Rule where Peeples says "Let's put the guns down and settle this like... men" before giving him a Matrix-style martial arts butt-kicking. My only compaint is the stupid prison phone coversation which plays during the end credits. What's the point? That aside, HALF PAST DEAD is pure popcorn cinema that delivers the goods. This is a good no-brainer to watch with a group of friends. Check it out."
Half Past Dead
Arnita D. Brown | USA | 01/04/2010
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Sascha Petrosevitch is a widowed undercover agent posing as a tough, international car thief. He has many friends on both sides of the law. One of them, career criminal Nick Frazier, has been like a brother to him. One night while on a heist job, Sascha and Nick are intercepted by a female FBI agent, EZ Williams, who, unbeknownst to Nick, is working in tandem with Sascha. Nice action movie."
Half Past Dead
Arnita D. Brown | 11/24/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Fully Armed.
Totally Outnumbered.
Completely Unexpected.

Welcome to Alcatraz "The Rock" has just re-opened for business,but the first criminal slated for the electric chair is also sitting on a secret worth $200 million. And an invading group of commandoes isen't going to let his fortune go up in smoke. Already undercover in Alcatraz,FBI Agent Petrosevitch has to neutralize the situation and rescue a Supreme Court Justice held hostage. Worse,he has to convince his convict "partner" and the other inmates to fight on the right side of the law.


.Widescreen and Fullscreen Presentations

.Digitally Mastered Audio and Anamorphic Video

.Audio: English 5.1(Dolby Digital), French

.Subtitles: English,French

.Audio Commentary with Director Don Michael Paul

.Deleted Scenes

.Cinemax Special: On the set of Half Past Dead

.Theatrical Trailers

.Interactive Menus

.Scene Selections"