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Hapkido Self-defense Volume 1
Hapkido Self-defense Volume 1
Actors: Chang Soo Lee, Myung Yong Kim
Director: Sang H. Kim
Genres: Action & Adventure, Exercise & Fitness
NR     2003     1hr 15min

Hapkido?s reputation as a self-defense art is unrivaled. In this first of two Hapkido Self- Defense DVDs, Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim and Grandmaster Chang Soo Lee teach you the standing defenses of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan in...  more »


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Actors: Chang Soo Lee, Myung Yong Kim
Director: Sang H. Kim
Genres: Action & Adventure, Exercise & Fitness
Sub-Genres: Martial Arts, Exercise & Fitness
Studio: Turtle Press
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 08/25/2003
Release Year: 2003
Run Time: 1hr 15min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 1
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English, Korean

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Movie Reviews

Phenomenal... Keeps Getting Better & Better...
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Hapkido... "The Way of Internal Power and Strength" - Hapkido is designed as a Dynamic Martial Art of utilizing/reversing the *opponent's* strength. Therefore, a smaller person can easily defeat a much larger opponent by attacking vital points, disrupting neural channels and leveraging their joints. Taught by top GrandMasters, Grandmaster Lee and Grandmaster Kim and the famed International Hapkido Demonstration Team, this is mesmerizing to watch and just as much fun to learn.Learning Hapkido here is made especially easy since there are are only 3 things to remember during a potentially life threatening confrontation.3 Hapkido Principles:
Circular Motion
CoordinationMake no mistake though... Hapkido is HARDCORE and this DVD gives you *100* (Very Generous) extraordinarily painful self defense techniques you can apply virtually effortlessly by using the easy principles of re-directing an assailant's energy turning what force they try to apply to you (you already have the skills naturally, Hapkido's designed so now you're organized to react with no movement without precise purpose) and instead they wind up getting a taste of their own medicine by using natural body mechanics first to twist the assailaint into a human pretzel, throwing or flipping them instantly flying through the air since now you can set up their balance exactly the way *you* want... and when you watch them land in a state of total disorientation, you can then immobilize them further (if they're not already knocked out) using any number of arresting locks and pindowns by applying additional pressures on their vital points, neural channels, nerve centers and their branches, leveraging their joints rendering them helpless to hurt anyone but themselves if they try to resist you at any point along the way. As a Special Forces oriented Martial Arts student and part time instructor, I can tell you that learning these advanced techinques will give you the "upper hand" either in your training environment/s or really wherever you may be confronted. Hapkido has become well known, easy to apply, extraordinarily quick and intensely painful, all making even martially trained attackers at your mercy with just the slightest chance as all the techniques are easliy applied... from the clinch to the pin. It should be noted that it is not the intent to use these techniques to break bones, dislocate limbs or joints, or permanently damage vital points, tendons, ligaments, internal organs and nerve centers or their branches, however it is pretty clear that all the techniques you'll know will or sets them up for it very easily.This DVD is also a great resource for Law Enforcement Officers who are interested in easier restraint and control than what typical training provides.Overall, this is worth twice as much than what is asked (for example, 1 Month's training in a school=between $80-$120 per month or more... you own this to review/practice anytime you like), and I'd recommend absolutely anything with GrandMaster Lee and GrandMaster Kim. GrandMaster Chang Soo Lee is the Chief of the International Demonstration Unit for the World Hapkido Federation and Headmaster of the reknowned Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan in Seoul, Korea. He became a Korean national Hero in 1980 when he knocked out the best Indonesian champions at his first blow. The National Defense Ministry of Indonesia attempted to invite him as a national coach. Korean government officers designated him to the Chief of the Demonstration Unit."
(5 out of 5 stars)

"VCD? Home Video? What's that person's problem?? This =DVD= along with the rest of the series are so professionally done showing simply remarkable techniques (from the best instructors in the world) that even *I* was amazed, and I studied Hapkido for 12 YEARS while in the Military. In this DVD I saw techniques even I'd never seen before, and I am/was trained by some of the absolute best. These Grandmasters ARE the BEST of the BEST, PROVEN as such, and the whole thing is designed to make it so easy for anybody (well, any intelligent person...) to learn, that you would truly be doing yourself a dis-service by taking THAT "joker's" review to be worth anything.Bottom Line about this =DVD=It's design and filming are Top Rate.
The techniques are honestly amazing indeed.
They are ALL also easily achieved however you may be confronted.
The Grandmasters teach you STEP-By-STEP EXACTLY (at least 5 times each slow-motion and real time) so well that you will know them and EASILY be able defend yourself expertly by sheer instinct.Simply the best."
Highly skill hapkido practitioners
Cal Whitman | White Plains, NY | 07/13/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I have a black belt in hapkido and have twice visited Korea to train and I have to say, the instructors on this DVD are top notch. I had to laugh when I saw that another reviewer said that someone might get hurt practicing the techniques taught here. Well, if we're talking about self-defense, then that would seem to be the point.

Practicing with a partner is another matter, and I'd recommend that you proceed with caution when it comes to many of the techniques found in this series, especially the strangulation defenses and many of the throws. These are not techniques to fool around with if you are not knowledgeable or working under a qualified instructor. Some of the defenses are more practical than others. Some would make great demonstration techniques but I doubt I would choose to use them on the street. However, this DVD does present a good portion of the hapkido self-defense curriculum systematically with expert demonstrations and good explanations so if you are a hapkido student, you can go wrong here. Highly recommended to anyone looking for authentic Korean hapkido."
Good but Not Great
James Lee | Bay Area, CA | 06/30/2006
(3 out of 5 stars)

"This DVD provides a good overview understanding of the self-defense applications of Hapkido. This DVD is Good for the martial artist who already possesses some experience in the self-defense application of the martial arts; most particularly the Hapkido stylist at the early stages of training. If you are an advanced practitioner of Hapkido, however, then you are not going to learn too much from this DVD as it only presents the basic, elementary applications of Hapkido that you have no doubt learned in class.

The one comment I believe needs to be made about this DVD is that you are not going to watch it and immediately understand the subtle aspects of Hapkido's understanding of self-defense. The techniques presented on this DVD really need to practiced with a partner to be understood. The problem is, it is very easy to hurt your partner or yourself if you really do not know what you are doing and are not under the supervision of a qualified instructor. So, keep this in mind when you view this DVD.