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You Can Heal Your Life, the movie
You Can Heal Your Life the movie
Actor: Louise L. Hay
Director: Michael Goorjian
Genres: Documentary
PG     2007     1hr 30min

This entertaining and inspirational movie based on the best-selling book of the same name is hosted by author and teacher Louise L. Hay. This film gives penetrating insights into Louises fascinating personal story; and sh...  more »


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Movie Details

Actor: Louise L. Hay
Director: Michael Goorjian
Genres: Documentary
Sub-Genres: Biography
Studio: Hay House, Inc.
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 12/18/2007
Original Release Date: 12/18/2007
Theatrical Release Date: 12/18/2007
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 1hr 30min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 10
MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Languages: English
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Movie Reviews

Life Changing Material!
Kathy W | Baltimore | 01/07/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Disc 1
Begins with a lady thinking all this negative self-talk. Then you hear others also thinking all this negative self-talk. A positive-thinker walks by and drops a card that says "I am willing to change." And there is a positive affirmation on the back of the card explaining what the statement means. The negative-thinker begins to think about what the card says. Louise Hay begins to dialog, explaining how changing our thoughts can dramatically influence our lives. Other subject-matter experts expand on The Universe, The Law of Attraction, abundance, etc. Louise tells her story, how she left an abusive home at 15, all that she endured before and after, and how she came to be where she is now. Throughout the DVD, various people talk about their experiences and how they relate to being in control of your attitude and health. They also discuss positive affirmations, health, getting what you want out of life, belief, emotion, gratitude, energy vibrations, the ego, dreams, assumptions, beliefs, denial, delay tactics, fear, forgiveness, physical healing, emotional healing, balance, loving yourself and others, spirituality, and self-esteem.

Some of the authors speaking in this CD are: Wayne Dyer (age 67), Greg Branden, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Louise Hays (age 80), Cheryl Richardson, Doreen Virtue, Candace Pert, Mona Lisa Schulz, Christiane Northrop, Gay Hendricks, and Leon Nacson. These are also the authors NOW, talking to you from the current time in their life, talking to you with all the vast experiences they have had in teaching others this material and practicing it themselves. They also explain the science behind how changing our thinking affects the electrical and magnetic physical processes within our bodies. (I mention the ages so you know these people have been around awhile, long enough to learn some things--long enough to cut through the BS, pardon my French.)

Disc 2
Bonus footage. After you watch disc 1, you can review the expanded interviews of the authors. That's a good feature because you can review the concepts of each author without watching the whole movie again. You will certainly want to watch disc 1 many times, but it's also good to be able to use disc 2 to focus on the concepts from each author, one at a time. It's almost like getting a private training session with each subject-matter expert. By the way, Wayne Dyer does a very convincing exercise to scientifically show how negative thoughts physically weaken us.

This is such great stuff, released toward the end of 2007, so it's current. (But the principles are older than baby Jesus being born in the manger.) CD 1 runs 90 minutes with approximately 4 hours of bonus footage on CD 2, including interviews with the individual authors, including Louise Hay. Al the material is well explained with simple-to-follow words and examples, AND IT IS LIFE-CHANGING MATERIAL, if you can allow yourself to be a little open-minded. I knew in the first 5 minutes that this was great material! I sat up till almost 1 am watching this set and I usually head to bed at 10. This is such powerful stuff that I firmly believe and have been practicing, especially for the last couple of years. I have already seen tremendous positive examples of these concepts at work in my personal experiences. By the way, I like this DVD set much better than "The Secret" DVD.

On a side note, I have found some FANTASTIC authors and some FANTASTIC books, DVDs, and CDs through Hay House Publishing, thanks to Louise Hay. Some of my favorite Hay House authors are: Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, and John Holland. I have grown significantly, spiritually, thanks to these authors. If you don't know it already, you would be AMAZED what you can do with a positive mental attitude, ABSOLUTELY AMAZED. The more you believe, the more you see, and then the more you see, the more you believe, and on goes the cycle. I guess that most people just think it's too simple. You know what? It ISSSSS simple! WE make it difficult! Yep--WE do it to ourselves. Think about it---I mean, REALLY think about it. How many times have you complicated your life by the negative attitude you took about someone or something? This is profound, Hon!

It's incredible, but you must believe first. You owe it to yourself to be happy! The most important words you will EVER hear are the words you say to yourself! (And you can quote me on that.) If you tell yourself you are a loser, you will BE a loser. Stop! Rewind! (I don't make any money on this review or this DVD folks. I just want to see you be happy and this material is right on target.) Do yourself a big favor--get this DVD! It explains so much. YOUR THOUGHTS DO CREATE YOUR LIFE!!!

By the way, if you have a group of like-minded friends, you could play this set for the group, then discuss segments of it together to further the understanding of each person in the group. This DVD set also makes a nice gift for someone, especially someone on a spiritual learning path.

This can also be a great gift for someone whose family life is unsettled, where there is negativity running through the family. The CD can also help teach the children something, as well as the adults.

God Bless You in your search for wisdom and truth. Namaste'.
You CAN HEAL your Life...
John P. Morgan | Beautiful San Dimas, CA | 01/12/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"About twenty-one years ago, I was introduced to the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. As I began reading this book I began being intoduced to things I had never heard before. Things like:

We are each responsible for our own lives.
Every thought we think we are creating our future.
The point of power is always in the present moment.
It's only a thought and a thought can be changed.

These things did not make my heart swell with gladness. In fact, these things made me angry. More than once, that book flew through the air. I remember one day after reading a few paragraphs of the book, I was so angry that I had to go to the kitchen and get a cool drink. My dad, puzzled as to why I was so angry, asked me what was the matter?

I just looked at him with disgust and sneered, "Oh, as if you didn't know? Why didn't someone tell me being happy was my choice?"


You see, most of forget that all happiness and consequently all healing begins on the inside. Nobody and no thing can heal us. Not God or Jesus or the sacred toliet water found in an obscure outhouse in the Romanian foothills. The only one that has the power to heal us is ourselves. We have to be willing to heal. That is why before Jesus "healed" anyone, he asked, "Do you want to be healed?" Because he knew that no matter what, there would never be a healing unless the person was really willing to have one and the same is true today.

This DVD is basically the same format as What the Bleep and the Secret. Various metaphysical guides, teachers, writers, and other "professional types" talk about the healing power that is within each one of us and I have to say, they did an incredible job bringing to Light certain fundamental truths that do heal us when they are consciously and deliberately applied.

I don't think anyone who wakes up in the morning six feet above ground ever escapes the need to experience healing. There is always some kind of healing work that needs to be done. Even if it's something you might consider "minor", if it gets in the way of your peace and your happiness, healing needs to take place. What I find interesting is amount of time required for me to notice when I'm out of alignment. Whereas before I was oblivious to my feelings, now I know if something feels just mildly out of kilter with my soul...I need to either, forgive myself, forgive another, or release something or someone to the Power of Love.

You have the power to heal your Life. The things that cause us hurt, disapointment, frustration, guilt, and pain are not there to simply taunt us, they are there to get our attention...believe it or not, these things want to be healed.

Go into this movie with an open heart. I guarantee that if you're not used to these concepts and ideas, a few of these things will actually shock you and may make you incredibly angry, but don't just dismiss these ideas...don't just "poo poo" them and say that you're the exception and that they won't work on you, make just a tiny space of willingness to try out these concepts and watch your life unfold in a beautiful way.

Make a promise to yourself that 2008 is going to be absolutely great. Make this the year that you let yourself heal.

Peace and Blessings,
john, 'the Light Coach'"
You Will Want to Watch This Over and Over Again!
Always Learning | USA | 12/07/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"You Can Heal Your Life, The Movie takes its name from the best-selling book originally published in the 1980s. In an early scene it shows a woman ducking down in her car in a parking lot so that a man she's attracted to won't see her looking less than spectacular.

It reminded me of all the times in my life when I've ducked down in my car, ducked around the aisle in supermarkets, and oftentimes just stayed home and hid because I didn't think or feel I was good enough for the man, the job, the friends or the myriad other opportunities that lay ahead of me on this wonderful and often perplexing path of life.

The young woman in the car mumbles to herself quietly through the early part of the film all the kinds of negative things I used to say to myself all the time. "I'm such a mess, God I'm showing my age, I look like hell, I'm so stupid, I'm getting fat, I'm such a loser, I hate myself". Wow, they must have been reading one of my old diaries when they wrote her script! This is the kind of self talk that makes us emotionally, spiritually and physically sick. Thank Go(o)dness that many years ago I heard the message that Louise Hay so aptly presents in her book, and now in the movie, that every thought you think is creating your future. This idea helped me become willing to change. In fact, that is one of the affirmations repeated over and over in the movie, "I am willing to change", along with "I am willing to forgive", and numerous others that I truly believe have the power to affect us on a cellular level--to transform us mentally, emotionally and physically. Science and the field of mind/body medicine are now proving this.

The movie is a combination documentary, biography, and story with interviews of well-known M.D.s, Ph.D.s, psychiatrists, scientists, spiritual teachers and just regular people who recovered from serious illness. The story shows the young woman protagonist change over the course of the film using the power of affirmations. The interviews include scientist and author Gregg Braden, Dr. Christiane Northrup (The Wisdom of Menopause), Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, Candace Pert, and one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer. There is also extensive commentary by authors and teachers Esther Hicks, Doreen Virtue, Cheryl Richardson, Leon Nacson and Gay Hendricks. Gay is actually one of the producers of the movie, the author of Conscious Loving, and the founder of the Spiritual Cinema.

The biography part chronicles the evolution of the life of Louise from abandonment and sexual abuse in her youth, to her early adult years as a model and wife, to the period in her life when she began on a spiritual path, learning and then teaching the philosophy--"change your thinking, change your life". She even shares about her own personal recovery from cancer when she faced the challenge to practice what she preached. She did it successfully and recovered. I was moved by her early work with the HIV-AIDS community in the 80s when hardly anyone even knew what the disease was all about. I was especially touched by the scene where she spoke to a group of men and told them she knew they were looking for a savior. Then she took a large mirror and gave it to a man who was distraught having just been diagnosed. She held the mirror up to him and as he gazed at his reflection she said, "Here is your savior". Then she hugged him and I wept for the power and hope and light that Louise Hay let shine on the world at this very frightening time in our history. She empowered people to take a positive approach and was one of the first pioneers in the field of mind/body healing.

Louise Hay truly embodies the essence of the "Wise Woman" archetype. Her movie is subtle (not flashy like The Secret or What the Bleep), but powerful and will endure, as has her book, for many years to come.

The expanded version includes an interactive affirmations tool and 4 hours of bonus material. It's really worth the investment to get the expanded version and you will want to watch all of it over and over again.
An excellent examination of her work
Robert Norman | Trumbull, CT USA | 12/26/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This is a great addition to the other works of Louise Hay - I did not have any background on her history which makes what she does so much more fascinating to me. How she has come to the place she is at is as inspirational as her message.
My one complaint - the woman they have doing the reading for the incidental character they introduce at the beginning is AWFUL. When the film began, I thought I was going deaf---she is difficult to understand, mumbly and has a bit of a weird lisp. REALY annoying, but you can luckily fast forward past her parts without missing any of the message"