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Hogan Knows Best Seasons 1 through 3 contents
Sultan Of Sway | Sway, SD | 10/15/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Hulk Hogan's not only the world's most famous wrestler - he's also a very traditional suburban dad who just so happens to live on a 20,000-square-foot estate in Clearwater, Florida. Daughter Brooke (16) wants to be a pop star, and son Nick (14) wants to be a race car driver. As Hulk and his wife Linda watch their kids grow up before their eyes, they're more committed than ever to protecting them from sex, drugs, and the other evils of modern life.

Watch as Hulk wrestles with the everyday struggles of Brooke, Nick, and Linda -- and also celebrates their triumphs. Somehow, he and Linda have tapped into the secrets of good parenting. So don't mess with the Hulkster - or his family. Grrrr!


01. Brooke's First Date
At sixteen years old, Brooke Hogan is ready to start dating, but the Hulk is far from it. The Hogan household heats up when a 22-year-old college guy asks Brooke out on her first date! Linda teams up with Brooke to talk Dad into letting her go, but Dad isn't giving up yet, he's tracking them by GPS! See what happens when Hulk takes on his greatest challenge, his daughter's first date.
02. Nick's Girlfriend
At fourteen years old, Nick Hogan is quite the ladies man. His infatuation with his new girlfriend Ashley has him heading for trouble as he begins blowing off the family, school, and even his cars to be with her. As Hulk and Linda try to get Nick back on track, they discover condoms in Nick's room. Don't miss this Hulk match up as he takes on Nick's fourteen-year-old girlfriend!
03. Brooke's Big Break
Dad and Brooke struggle to find the right team to launch Brooke's music career as they wade through an outlandish cast of music industry players and pretenders. Dad, in his usual overprotective mode, coaches Brooke on the sacrifices it takes to make it big. Join Hulk, Brooke, and the Hogan family as they hit the grammys in L.A. and try to bodyslam the music industry.
04. Wrestlemania
Hulk is invited by Vince McMahon to be inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame and surprises Hulk with an invitation to wrestle at Wrestlemania 21 in Los Angeles. The family worries Dad will get hurt or worse, hit the road wrestling again. Watch Hulk lead his family behind the scenes of the barbaric world of wrestling, as `Dad' transforms into `Hulk Hogan'!
05. Romantic Getaway
Hulk and Linda decide to take a romantic weekend getaway and ride off into the sunset in a Hummer limousine. While they're away, sidekick and former wrestler Brian "Nasty Boy" Knobs will baby-sit. Nick and Brooke decide to take advantage of the situation and ask Knobs if they can have some people sleep over. Trying to be cool baby sitters, he agrees. The sleepover gets out of hand when some of their friends show up. Meanwhile, Hulk and Linda are enjoying a romantic dinner alone, despite the many interruptions from wrestling fans.
06. Hogans Versus City Hall
The Hogan family is at war with the town of Bellaire, Florida over the number of pets they have. The onetime menagerie of more than a dozen has been whittled down to five animals plus a permitted rooster after their next-door neighbor complained to the town. But Bellaire officials are playing hardball: They send the Hogans a letter saying the family is in violation of the town code, and a hearing is scheduled. After another heated confrontation between Linda and the neighbor's gardener, they go to the hearing. Will the Hogans have to give up their precious pets? Or will the family stand strong on principle?
07. Hulk's Hobbies
After 25 years on the road wrestling, Hulk has always had an outlet for his energy and aggression by body-slamming people nightly. Now that he's home, he's bored and antsy -- and driving his family nuts. Brooke, Nick and Linda all try to find Hulk a hobby. First Hulk tries golf at an exclusive country club -- but he's much too tense for that. Next he tries tennis, but ends up drinking beer on the court with a buddy. Finally, Brooke suggests pilates -- is this what Hulk needs to loosen him up?

The Hogan family returns to VH1 for a second season chronicling their family adventures. Part time wrestler, full time stage dad, Hulk Hogan is still trying to help daughter Brooke get a record label contract and finish her album. But offstage, Brooke's pushing hard for more independence - she feels stifled by Hulk's overprotective nature and meddling in her personal life and has threatened to move out of the house once she turns 18. Meanwhile, Nick Hogan is growing up perhaps too fast. He's a 15 year old that loves to race sports cars and chase girls. But Hulk and wife Linda would prefer to see their son enjoy childhood a bit longer.

This season will follow the ups and downs of Brooke's career, her fight for independence as well as her first relationship with a boy. Nick will attempt to be more responsible so Hulk will allow him to get his learner's permit. As Hulk and Linda worry both children have become too complacent with a life of luxury, they force to the children to get jobs to pay off their credit card debts. Hulk undergoes a series of medical procedures so he can keep up with the young guns in the wrestling ring and animal-lover Linda befriends an orphan monkey. And the Hogans all travel to Los Angeles to shoot a movie together as a family

08. Brooke Breaks Away
Fed up with the craziness of the household and her family's constant interference in every aspect of her life, Brooke pleads to go on a trip to LA or Miami. Instead, she is allowed to spend the weekend with a friend at the nearby family beach house while Hulk and Linda promise to respect her privacy. But Hulk's overprotective gene acts up immediately and he begins spying on her every move. When he finds something he's not supposed to, family tensions erupt.
09. Kids Get A Reality Check
Hulk and Linda are tired of Brooke and Nick's carefree spending and their lack of help around the house. In an effort to teach the kids a sense of responsibility and show them the value of a dollar, Hulk lands them jobs at the local diner. Can a few days of waiting tables, washing dishes and serving needy customers enlighten the kids about what it takes for the average Joe to get by?
10. Family Vacation
It's time for the annual Hogan family vacation to Key West. Hulk and Linda are used to the family sticking together, but now the kids are older and want to ditch mom and dad. Hulk and Linda give them a few hours to tour the streets after Nick promises to watch over his sister. But Brooke goes off to the beach by herself and doesn't check in with the family. Hulk and Linda fret about Brooke's disappearance and the fraying family ties. Hulk will do anything to bring the family back together, even if it means going to a drag show!
11. Nick Gets The Bug
Nick has always admired his Dad's career in the wrestling ring. While at a professional match, Nick gets a first hand lesson from some world class wrestlers and asks Hulk if he can get into the family business. After Dad shows him the tricks of the trade, Nick gets the bug and pushes Dad to set up a real match. Linda and Hulk fear what might happen to a 15 year old in the ring. So Hulk diverts Nick by showing him the importance of showmanship and signs him up for acting lessons.
12. Hogans Go Hollywood
Lights! Camera! Hogans! Through Hulk's business savvy, the entire Hogan clan gets cast in a movie -- Little Hercules in 3D. Hulk plays the Greek god Zeus. Nick, now interested in an acting career, plays a leading villain. Linda is a sexy secretary and Brooke performs a song at a high school dance. They're all in the limelight, but things aren't perfect on the set. Brooke attracts the attention of an older man and choreographs a risque dance routine. So Hulk needs to spend more time watching over her than working on his own lines.
13. Anniversary Surprise
Hulk and Linda are celebrating 22 years of marriage and Linda wants to mark the occasion by taking ballroom dancing lessons. Hulk reluctantly agrees but walks out on Linda when she jokingly insults his technique. He becomes even more incensed when she continues to go to class without him. Can the children reconcile the couple before the big anniversary date?
14. The Hogan Boyfriend Test
Brooke is practicing her songs for a big showcase at a Miami nightclub and she asks Jerry, a fellow touring musician, to come to Florida to help her prepare. But it seems that Jerry is more than just a friend. Hulk gets worried he may no longer be the main man in Brooke's life. So he decides to put Jerry through various tests of manhood to see if he's Hogan material.
15. Twilight of a God
Hulk's wrestling career is winding down and it takes more than ever to stay on top, including nerve injections to reduce pain in his back and laser treatments to keep a youthful look. After a particular bloody match, the family begs Hulk to find a new way to make a living. Hulk decides to try the corporate route, doing commercials, endorsing energy drinks and creating a new product where he can finally make peace with a lost opportunity from his past.
16. Rent-a-Guru
Linda's feeling lethargic and overweight and thinks she needs advice beyond Hulk's "train hard, say your prayers and eat your vitamins." She hires a new age guru to visit the house and give all the Hogans a healthy lifestyle makeover. The guru tries to replace all the items in the Hogan refrigerator and helps cleanse the property of "hungry ghosts." But when the guru suggests colonics for everyone, Hulk decides he's had enough and schemes with the rest of the family to break free of the guru's hold.
17. Monkey Business
Linda's love for animals gets the best of her when she learns about a baby chimpanzee in need of a home. Her maternal instincts kick in as she brings the adorable but mischievous chimp into the Hogan home for a trial adoption without Hulk's permission. Once Hulk discovers the chimp, he tries to share his personal space with a primate. But the chimpanzee may be a little too much for all the Hogans to handle.
18. Nick's Growing Pains
Nick turns 15 and is eager to get his learner's permit so he can drive legally. But Hulk and Linda worry he is growing up too fast. After getting in trouble with a local cop and staying out past his curfew, Hulk puts the smackdown on Nick's driving dreams. Can Nick work his way back into Dad's good graces?
19. Brooke Signs a Record Deal
Brooke Hogan has been furiously recording with many top producers in the music industry in an effort to find the magic mix to get a record deal. But it's been a tough process. Hulk has spent a lot of money paying for all the recordings and networking to get her signed but he's getting dismayed. Finally, Brooke attracts the interest of hot pop producer Scott Storch, who has worked with 50 Cent, Beyonce and Fat Joe. Could Brooke finally have her big break?
20. Brookes Video Dreams
Although Brooke has signed a $1.3 million record deal, her parents continue to micromanage her career. Hulk and Linda offer dance tips even though Brooke has a hot new choreographer. And they monitor Brooke's diet to make sure she avoids fatty foods even though Brooke says she knows how to take of herself. When she celebrates her 18th birthday, Brooke decides she wants to more of a role in guiding her own career. When she goes into the studio to shoot the video for her first single with the rapper Paul Wall, she's determined to do it her way. Will her parents finally recognize some boundaries?

The Hogans, the heavyweight champions of family reality shows, return to VH1 for a third season chronicling their adventures. Papa Hulk has all but hung up his wrestling boots except for the occasional guest appearance and is trying to make a name for himself in business, peddling a new grill and energy drink. But his main job is guiding the career of daughter Brooke, who is recording her first record album and hitting the road to promote it. Last season, she was signed to a million dollar recording contract by the megahit producer Scott Storch who promises to make her a star. During the season, viewers will see how Brooke created her album and tried to reach the top of the pop charts.

To facilitate Brooke's record career, the family moves from the Tampa area to a fancy new mansion in Miami Beach. It's a little more chic than Hulk's hometown and each family member will have to adjust to the new surroundings. Linda will spend time decorating the house, meeting the neighbors and making sure her many pets are adapting. Nick will hit South Beach, trying to impress the locals, when he's not out driving drifting cars and trying to join the national tour.

21. Brooke Bares All
Brooke is working hard to prepare for Memorial Fest in Miami, one of her biggest concerts yet. But she struggles with her parents being too overbearing and bossy about her music career. When Brooke gets an offer to model bathing suits for a men's magazine, she sees it as a chance to take charge of her life and claim some independence. But will Hulk let it happen?
22. Brooke Faces The Music
Brooke is spending endless nights in the recording studio and traveling constantly to promote her upcoming album. It's happening too quickly for her to handle. One night in the studio, producer Scott Storch is disappointed with Brooke's performance and questions if she really has what it takes to succeed in the music business. Hulk challenges her to get back on track.
23. Brooke's Dating Game
Linda daydreams out loud about who would make the perfect man for Brooke. Hulk squirms at the idea of Brooke dating, but a conversation turns into a competition as Nick, Linda, and Hulk challenge one other over who knows Brooke the best. Things heat up when each family member invites their idea of the perfect guy to the house.
24. Hogans On The High Seas
The family wants to celebrate Hulk's 53rd birthday so they decide to take him on a surprise cruise. But Hulk throws a temper tantrum because he hates cruise ships. Everywhere he goes he's followed by hundreds of fans wanting to take his picture or get an autograph. Will Hulk have a happy birthday or will he throw the other passengers overboard?
25. Hulkmania Forever
Hulk has more or less retired from wrestling, save for the occasional guest match. But WWE chief Vince McMahon wants Hulk to sign up for twenty more years. When he sweetens the proposal by offering to help promote Brooke, Hulk is faced with a dilemma.
26. Knobs Invades
When the Hogans moved out of Clearwater, they left everything behind, including Hulk's buddy, Brian "Nasty Boy" Knobs. So Hulk invites Knobs to the new pad in Miami Beach for a weekend -- without asking Linda. But when this 300-pound loafer strolls around in his underwear, belches, and plays constant pranks, he quickly becomes the family's worst nightmare.
27. Koshermania
At their old house in Clearwater, the Hogans had problems with their neighbors. But in Miami Beach, they vow it's going to be different. Linda drags Hulk to meet the neighbors but the Hogans don't know what it means when the neighbors say they keep kosher. When Linda demands to throw a block party barbeque, Hulk and Nick must figure out how to find kosher food before the guests arrive in order to avoid another neighborhood controversy.
28. Nick In The Driver's Seat
Nick decides he wants to be a drift car racer, a growing sport. He signs up for lessons from noted stunt driver Bobby Ore and proves to his family that he has the goods to make his dream come true. But the pressure is on when he tries to qualify for his drifting license. And when his car gets damaged, can the family help him get back on track?
29. Que Vas Hacer, Hermano!
As if getting adjusted to a new city isn't hard enough, the Hogans quickly realize that they can't get by in the neighborhood if they don't speak some Spanish. Linda decrees that the family take Spanish lessons over Hulk's objections. Will they be able to master Spanish and enjoy Miami's melting pot?
30. Superfan
The family participates in a contest to choose one lucky Hulk fan that will get to travel to Miami to meet their idol. There's a lot of Hulkamaniacs eyeing the prize. When the winner finally arrives at the Hogan household, he can hardly contain his excitement. But he learns it's one thing to wear a boa and strut like the Hulkster and another thing to get bodyslammed by him.
31. The Big Move
There's no music industry in sleepy Clearwater, Florida so the Hogans decide to pick up and move to Miami Beach, where Brooke's record label, studio and producer are located. They pack up their animals, cars and 13 years of memories and trade their castle-like mansion for a sleek Miami Beach abode. But when the Hogans finally survey the new place, they discover that the $12 million house is full of problems, and Hulk and Linda wonder whether leaving Clearwater was such a good move.
32. The Canine Mutiny
The move to Miami has been tough on the family, but especially for all the Hogan pets. Linda realizes that the dogs are particularly out of sorts, acting strange and tearing at furniture. She turns to a variety of pet therapists and psychics to try and calm the family zoo.
Hogan knows best, but nobody is listening!
Richardson | Sunny California USA | 04/30/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This show is brilliant as an example of what NOT to do as a parent and how easy it is to cross the line in an effort to win your childrens love by spoiling them and not holding them accountable for their actions. It should be plain to anybody watching why Nick Hogan ended up in jail and Brooke doesn't have much of a career as a singer...and why Linda, emboldened by her reality TV fame has regressed herself into a fantasy land. Hulk comes off as a caring dad who wants the best for his family but in an effort to make up for years away is all talk and no action when it comes to being strict and teaching his kids responsibility. I feel sorry for him now that the reality of his life has gone so wrong....he's broken down physically and at a time when he should be able to enjoy life and watch his kids grow up he's overseeing a disaster of epic proportions with his good intentions and lax supervision to blame. Hoganstein is what this should be called because of the monsters he's created.
This is one time where the show is more real than you could imagine...and while its severely edited to create a story arc its easy to see the sad sad reality. Nick Hogan is now starring in his own version of Red Asphalt."
Hogan Knows Best, but doesnt know when to retire
Micheal Hunt | Hellbourne | 09/12/2008
(2 out of 5 stars)

"Don't judge this review by the stars and title, I was a hulkamaniac and would still pay to see Hulk wrestle.

However what I am not a fan of is reality TV. I only picked this one up because a lot of friends said it was not that much of a reality TV show, but funny.

However, after watching it, I can see what they where saying, but what it's left me feeling is that Terry Bolleah is an a*****.

The way he treats his daughter and telling her she needs to be thin and should only eat healthy to me was just wrong. And the way he tells his son he can't date a girl because he should be looking for more girls is fubar.

I can understand he is a protective parent, but there is a limit, like secretly stalking your daughter by a gps unit and calling her every time they go down a street that they did not inform Hogan of.... come on, let them live a little, teach them how to have safe sex if there going to do it, not tell them sex is a bad thing and they are not allowed to do it.

Plus, a lot of things seemed to be copying stuff I saw on the Osbourne's. And it makes me wonder if anything they show is legit, or if it's scripted. Seems strange you see maybe a dog or two in one episode, then the next there is 100 animals everywhere.... is it selective editing, or someone coming up with something that might be interesting for that episode?

From a few clips I saw on youtube, it seems like season 2 got funnier, I might check that one out later, but as for season 1, i have lost a lot of respect for Hogan if that is the way he really treats his kids."