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John Coltrane: Alligator Farm
John Coltrane Alligator Farm
Genres: Music Video & Concerts

Fourth solo album for heavy metal guitar virtuoso who's played with Racer X and Mr.Big. 14 tracks. Standard jewel case. 2000 release.


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Genres: Music Video & Concerts
Sub-Genres: Pop, Rock & Roll
Studio: Digital Sound
Format: DVD Audio
DVD Release Date: 06/26/2001
Release Year: 2001
Number of Discs: 1
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Movie Reviews

Like Paul Gilbert? Get this CD.
Bo Stephens | Indianapolis, IN - USA | 01/08/2001
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Although not his best work, any fan of Paul Gilbert should purchase this CD for the two instrumental tracks "Let The Computer Decide" and "Whole Lotta Sonata". "Let The Computer Decide" is a musical journey full of creative genius. "Whole Lotta Sonata" is a wonderfully styled classical piece in the tradition of "Gilberto Concerto". One of the more addictive songs (for me at least) is the short "Six Billion People". Lasting only one and a half minutes it is musically perfect in every way. The first time I heard "Six Billion People" I set my CD player to "repeat" and listened to it for over an hour straight. Excessive? Perhaps you haven't heard the song! Some of the other tracks are fairly ordinary sounding and occasionally spiced up by an intro, solo and/or ending. Paul definitely will not be receiving a Grammy for "Best Vocal Performance", but he can out-sing [insert one-hit-wonder] who probably can't even play an instrument. Lastly, this album (as a whole) can't touch any of Gilbert and company's Mr. Big albums. It does, however, stand on it's own as a very enjoyable jaunt into the mind of an eccentric virtuoso and definitely worth the price of admission."
Thumbs up!!
servcal | LINTHICUM, MARYLAND United States | 03/23/2002
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I don't know what to say other than this is a really good cd. Paul showcases excellent songwriting sensibilities while keeping his blazing guitar work prominently displayed. Some songs sound very punk influenced while others, were they promoted, could easily be Top 40 standards. If you've ever been a Paul Gilbert or Mr. Big fan, you should definitely check this one out."
Very Broad Mix of Great Stuff
J. Schneider | Mosinee, WI United States | 02/02/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"1. Better Chords -- very cool, punkish vibe about it... good kick in the pants to get things started but only a minute long... should've made a "real" song out of it, because the vibe is great! (3/5)

2. Individually Twisted -- very catchy pop/rock tune with a couple guitar transitions that might not fit the song that well, but are just what we all want to hear from Pablo! Main guitar solo kicks tail and does fit the song perfectly. (4/5)

3. Cut, Cut, Cut -- cut, as in "cut all the ties"... think of being in a stinky relationship and cutting all the ties, then blazing down the road scenting that sweet smell of freedom... Gilbert catches that vibe and runs with it here. Punk music, though, with no guitar solo: just a straight-forward uptempo punk rocker. (4/5)

4. Alligator Farm -- uptempo swing rocker; catchy and kinda funny, great guitar sprinkled throughout; imagine the Setzer's Stray Cats with Gilbert on guitar. Hey: it works -- catchy as hell and he really rips it up! (4/5)

5. Attitude Boy Will Overcome -- Straight-forward, in-your-face, uptempo rock and roll with gobs of screaming guitar and all kinds of attitude: this is why we listen to Paul Gilbert. If this doesn't get you out of your seat, you are surely dead! (5/5 and then some!)

6. 2 Become 1 -- Incredibly cheesy ballad that is so over-the-top you swear that he's intentionally doing a parody of the sappy garbage you hear elsewhere. I really hope it's not a serious song, but the music is excellent making me think he's serious... but the words are total puke... also his vocals don't quite cut it on slow stuff either... the redeeming factor is the humor, though: I can't take it seriously, and because of that it's kind of funny. (2/5)

7. Lancelot Link -- non-serious acoustic strumming with vocals that make very little sense; kinda funny but not really worth our attention. Like an inner joke that we don't get(?). Anyway, it's very short so don't let it sway your decision to buy. (1/5)

8. Rosalinda Told Me Your Name -- mid-tempo (nowhere near fast, but not a ballad) and I don't want to like this song, but it's just so danged catchy... reminds me of some of those interesting chord progressions Nuno Bettencourt would come up with on Extreme's 3rd CD. (3/5)

9. Let the Computer Decide -- instrumental: really wicked shredding; has a vocal statement about a third of the way in saying, "First we'll check every component inside out, next we'll compile all the data... then we'll let the computer decide." Interesting song, seems to have some meaning, and I reiterate: REALLY wicked guitar! (5/5)

10. Koto Girl -- slower number, a ballad about a girl from Koto who goes and gets famous and Paul is lusting after... I dare say it's touching, BUT most of us don't really listen to Paul for this kind of stuff, and there are unfortunately some cheesy lyrics mixed into the otherwise decent story... although his vocals are better than in track 6... overall it doesn't quite float my boat, but isn't bad. (3/5)

11. Dreamed Victoria -- another midtempo one not unlike track 8... not quite as catchy as that on, though, but is along those lines and roughly similar in overall quality. Aside: is it just me or could this be a bonus track on Dream Theater's "Scenes from a Memory"? Not for the music as there's no Portnoy or Rudess here, but for the story/lyrics? The similarity is almost startling... (3/5)

12. Six Billion People -- very jazzy and catchy, captures the silly nature of love and isn't generally what you look for in a Gilbert CD, but is a very pleasant surprise: this is just plain good music... and even if you don't like it, it's short. (4/5)

13. The Ballad of the Last Lions -- uptempo, rousing ballad, packs a very good punch... extended guitar solos a-la Free Bird (seriously, except on this song it's Gilbert really ripping the guitar to pieces, not that the guys in Skynyrd can't play, but they are NOT Paul Gilbert!) Anyway - this is just plain good music that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. (5/5)

14. Whole Lotta Sonata -- Paul plays Mozart. Brilliant, but I prefer either Gilberto Concerto or Haydn's No. 88 from other CD's. Despite that slight preference, this still kills. (5/5)

Overall (4/5) : Anything I gave a 4 or better is particularly good to me, so that makes 8 really good songs - well over a half hour of quality stuff... if you just want screaming guitar, then his more recent "Get Out of My Yard" is all instrumental and much preferable, or even the old Racer X stuff. This is darned good, though, and if you really like neo-classical stuff, then "Whole Lotta Sonata" is worth the price of the entire CD. Attitude Boy and the Last Lions ballad are also worth the price of admission entirely on their own.
Diverse, entertaining, fun
DesmoBob | 05/15/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This CD has an almost experimental feel to it. It goes in many different directions, even has some Ramones and Cheap Trick vibe in spots. Some punk, some blues, some pop, some jazz. A lot of different influences show through.

If you just want full on, pure shred, this is NOT the CD for you. Paul shows he's a musician FIRST, shredmaster second. Of course, there is a little bit of it, like in "Let The Computer Decide." But remember, the album as a whole is a showcase of many different styles.

Some people didn't like the Spice Girls cover, reviewing it at face value. Fair enough. But I did catch the humor in that song, Paul even lays Jimmy Page's Stairway solo in there, and made it fit perfectly! I seem to recall much later in a guitar clinic, that Paul thinks the Spice Girls song makes for a nice study in chord progressions.

One of my favorite tracks is the jazz fusionesque "6 Billion People." The lyrics are light hearted and whimsical, but the true brilliance is in the beautiful underlying chord structure and the odd scale he uses for the jazzy & melodic lead. Another reviewer said he repeated this song over and over in his CD player, and I admit I have done the same.

I also find this CD very good for days when I'm really grumpy, or just having a crummy day altogether. Paul is genuinely a good hearted guy, and in this particular album, it really shines through with Paul's upbeat and fun songs. It's hard to stay grumpy with this in the CD player."