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Pokemon 7: Advanced - Abandon Ship (2pc) (Bond)
Pokemon 7 Advanced - Abandon Ship
Genres: Kids & Family, Anime & Manga, Animation
UR     2009


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Genres: Kids & Family, Anime & Manga, Animation
Sub-Genres: 7-9 Years, Anime & Manga, Animation
Studio: Viz Media
Format: DVD - Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 03/31/2009
Release Year: 2009
Screens: Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English
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Movie Reviews

Pokemon drew and may rock
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This was awesome in win lose or Drew this is how it all starts with the rivalry between May and Drew and the very first rose... Having a wailord of a time was very awesome May was very nice... Finally in Now thats flower power May meets Drew and there strong bond all starts out here and there are sparks.fireworks at the end when Drew battles team rocket with an awesome solarbeam"
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This movie contains pretty good episodes

Just one of the geysers- In this episode Ash has his much awaited battle with Brawly of the dewford gym and uses brawlys old strategy to help him win his battle

Abandon ship- ( ok this one I thought was pretty good ) ok so the gang are on a boat and team rocket dressed in their stupid costumes are giving them food and stuff when Jessie pulls out pikachu food when pikachu is close she grabs him they do their motto pikachu attmpts thunderbolt it dosn't work he escapes somehow and team rocket blast off Brock takes control of the boat which then runs out of gas! They drift a little while and find a huge ship that looks new they say and wonder why its their so they climb aboard they meet a guy named Tommy who tells them the history of the boat and how the night it sank he lost his marshtomp then when the pokemon are eating torchic see's something and cheaks it out it gets captured by a big blue monster later discovered as swampert one by one eveyone including team rocket are captured except Ash Brock and Tommy who later find the swampert and follow it to where everyone is Tommy notices the swampert knows iron tail which he had taught his marshtomp he tells swampert he thinks it evolved from his marshtomp and reminds it of the times when he was a kid and when swampert was a baby mudkip Tommy tells it he never mean't to abandon it that he thought it was safe in its pokeball swampert remembers and is reunited with his trainer

Now thats flower power- May is excited to begin her training with beautifly for the pokemon contest and when beautifly uses gust too hard the frisbee she threw to it goes to far and a boy named Drew catches it and asks her if she's entering the contest with such a cheesy act she gets mad later that day they meet a man named Mr.Big who tells them about these cool colorful pokemon fireworks hes making while their listening to mr.Big torchic sneaks off and eats the berries which are all over its face (its so cute) that mr.Big was saving for his fireworks so the gang go out to find some Team Rocket hears the berries are good for your hair they want to get some for the boss so when the berries are found by torchic Team rocket steals them their the gang is joined in battle by drew and get the berries for Mr.Big

having a wailord of a time- (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE) May is excited for her contest and asks Brock to watch torchic it seems sad but is alright Max isn't to happy with what May did and says she spends all her time with beautifly and just leaves torchic all alone and questions if May even likes torchic anymore Ash and Brock say may really loves torchic because it was her very first pokemon so it will always be special to her Ash says all the pokemon he catches are special and pikachu jumps on his shoulder "and you were my very first one" he says he mentions they didn't always get along at the start though Brock also tells his first pokemon was onix Nurse Joy asks about their torchic treecko and mudkip she tells she's impressed of how well they've been raised. Max Ash and Brock all go help Nurse Joy take care of the three starter pokemon she has to give to new trainers since their are no pokemon labratories in town Max lets out the three pokemon a mean looking torchic with attitude a crybaby mudkip and a female treecko Meanwhile May finds a wailord washed up on the beach and phones nurse joy she tells them not to let the pokemon out of the building and she and brock leave. The torchic makes a getaway torchic and mudkip try to stop it but it dosn't give in it attacks and defeats not bad when its much smaller then mays torchic and mudkip pikachu gets in front of it and sparks its cheeks at it torchic plays the pitty puppy dog crying face and pikachu feels bad torchic then hits it with ember treecko then jumps in front of it not facing it uses the back look stare the torchic seems scared and the female treecko is impressed mudkip still being a crybaby max picks torchic up but gets pecked corphish attempts to stop it but gets scratched the torchic is outside now! on the way to get torchic the female treecko gets a flower in its mouth like treecko's stick the little mudkip falls and starts crying and corphish starts battling torchic even when told to stop torchic defeats corphish and evolves into combusken Ash and Max stunned by the evolution decide to swap combusken for mays torchic they imagine telling may her torchic evolved and her getting really mad Nurse Joy took care of the wailord and is back at the center treecko mudkip and torchic are all on the counter and the little girl is their to pick her pokemon with her father she says maybe she'll choose mudkip Ash insists on mudkip she says she likes treecko too Ash insists on treecko as well she says I choose this one about torchic Ash says "Forget it!" he makes a bunch of stuff up about how torchic is an awful pokemon to start off with May walks in after being distracted by max 1000 times and gets mad at ash after torchic runs to her. the combusken comes out of the closet it was locked in and Ash tells that combusken was the torchic they were told to watch they soon see wailord being carried away its team rocket of coarse and combusken attacks and frees wailord ash sends pikachu for a thunderbolt and the girl and her father are impressed the little girl chooses mudkip and treecko starts crying the little girls father feels bad and takes treecko max is left smiling and wonders what his first pokemon will be.

win lose or drew- just a breif summary since the previous one was so much and my hands are getting cramped May enters her contest and falls messing up her entry but also battles drew who wins this time?"