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Popeye (75th Anniversary Collector's Edition)
75th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Genres: Kids & Family, Animation
NR     2004     8hr 0min


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Genres: Kids & Family, Animation
Sub-Genres: Animation, Animation
Format: DVD - Color,Enhanced - Animated
DVD Release Date: 04/27/2004
Original Release Date: 01/01/2004
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2004
Release Year: 2004
Run Time: 8hr 0min
Screens: Color,Enhanced
Number of Discs: 3
SwapaDVD Credits: 3
Total Copies: 1
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set,Collector's Edition
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

I Yam What I Yam? Or Yam I?
Gordan Calma | Ottawa, Ontario Canada | 03/11/2004
(2 out of 5 stars)

"There is this interesting tendency on this site to rate products before they are even released. Thus, certain people who only have a very vague idea about the product they are rating, tend to give their opinion that is based on their distant and very subjective memories or some very questionable reasoning. Having said that, most of us who are rating this product have no idea about the actual audio-visual quality of this Popeye release. Good picture/sound, correct title cards, etc. will certainly mean an extra star for this product. However, since this DVD collection has not been released yet, all we can do is rate the actual content. And, that's where the trouble begins, because all of us approach these cartoons from a different perspective.Sure enough, it is nice to see an 8-hour Popeye collection being released on DVD. And, sure enough, it is great to see that the cartoons that are being presented here are NOT a handful of the public-domain 1950s Famous Studios shorts that have been released over and over and over again throughout the years. Having said that, it is important to realize that the King Features Syndicate shorts on this DVD collection, in terms of the quality of drawings, gags, and animation in general, are incomparable to the theatrically-released Famous Studios animated films from the 1940s, let alone the glorious black and white Popeye shorts produced by the now-legendary Fleischer Studios from 1933 until 1942. Fleischer Studios output from the 1930s could be compared to the best of Disney's work from the era. The quality of the animated detail, the energetic humour, the whimsical plasticity, the unprecedented self-consciousness (accomplished through the irreverently zany New York-style of animation + improvisations in the dialogue) and the shocking splendor of three-dimensionality achieved through the innovative Stereoptical process, made Fleischer Popeye shorts from the 1930s some of the BEST animated cartoons ever made. Comparing them to King Features shorts is like comparing Leonardo da Vinci's paintings to an averagely talented first-grader's sketches drawn on a low-quality piece of paper during a boring biology lesson.Still, some King Features shorts were OK, since they introduced some of Elzie Segar's original characters not seen in the Fleischer/Famous shorts. Some of these films also used interesting plot devices (dir: G. Ray). Most of the 220 cheaply-produced TV shorts, however, were simply horrendous (i.e. cartoons by J. Kinney). The best from the bunch were produced by Paramount Cartoon Studios and featured music by Winston Sharples. Unfortunately, this collection is NOT a compilation of the best of King Features shorts.I cannot end this review without referring to the astonishingly ignorant review by the user keithf222. Since he chose to quote (and often misquote and de-contextualize) other users' comments, let's see how we can comment on his fascinating observations. He says: "OK, maybe the title of this DVD is a little misleading" Nope, not a little misleading. The 75th Anniversary Collection is supposed to celebrate 75 years of Popeye (the sailorman's best and, if you want, his worst). Instead of 75 years of Popeye, we get 1 year of Popeye. Instead of the best, we get some of the worst. "But give us a break, will you? I doubt there are even a thousand people around the country that know the difference between Fleischer and King Studios Popeye cartoons, let alone care enough to differentiate."That is like saying: Since most people today don't know much about Godard's "Breathless," let's instead release the inferior American remake with Richard Gere. Who cares? There isn't enough people around the country who care enough to differentiate..."Ignorance is the bliss" is what this user is telling us.

"The Fleischer cartoons are fine, well animated shorts and sure, they're 'classic.' But we all know that they'll be released eventually, so all the cartoon geeks out there will be satisfied in time."The Fleischer Popeye cartoons have never been released on VHS and/or DVD. How do you know that they will be released eventually? King Features Syndicate has been blocking the release of these shorts for years now (they own the copyright for the "Thimble Theater" characters). There is a hope (since Warner Bros and KFS are negotiating and restoring the films), but the big studios + KFS have been unfair to the Fleischers' cartoons featuring our favourite one-eyed, pipe-tooting swab for years and years now...We have all become very skeptical when it comes to this issue..."These cartoons are all fun, and the supposedly unforgivable mistakes are hardly noticeable unless you are really wasting your time looking for them. A kid will be unlikely to notice or care if they do... and who were these made for anyway? For Pete's sake guys, they're only cartoons after all! Can we get a life, or what?"Of course, a kid will not care about the quality of drawing, animation, or mistakes...A kid won't even care much about differences between a public-domain, unrestored VHS tape and a remastered DVD compilation. But, you, my friend, obviously have no idea what words "75th Anniversary Collector's Edition" connote, do you?"
Unrestored public-domain collection of 1960-61 King Features
Zack Davisson | Seattle, WA, USA | 01/31/2004
(2 out of 5 stars)

"Attempting to capitalize on Popeye's 75th Anniversary, someone raided the old vaults at King Studios and rushed out this collection of misses.If there is anyone who loves the 1960's era Popeye cartoons, and doesn't expect any picture/sound quality, then this is the motherlode. While there are a few fun cartoons on here, they are few and far between. The price is not too high for 8 hours of Popeye. It is just too bad it is not 8 hours of glorious Fleischer Popeye.Included in this collection are:- Hits and Missiles
- Plumbers Pipe Dream
- Jeep Tale
- Hoppy Jalopy
- Popeye's Pep-Up Emporium
- Golden-Type Fleece
- Coffee House
- Mueller's Mad Monster
- Popeye and the Spinach Stalk
- After the Ball Went Over
- Popeye's Car Wash
- Muskels Shmuskels
- Interrupted Lullaby
- Goon with the Wind
- Hamburger Fishing
- Childhood Daze
- Jingle Jangle Jungle
- Incident at Missile City
- Fashion Fotography
- Sea No Evil
- Popeye's Junior Headache
- What's News
- Voo-Doo to You Too
- Matinee Idol Popeye
- Popeye and the Giant
- Sheepish Sheep-herder
- Sea Serpent
- Little Olive Riding Hood
- Invisible Popeye
- Track Meet Cheat
- Scardy Cat
- Popeye's Trojan Horse
- Alladin's Lamp
- Crytsal Ball Brawl
- Out of this World
- Swee'pea Soup
- Two-Faced Paleface
- Spare Dat Tree
- Frozen Feuds
- Weight for Me
- Tiger Burger
- Old Salt Tale
- Seer-ring Is Believer-ring
- Popeye Revere
- The Glad Gladiator
- Jeep is Jeep
- Strange Things Are Happening
- Popeye's Testimonial Dinner
- Popeye the Ugly Ducklin
- Giddy Gold
- My Fair Olive
- Kiddie Kapers
- Popeye Thumb
- Barbecue for Two
- Popeye's Used Car
- Popeye's Tea Party
- The Wiffle Bird's Revenge
- Bullfighter Bully
- Fleas a Crowd
- County Fair
- Popeye and Buddy Brutus
- Lighthouse Keeping
- Butler Up
- Popeye's Cool Pool
- Oils Well That Ends Well
- Motor Knocks
- Popeye the Lifeguard
- College of Hard Knocks
- Duel to the Finish
- The Medicine Man
- Egypt Us
- The Big Sneeze
- Wimpy's Lunch Wagon
- Operation Ice-Tickle
- The Mark of Zero
- The Super Duper Market
- Insultin' the Sultan
- Wimpy the Moocher
- Popeye's Double Trouble
- From Rags to Riches to Rags
- Me Quest for Poopdeck Pappy
- The Golden Touch
- Gem Jam
- Popeye's Hypnotic Glance
- Olive Drab and the Seven Sweapeas"
Stay away from this TV crap and wait for the great originals
Steve Bierly | 04/10/2004
(1 out of 5 stars)

"Don't be fooled by this set. These are not the great Max Fleischer and Famous Studios POPEYE cartoons that hit theater screens from 1933-1957. These are unbelievably cheap and unfunny cartoons made for television by King Features, who were trying to compete with the great original theatrical cartoons.The unknowing consumer should be aware of the difference and not waste their money!(...)"
A Mixed Bag
Steve Bierly | Iowa | 03/10/2004
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Even though this DVD contains the limited animation made-for-TV cartoons from the 1960s, one can still find some entertaining and/or interesting films on it. Some use Segar's cast and/or are based on Segar stories (ex. Wimpy The Moocher, From Rags To Riches To Rags, Me Quest For Poopdeck Pappy). Some are Sagendorf-like (ex. Insultin' The Sultan). Some are pretty clever (ex. Egypt Us, Golden-Type Fleece). Some flirt briefly with the sort of romantic storylines that Famous Studios used to do (ex. Motor Knocks, My Fair Olive). Some would be exciting to young children (ex. Gem Jam, Giddy Gold). Some have interesting character designs (ex. Bulter Up, Coffee House, Barbecue For Two, Sea No Evil). BUT some of these cartoons are among the worst ever created (ex. Popeye And The Giant, Old Salt Tale)!! And most of the people who visit my Popeye fansite are asking for the Fleischer and the Famous Studios cartoons to be released. This ain't them! Still, it's a start. But come on, Warner Brothers and King Features Syndicate, release the theatrical cartoons already!"