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The Potty Movie For Girls
The Potty Movie For Girls
Genres: Kids & Family, Special Interests, Educational
2007     0hr 30min


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Genres: Kids & Family, Special Interests, Educational
Sub-Genres: Kids & Family, Toilet Training, Educational
Studio: Barrons
Format: DVD
DVD Release Date: 09/25/2007
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 0hr 30min
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
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Movie Reviews

Short, Fun, and Effective DVD
P. Butler | Ventura, California | 07/02/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"My daughter loved the The Potty Book for Girls. After two weeks of potty training, she was 90% consistent with pee in her potty, but poop was still scary to her. She looked frightened and didn't seem to know if she could do poop in the potty too. She requested a diaper or ran away instead. This was stressful for everyone.

I thought the corresponding DVD might help Maya along in the #2 department. We watched what Maya calls her "Hannah" movie (the name of the main character) on a Sunday afternoon. Within two hours, she had gone poop in the potty for the very first time. I credit the Hannah video for helping her take that last step. Since then, Maya has pooped in the potty four more times and is just so proud of each one. She insists that we go get Daddy so that he can see her poop too.

If your daughter likes the Hannah book, I think she will also like the video. It is short (about 15 minutes), which some may think is a low value for the money, but I think it is a good length for a young child's attention span (Our daughter is 2 years and 4 months). It basically retells the book's same story but with animated versions of Hannah and her family. It also has a fun song that my daughter likes to sing: "Bye-bye poop" set to the tune of "Bye-bye love."

However, I think the thing that was most effective was that the video actually pictured poop in the potty after Hannah went. So many videos talk about poop, but they don't show it there. I think that seeing the poop in Hannah's potty showed Maya that it was really okay to poop in the potty.

Another good thing is that the video, like the book, is very positive and affirming. It doesn't shame accidents, it encourages children to be proud of when they do pee or poop in the potty, and it clearly shows that it is okay to go potty when you are ready--providing a nice tranisiton from diapers to potty.

Maya requests seeing Hannah at least once most days. Though a short video, I think that it's well worth the money. For any parent who has chased around a scared and confused child who has pooped in his/her underpants and doesn't know what to do, this is truly worth it. Though Maya's pride in her poop may seem bizarre to some, I am happy that she feels proud of what she could accomplish. As a side note, Maya started trying to dress herself two days after she became successful with poop. I know that many of these steps are developmental anyway, but I figure that anything that helps support that natural process in a positive way is definitely worth it.

A final factor may be that Maya is in a complete pink obsession mode. I think it helps that Hannah loves pink too. Being able to see another girl like her succeed at using the potty makes it all the easier. This morning, Maya woke up and told me, "I know how to use the potty." That this was her first, happy thought this morning makes me glad. Thank you, Hannah!"
Disapointed just a little
P. Honeycutt | Texas | 12/30/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"My daughter is 2; we purchased a different potty DVD and were not happy with it. We recently ordered the deluxe package with the doll but were very disappointed that the doll did not come. I tried to get call and send e-mails explaining we did not receive the doll but the e-mails bounce back and all I get is voice mail with no return call back.
We really do recommend this product very much. While my daughter is on the potty we give her the book and read it to her. Some times she pretends to read it her self just like Hanna in the movie and we watch the movie every night. Since we have started this my daughter has caught on to going in the big girl potty and if she keeps this up, next month we will get big girl underwear!
I would have given 5 stars but we did not get the doll that I ordered.
Potty Training Help
Zeesmama | TX | 04/04/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"My 17 month old daughter loves her Hannah baby doll! She dances around to the cute little bye bye diaper song on the DVD:o) We read the book while she sits on her potty. This is a great potty training tool to help encourage and inspire little ones to use the potty. I rated only four stars because we didn't receive the Teddy:o( bummer! All in all we are very satisfied with this product."
Beautiful disaster
S. Porretta | Ontario, Canada | 05/18/2008
(2 out of 5 stars)

"I got this DVD from the library to help my 2 year old daughter start preparing for potty training. I am very glad that I didn't spend any actual money on it.

The production quality is about as low as it gets. The drawings are crude and the lips don't even move in sync with the speaking at times. They repeat the same clips throughout the movie, plus it is also blurry and out of focus at times. And, honestly, the main character is supposed to be a toddler but she has the voice of a 30 year old (at least) woman! Was it really that hard to hire a child to do a child's voice? Or at least an adult that actually sounds like a child? Again, poor production values. The reading is stiff and wooden, too. It sounds fake and forced, like she's reading straight out of the script with no real emotion.

However, all this being said, the movie still has value in that: 1) It's less than half an hour so it's good at keeping the attention span of a toddler, 2) It actually SHOWS the character using the potty. And yes, it even goes a step further by showing you exactly what the pee and poop look like! This is something that I haven't seen in other potty training books or videos, and although it's gross it's still reality and it's refreshing that they're not afraid to show the kids the products of their elimination. 3) They have a special segment where they show real toddlers sitting on potties and singing along to the ridiculous but surprisingly catch potty theme song. This is good for capturing a child's attention as well, since they can relate to and enjoy watching other kids playing and singing.

Overall, despite the poor production values with the crude animation, at times blurry quality, and annoying voice, I would STILL recommend this over Elmo's Potty Time (the other potty training DVD we've seen) because instead of just a lot of singing and dancing about the potty and about growing up, it actually SHOWS kids how to sit on a potty and how to use it, and that's gotta be worth something! Plus, my daughter actually sat down to watch this and even asked to see it AGAIN, whereas with Elmo's DVD she got bored after the first 20 minutes and wanted something else."