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Queer as Folk - The Complete Third Season (Showtime)
Queer as Folk - The Complete Third Season
Actors: Gale Harold, Hal Sparks, Randy Harrison, Michelle Clunie, Thea Gill
Directors: Alex Chapple, Bruce McDonald, Chris Grismer, David Wellington, Jeremy Podeswa
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Television, Gay & Lesbian
2004     11hr 13min

A group of gay friends (men & women) lives out their day-to-day lives in Pittsburgh, PA. A groundbreaking series set in a work-a-day blue-collar world. Queer as Folk is the first TV drama that treats gay people simply ...  more »


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Actors: Gale Harold, Hal Sparks, Randy Harrison, Michelle Clunie, Thea Gill
Directors: Alex Chapple, Bruce McDonald, Chris Grismer, David Wellington, Jeremy Podeswa
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Television, Gay & Lesbian
Sub-Genres: Gay & Lesbian, Drama, Drama, Gay & Lesbian, Gay & Lesbian
Studio: Showtime Networks
Format: DVD
DVD Release Date: 02/24/2004
Original Release Date: 12/03/2000
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2003
Release Year: 2004
Run Time: 11hr 13min
Number of Discs: 5
SwapaDVD Credits: 5
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 2
Edition: Collector's Edition
Languages: English, Spanish

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Movie Reviews

QAF gets serious!
societygirl | Canada | 11/14/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I was pleased to see QAF take a more serious turn in season three. Season one was excellent in establishing the characters and taking the viewers on a fun ride. Season one had a mix of both funny scenes and serious scenes. Season two started off good but soon became kooky and the storylines didn't hold any water. In season three, Peter Paige and Scott Lowell shined. Aswell, Gale Harold continued to deliver. The storylines were interesting and it was nice to see some serious issues brought up and others wrapped up. I was impressed with the the third season."
Show continues but looses some of its edge
Movie Mania | Southern Calfornia | 06/06/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"We left the boys at Rage premiere party. Brian has just told Justin to go with Ethan. Ted has just declared his love for Emmett.

Disc One:
Episode 1 - The aftermath of the party. Justin move out of the loft and into ?? studio. (Of course, Justin remembers his favorite sexcapades.) Tension mounts at the diner when Brian and Justin have their first post break up meeting. But it is Michael who has the meltdown. Now that Ben is not going to Tibet, he is homeless and Michael invites him to move in with him --- and Emmett. Now that they are a couple, Ted and Emmett try to have sex - easier said than done. All comes to a head at Mel and Lindsay's Anniversary Party.

Episode 2 - Brian monopolizes Michael's nights. Melanie wants to give Gus a sibling but Lindsay doesn't want to bear it. Emmett has a fling under Brian's Grandfather Rule but when Ted finds out...

Episode 3 - Brian agrees to help out with the Center's fundraiser. Melanie decides to have a baby. Debbie is afraid to be intimate with Carl but Ted and Emmett give her a course on pleasing a man. Ben can't handle the news that his ex has died.

Episode 4 - Melanie and Lindsay decide that Brian is not the right man to be the father of their second child so they ask Michael. After punishing his nephew for stealing, the boy accuses him of molesting him. Ted asks Emmett to move in with him but finds that living together is not as easy as it sounds.

Disc Two:
Episode 5 - Brian woes a homophobic politician to get power. Ethan comes in second at a prestigious competition but catches the eye of a talent agent. Melanie has anxiety over trying to conceive. Michael catches Ben using steroids. Ethan finds there is a price for fame, he must keep Justin a secret.

Episode 6 - Brian's ads help Stockwell close the gap. Stockwell starts to crack down on the gay community. Ted thinks he is safe from the police until he is busted. Michael confronts Ben with his steroid usage. Justin sneaks off to Ethan's concert in Harrisburg and sees him sneak off with an admirer.

Episode 7 - Ted is released on bail but knows that it is not going to go well for him. Justin confronts Ethan on what he saw after the concert. Ted seeks help from Brian, who uses his influence to cut Ted a deal. Melanie is pregnant.

Episode 8 - Michael and Ben find Hunter living rough and Ben wants to help him. Justin receives an internship at Vanguard, Brian's company. Lindsay finds her own way at the gallery, which includes hiring Emmett to throw an important party at the gallery.

Disc Three:
Episode 9 - Melanie decides to cut back on work until a case is accepted for appeal from the State Supreme Court. Woody's is closed when a charity strip show contestant goes too far and one of the cops recognizes Brian. Ted gets depressed that he cannot get a job and it gets worse when he helps out Emmett at one of his events and is humiliated by one of the gay elite. Debbie mounts a protest against Stockwell and gets her cop boyfriend in hot water.

Episode 10 - The police shut down the bath houses and sex clubs. Melanie is running herself ragged and Lindsay and Michael are concerned. Justin reacts to the persecution by creating his own campaign posters for Stockwell. Hunter (the hustler) winds up in the hospital and claims Ben is his uncle. When Emmett cancels their getaway plans, Ted goes to a sex party.

Episode 11 - Ben and Michael search for Hunter to give him bad news. Stockwell has a campaign stop at the G&L Center and is ambushed by Justin, Daphne, Lindsay and Deb. Ted runs into Dr. Crystal and goes to another of his sex parties. Ben invites Hunter to stay at the apartment. Ted disappears after the party. Stockwell finds out about Brian and Justin and Brian gets fired from the agency.

Disc Four:
Episode 12 - Ted finally resurfaces after three days away. Ben and Michael take in Hunter. Hunter recognizes a picture of Jason Kemp (S3 Dumpster Boy) and alludes to Debbie that the trick he left with was a cop the night he was killed. Everyone is giving unwanted advice to Emmett about Ted. Brian investigates Hunter's lead.

Episode 13 - Hunter delivers the evidence needed to identify the last man with dumpster boy. Ben and Michael lay down the law with Hunter. Emmett finds out that sex on meth is not what Ted cracks it up to be. Ben and Michael throw Hunter a surprise birthday party. Tweaked Ted throws out Emmett who moves in with Melanie and Lindsay.

Episode 14 - Hunter's mother arrives and wants him back. Ted wants Emmett back but Emmett doesn't want tweaker Ted back. Brian hocks all to stop Stockwell. Ted checks into rehab and runs into an old flame.

Behind the Camera - the directors: 16 minute featurette with cinematographer Thom Best talking about the various directors and shows their style. Interesting behind the scenes look.

Behind the Camera with Cast and Crew: 26 minute featurette with cinematographer Thom Best talking about the filming of the series with additional comments by cast and crew. Not really that interesting.

Hot Summer Days - 33 minute featurette on a day in the life of five of the actor during the summer off after Season 3. Again it is just filler.

Wrap Party Reel - 12 minutes of bloopers.

Enter Babylon - Los Angeles - 12 Minute featurette on the making of a gay circuit party during LA Pride 2003. More Filler

Some Lovin music video by Kristine W

Updated cast bios.
Masterpiece television
Vera Lynn | Canada | 07/21/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I won't pretend to claim that Queer as Folk is all-around the most realistic show on television. The British version of QaF tried that, and fizzled out at the end of its second season. Reality, pure and undramatized, does not belong in a long-running television series. Once you get to know the characters, how much pleasure can you really get out of watching people ferry between work and the pub day in and day out?Queer as Folk is often criticized for its melodrama and insinuation (or perhaps, assumption by the public) that this is an attempt to portray the entire spectrum of gay life. But I don't think pure reality was ever the intention, the goal was for exposure, acceptance, and entertainment. While I agree that QaF is not as realistic or as beautifully written as Six Feet Under, I still prefer it for its superior characterization. Some may argue that the characters are stereotypical, but I think those critics fail to pay enough attention to the individual personalities to see beyond the stereotype. With that assumption, anyone could be viewed as stereotypical until you get to know them. What I enjoy about QaF is that I can see my friends and family reflected in the characters of the show, whose personalities and dialogue are usually better differentiated than even Six Feet Under, and certainly more than a show like Friends, where 99% of the dialogue could be switched between speakers with absolutely no need to edit for style or content.The character of Brian Kinney is far more complex than anything I've seen on television. Anyone who regards him as a flat character, or views his seemingly selfless acts as uncharacteristic obviously doesn't really understand his character. The fact that this complexity is built into the writing is all the more laudable, with characters understanding his true nature to varying degrees. Characters like Emmett view Brian as a flat person while at the other extreme, Debbie is the only character who truly understands the way he thinks. I find the show the most engaging as a dialogue on personality and human interaction.And of course, I love the music. Watching Queer as Folk has introduced me to a significant chunk of the new artists I presently listen to, and makes me feel at home in a world where the music industry and television networks seem transfixed on mediocrity and sameness in everything they produce."
Queer as Folk Third /season
S. Cook | Trenton, NJ USA | 03/22/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"What can I say except that I am a heterosexual woman who has purchased the entire series of Queer as Folk, and for the main reason of the characters in this series....I am a completely open minded person and believe that everyone is created equal regardless of their preferences in life..I have enjoyed this series because the characters are amazing and you can't help but to fall in love with them yourself. This series touches on many subjects that we all deal with on a day to day basis, however it opens your eyes to the ignorance that a gay person has to deal with all because of who they love..I will never promote predjudice or ignorance in my home, and this series has truly given me a whole new look on life...I fell in love with all the characters, however my absolute favorite is Emmit. I recommend this series to everyone who is open minded. It is a feel good and a tear jerker all rolled up in one...My hat is off to the cast and the producer of this series..Only thing I wish, is that it didn't end.."