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Sasquatch Hunters
Sasquatch Hunters
Actors: Matt Lattimore, Amy Shelton-White, Kevin O'Connor, Gary Sturm, David Zelina
Director: Fred Tepper
Genres: Action & Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
R     2005     1hr 28min



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Actors: Matt Lattimore, Amy Shelton-White, Kevin O'Connor, Gary Sturm, David Zelina
Director: Fred Tepper
Creators: Fred Tepper, Alain Matz, Erwin Tepper, Jenny Hinkey, Tom Zimmerman
Genres: Action & Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
Sub-Genres: Action & Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
Studio: Sony Pictures
Format: DVD - Color,Widescreen - Closed-captioned,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 04/12/2005
Original Release Date: 01/01/2005
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2005
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 1hr 28min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Languages: English
Subtitles: English, French

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Jeremy G.
Reviewed on 1/3/2011...
Awesome movie, loved it!!
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Movie Reviews

Well, I really enjoyed it.
Bud Bundy | MN USA | 07/12/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is about some archaeologists who, guided by some forest rangers, hike back into the mountains to investigate some odd bones that they have in their museum. The bones were brought in by some trappers who lived in the area many years ago. Overall, these folks are a very likable bunch. Some of the acting is a tad cheesy, and one guy is prone to speaking in a monotone, but I'm so used to watching low budget movies where I couldn't care less if everyone gets killed (half the time I'm cheering for them to die in some horrible way), that I was impressed that I actually cared about these folks and didn't want to see them get killed.

Once in the mountains, they discover some burial mounds and dig up the bones of, yup, you guessed it, Sasquatch! Well, turns out the Sasquatch don't like people messing with their graveyard, and a night of terror ensues. I really liked this part of the movie, all the cheesiness is gone and it gets very serious. It's done quite well, with nice night photography in the forest, good theme music, good dialogue, and good performances from the actors. I remember when I was in the Cub Scouts and the counselors told a scary story around the campfire, then somebody jumped out of the trees and we all scattered. Being little kids, we fell for it hook line and sinker. This part of the movie brought back memories of that. Yes, the CGI Sasquatch do look pretty bad in certain scenes, but overall I'd say they look good. It allows them to be very large and move quickly, a nice change from the usual guy in a suit that, because of the bulky suit, looks hilarious trying to keep up with his intended victims.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this to lovers of low budget movies. You even get a busty babe taking a shower in a bikini."
And we Bigfoot buffs wonder why no one will take it serious.
M. Smith | Pittsburgh, PA | 05/12/2005
(1 out of 5 stars)

"This is the kind of trash that causes people to laugh at the Bigfoot/Sasquatch buffs and researchers and why no one will ever take the subject serious. As if the Jonas Quastel direceted/Lance Henrickson starring "Sasquatch" put out by Columbia Tri-star a couple of years ago wasn't bad enough, they(CTS)had to go and release another awful Sasquatch film. I know that there has been some ridiculously awful B movies made about the genre in the past, but, you would think in this day and age of technology and money that somebody could finally make a good realistic Bigfoot flick. But, this film is why no big name studio or director will take the chance. The plot is okay, I guess, I can buy the fact that a group of park rangers is hired to guide a couple of scientists into the deep woods looking for bones of an unknown species that had also been found by a couple of trappers many, many years ago, we learn this in the first few minutes of the film, but after that it goes WAY down hill. The acting is awful, I guess that is why it is called a "B-Movie" and you get what you pay for. They even had to throw in a steriotypical staple of all B-Movies, the big breasted blonde, who must take a bag shower every morning in a skimpy bikini showing all of her assets to the male park rangers. Then probably the worst thing of all in this film is the CGI created Sasquatches. The animation is terrible and at times the Sasquatches look more like cartoon characters than an unknown hairy bi-pedal primate. And then in the end, fleeing from a colony of actors dressed up in gorilla suites, our heroes end up finding shelter in an old cabin that was originally inhabited by the trappers we learned about in the beginning of the film. Oh, the irony. Anyway, I guess as a Bigfoot enthusiast I should be happy at the fact that some one at least took the time to make a film about the subject, but, I can't get get past being p*##%d off at the way they went about it. If you like low budget horror films you can get a laugh from, like most of the brain-less, responsibility-less teenagers today, then you will love this film. If you are a Bigfoot/Sasquatch enthusiast, don't waste your time, I already did."
"So The Theory We're Going With Is That It's A Homicidal Bea
Robert I. Hedges | 03/09/2010
(4 out of 5 stars)

"As a devoted lover of B-movies, I have seen more than my share of Bigfoot films, and despite being another low-budget Yeti flick, "Sasquatch Hunters" is not without its unique charms. It is far from the worst Bigfoot movie I have ever seen, and managed to keep my interest for 88 minutes.

The film opens with three buffoons hunting something in the woods with pistols, when they run afoul of Sasquatch, who is none too happy to see them. Bigfoot makes short work of them, and even had the good graces to kill the most annoying character first. After the title sequence we meet up with a group of students and professors who want to go into the woods to look for bones, and the group of forest rangers there to keep them safe, headed by former ranger and obvious hero Matt Lattimore. The cast includes brother and sister forest rangers (Spencer and Janet) who both have difficulties keeping their hormones under control to no avail. For a monster-in-the-woods movie there is amazing restraint on the romantic subplot front.

As the cast walks through the woods the tasteful score swells in the background to the point it's distracting. The music is actually well done (especially for a film on this kind of budget) but is overly loud and intrusive at times, and even more annoyingly frequently crescendos when absolutely nothing significant is happening; it seems to get better after the first half hour or so, but maybe I just adapted to it. For a film of this nature the script isn't bad, although there are some ridiculous lines ("Maybe it's one of those man-bear things!"), which is probably unavoidable given the subject matter. I was also quite amused by the discussion about how dense the forest was, despite the fact that there are veritable wide boulevards carved out of the foliage on the trails they're following.

The researchers stumble on the sacred Yeti cemetery (actually, "Yeti Cemetery" would be a great name for a movie, but I digress) and the academics are gleeful at the cornucopia of bones they have unearthed. Very shortly thereafter they discover a bear carcass in a tree and wonder how it got there. Without further ado, cast members start disappearing, mercifully starting with the hormonally-challenged Spencer and Janet. An interesting note here is that despite the presence of several lovely female cast members, most notably Lou (Juliana Dever), the director never resorts to nudity, although there is plenty of adult language and violence. I was genuinely surprised by that.

The real violence begins at night when the Bigfoot gets the cast split up in the woods and starts picking them off. Sometimes the Bigfoot appears to be all digital, and sometimes it is clearly a guy in a gorilla suit with a CGI face, but for a B-movie the effects are certainly passable. The Bigfoot is actually pretty scary, and can run much faster and more quietly than I would have expected. The cast finds an old trapper's shelter surrounded by bear traps and stay there during the evening's Bigfoot siege. At this point two things become clear: first, there is more than one Bigfoot in the woods, and second, the name of the movie is "Sasquatch Hunters" because the Sasquatch are hunting the humans, not named for the group of humans hunting the Sasquatch. I liked that subtlety, and I liked the fact that even the prettiest girl isn't immune from Bigfoot attack.

The nighttime Bigfoot stalking scenes are quite atmospheric, work well in context, and set up the grand finale for the next morning when the battered survivors hike to their jeep and are pursued by a whole pack of Bigfoots (Bigfeet?), barely escaping, while managing to kill several Sasquatch in the process. Fittingly the movie concludes back at the Yeti cemetery with a funeral for their fallen comrades, another touch I liked.

Don't misunderstand me: this film will never be confused with a big-budget science fiction theatrical release and the special effects budget was not large, but for entertainment purposes I found it to be rather enjoyable. The cast was generally likeable, the script had a concept of continuity, the acting was not bad (if a bit hammy on occasion), the cinematography was much better than the budget would imply, and the Sasquatch is adequately scary. There are many big-budget movies that aren't half this entertaining, and because the cast plays it completely straight, this works as an effective old fashioned lost-in-the-woods monster movie. It's less campy than I expected, but that's fine: it does what it set out to do."