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Storm Warning (Ws)
Storm Warning
Actors: Nadia Farès, Robert Taylor, David Lyons, Mathew Wilkinson, John Brumpton
Director: Jamie Blanks
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
UR     2008     1hr 26min

Terrifying horror film about a couple who get stranded on a remote island during a storm and end up becoming the captives of the sick and twisted family that lives there.


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Actors: Nadia Farès, Robert Taylor, David Lyons, Mathew Wilkinson, John Brumpton
Director: Jamie Blanks
Creators: Karl von Moller, Jamie Blanks, Geoff Hitchins, Ann Darrouzet, Dean O'Flaherty, Gary Hamilton, Mark Pennell, Pete Ford, Everett De Roche
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Studio: Weinstein Company
Format: DVD - Color,Widescreen
DVD Release Date: 02/05/2008
Original Release Date: 01/01/2007
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2007
Release Year: 2008
Run Time: 1hr 26min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 1
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Effective Revenge Movie
Biz | 12/29/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The plot for Storm Warning has been done before. Once again we have the stranded couple who are tormented and exploited by a group of degenerate, redneck, perverted sickos in the Australian outback. The difference in this movie is the atmosphere and acting are extremely effective and there is a chilling sense of forboding throughout the movie. Additionally the revenge and sadistic retribution enacted by the female lead is starteling even to the seasoned horror addict. I found the director's first effort, Urban Legend rather lightweight but he has matured in leaps and bounds for Storm Warning."
Violent and Horrific
Mel Odom | Moore, OK USA | 02/08/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"STORM WARNING is one of the most brutal and savage thrillers you'll ever see. The plot has been done about a million times, but the director and five actors manage to stand the story on its head and give it a few new spins that will make your hair stand up.

The conceit of the movie is simple: Pia (Nadia Fares) and Rob (Robert Taylor) are an upwardly mobile couple in Australia who go for a bit of sailing and end up lost in dangerous territory. Pia is an artist and Rob is a lawyer, and neither of them are suited for what they encounter in this film.

The screenplay was written over 30 years ago, but was thought too violent to produce, so it never got made till now. After viewing the film, I have to agree about the violence. This is mean, bitter stuff that will take a truly stouthearted viewer to watch.

I also had to admit that the scenery is breathtaking. The Australian setting is absolutely beautiful. With the way the director slowly pulls the audience into the madness that's about to erupt, there's plenty of time to enjoy the local flora and fauna. I have to admit that the pacing was, at times, almost too slow. But once the story got up and running, you couldn't break away from the screen.

While running from the storm and hoping to get their bearings, Pia and Rob reach a remote farmhouse. After breaking in, they quickly discover that there is nothing normal about anyone that lives there. Sex toys lay out in the open and pages ripped from skin magazines decorate the walls. I knew at that point that only bad things could happen.

Just minutes later, Rob discovers a huge amount of marijuana growing in the barn. He realized at the same time I did that whoever lived there couldn't afford to let them escape. And at that moment, the rough men they'd seen earlier arrived back at the house.

This is when the movie really ratchets up. I knew things were about to go south quickly, and from that moment until the end of the movie, I never took a relaxed breath.

The menace grows slowly, almost like the tightening of a vise, and it won't let the viewer go. I was mesmerized by what Pia and Rob had to deal with. One of the worst parts was the fate of the joey, the baby kangaroo. Although I could understand it, the idea of what took place is still stomach-wrenching.

One of the worst aspects was the gradual build-up of the violence. I totally understood how everything could escalate and be so bad. And I understood the steps Pia and Rob had to take to ensure their safety. Watching all of it was hard, and there was a definite mix of vindication and horror elicited on my part.

The fishing lure trap in the barn is going to set the teeth of a lot of viewers on edge. It was horribly hard to watch, and the subsequent beating later - complete with all the special effects - was difficult.

STORM WARNING is recommended only for horror fans and suspense junkies that like blood and realistic effects. The tense atmosphere is amazing, but the violence is drastic. The director, Jamie Blanks (URBAN LEGEND), clearly knew what he wanted and got it. Although a lot of the low-budget horror films end up with a grainy finish, STORM WARNING looks slick and pretty. A top-notch thriller that draws blood.
Storm Warning is a movie that is a lot better than it should
Dave. K | Staten Island, Ny | 02/10/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Going into Storm Warning I had very low expectations; the backwoods killer concept is something that became popular back in the 60s and since 2003 has made a comeback. Also since 2003 we've seen several movies that were remakes of or inspired by 70s exploitation movies and while I do enjoy some of the newer ones they lack compared to those from previous decades. Back in previous eras a lot of these movies were made to show the audience a twisted world others had some social commentary and others simply for shock value.

While that does apply today as well it seems now the majority are made simply to cash in on the success some of these films have had as of late. I didn't expect much also due to the fact the director was Jamie Blanks who did Urban Legend and Valentine, while neither were bad movies per se, they weren't very good either. So with Storm Warning I really wasn't sure what to expect, but I have to say it was quite the surprise. While it's nothing ground-breaking and we have seen this movie done many times and dome better Storm Warning was overall a solid flick and Jamie Blanks seems to be showing some potential.

Written by Everett De Roche who has done some cult classics apparently wrote the screenplay 30-years ago, but with the recent movies like this making it big he was finally able to produce it. The only major problem with his script is it offers nothing new and is like most of the other flicks out there right now like this. Even if produced 30-years ago Storm Warning wouldn't differ much from what was already out there, but would have felt a little more original. But the screenplay was overall well-done. The victims were alright; they aren't all that interesting and lack depth. But thankfully the action kicks in within the first 20-minutes or so, prior to that it wasn't boring, but it was getting there.

But once the main characters come across the villains things pick up and the script picks up and is overall well written. With movies like this even if the main characters lack depth we can still sort of feel for them since something like this is a lot more possible than say a slasher movie. The villains though are mostly very well written for and come across as totally insane.

Director Jamie Blanks really shows some great promise with Storm Warning the pacing is overall pretty good and he manages to keep things interesting early on even when the characters really don't have anything of importance to say. Once the plot kicks in though Blanks, is able to get the most out of every scene and makes a movie better than maybe it should have been. The only problem is he doesn't really have a style of his own. Urban Legend was the typical 90s slasher that follows the Scream formula and Valentine had a great and creepy opening act, but quickly becomes the typical slasher flick from that time. With Storm Warning Blanks may not offer anything different for this type of movie, but he does manage to create suspense and maintain it unlike his other two outings in the horror genre.

I do believe Storm Warning was a step in the right direction for Jamie Blanks and while he may not go down as one of the great directors of the horror genre he can build a decent reputation. He just needs to find his own style. Every filmmaker is inspired by someone, but the great filmmakers are able to inject their own style into the movie. Even if Blanks does that I'm not saying he'll be great, but he can be a solid genre director. Like I said he showed promise with the opening act in Valentine, but here he is able to maintain the suspense and actually put together some solid scenes. Jamie Blanks is able to build suspense and tension and keep it going till the end of the movie. I really hope he can continue this he really did show a lot of potential and made a movie far better than the two he is known for.

Storm Warning is one of those movies we've seen done and seen done better, but despite being a bit clichéd and predictable the movie actually works well. Sometimes all of that will doom a movie and it won't work, but other times despite clichés and being predictable it can still work and Storm Warning is one of those movies that works well. The movie isn't as dark as it could have been. If you are looking for something extreme you won't really find it. The reason these movies worked so well in past eras was the filmmakers were willing to push the boundaries and go one step further. When making a movie like this I feel you have to go far even if it borderlines bad taste. You have to reach to the darkest places of your mind and not be afraid to go there. If the viewer thinks the filmmaker is some twisted person we won't know where the movie will go next. Sadly Storm Warning doesn't quite do that, but again the movie really works well and works a lot better than maybe it should have.

That's not to say what the characters go through is a walk in the park; put yourself in that situation it would be scary and it would be something that would haunt you for a while. But compared to other films like this it isn't as extreme what the characters go through. But again it's still rather dark. Maybe I've just seen too many of these movies and what was once twisted isn't as twisted now.

The victims Pia played by Nadia Fares and Rob played by Robert Taylor were alright. I liked Pia and thought there was a lot of potential, but the character still works well and Fares gives an excellent performance. What I like about these movies is it poses a good what if? Put yourself in the position of the characters odds are you're gonna die, but first you will suffer. Can you reach down into that dark place and do what has to be done to survive? The character of Rob was slightly annoying and a little too weak. While every so often he does put up a fight he comes across as too weak. The turn in Pia from victim to not being the victim works well thanks to Nadia Fares. With a lesser actress the turn wouldn't have worked, but she really sells it. She goes from victim to heroine and it worked out great.

The villains though were excellent and really elevate the movie. Jimmy played by David Lyons gives an excellent and creepy performance. David Lyons steals the show here for sure I really look forward to seeing more movies he's in. John Brumpton as Poppy was equally as good; he provides a very demented and creepy performance.

The final act is where the violence and gore kicks in and it's quite brutal actually. I won't get into detail because I don't wanna spoil anything, but trust me when the revenge scenes start it's quite brutal and gory and the makers of Storm Warning really deliver. The wait is more than worth it when the action kicks in its excellent.

Overall Storm Warning is a movie that is a lot better than it should have been. While there's nothing here you haven't seen before it works well and delivers on being a fun ride. Jamie Blanks crafts a movie with some solid suspense and tension. Again there's nothing here you haven't seen done before, but despite that Storm Warning works well and is quite the surprise.
Takes too long to get exciting
Raul Duke | Pittsburgh | 06/24/2008
(3 out of 5 stars)

"everything is really well done, from the ambient opening camera shots, to the acting, sets, and effects. its just too bad nothing happens for the first hour. the back of the case claims to be a descent into the darkest depths of human depravity or something like that. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, now thats depravity. this is just a father and his sons growing pot out in the wilderness, and when a lost couple stumbles into their little den, they know what they gotta do.

dang, didnt i see those same villains in another movie? oh yeah, Without a Paddle.. which is a comedy (ie these guys arent scarey)

the main characters are on a nice trip to see nature when a huge storm hits and forces them to dock their boat at a random spot and search for shelter, which leads them to said house. everything seems ok with these backwoods strangers, although a bit off. over time the situation begins to spiral out of control, as the couple is degraded and dehumanized. the movie ends in a bloody showdown, with 3 somewhat unique and very noteworthy gore effects(well 2, one is more implied, but still awsome)

so for horror fans that dont mind yet another backwoods family kills outsiders scenario with a really slow first hour, then by all means, check it out, deffinitely a rental though."