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TNA: Kurt Angle: Champion
TNA Kurt Angle Champion
Actors: Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Christian Cage, Booker T, Samoa Joe
Director: TNA Home Video
Genres: Sports
NR     2008     7hr 0min

Two-time national collegiate champion, Olympic gold medalist, and over 20 time world champion. Kurt Angle has held world titles in every major professional wrestling organization in existence. Angle is the greatest profess...  more »


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Actors: Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Christian Cage, Booker T, Samoa Joe
Director: TNA Home Video
Genres: Sports
Sub-Genres: Wrestling
Studio: Navarre Corporation
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 11/25/2008
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2008
Release Year: 2008
Run Time: 7hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Arguably the Greatest Wrestler Ever!
R. Morris | Idaho Falls, ID USA | 11/27/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Rock, Steve Austin, Undertaker. All these men are among the elite in wrestling history. Well, you can include Kurt Angle in this list. And by the time his career is over, he might and probably will top everyone on this list. Of course, that is all a matter of opinion, but you can't deny Angle's talent level. He can wrestle with the best of them and he can work the mike with the best of them. From an Olympic Gold Medalist to 12x world heavyweight champion in professional wrestling, Kurt is definitly worth getting a dvd.

So, to the dvd itself. I've found that TNA dvds prior to this release seemed kind of sloppy and quickly done. Not this one. The quality is up there with the WWE's dvds. The dvd goes in depth on Kurt's personal life all the way to his current success in TNA. Great coverage of his Olympic run as well. There are many matches on here with Samoa Joe, but I'm not complaining. Kurt and Joe have amazing chemistry and probably have the greatest rivalry in pro wrestling this decade. All the matches on here are five star matches and won't dissapoint.

Even if you don't like Kurt Angle, this is a wrestling purist fans dream. Kurt can down right work in the ring! He's amazing. His life story is one of the most interesting in the business as well. So if you're a Kurt Angle fan, this is the biggest no brainer of a dvd you could think of. If you're just a wrestling fan, I still highly recommend this dvd. Definitly the best dvd that TNA has ever released! Go buy it and check out TNA every Thursday night on Spike to see the best wrestler in the world today."
It's True....It's Damn True!!!
Scotty 2 Hotty 24 | Back Woods, GEORGIA | 11/28/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Finally we get the opportunity to hear the real life/career story from one of the greastest wrestlers of all time, Kurt Angle. Angle is a former 6 time WWE and World Heavyweight champion, 2 time TNA Heavyweight champion, 2 time NCAA national wrestling champion, 1995 World wrestling champion, and of course a 1996 Olympic gold medalist champion. Throughout this 2 disc set you will hear from Kurt himself along with a few members of his family & friends, Kurt's manager, wrestling coaches, Wrestling Legend Bruno Sammartino, and fellow members from the TNA roster including Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, Dixie Carter(TNA President), Christian Cage, Mick Foley, Don West, and Mike Tenay. Disappointed to say though that Kurt's wife Karen Angle doesn't make a cameo whatsoever but reference is made about her during some of the interviews. The 2 discs focuses more on Kurt discussing his career and his life outside of wrestling.

Disc 1
The program starts off with Kurt's introduction into TNA and the night on Impact where he head butted Samoa Joe. That leads to the opening and Kurt telling about his childhood growing up in Pittsburg and losing his father at a young age. Wrestling with his older brothers and playing a variety of sports in high school. Describes how he grew into liking wrestling so much and soon getting a scholarship at Clairon University. Wrestling in college and winning the national title twice. Discussing how many of his family members enjoyed Kurt winning the World championships more then the Olympics. Soon Kurts starts going into depth about how he trained and got ready for the Olympics and the broken neck he suffered 3 months before the Olympic tryouts in Atlanta. The Iranian he had to wrestle in the finals. How emotional he was winning the gold medal in the United States. Then tells the post-Olympic life after winning the gold medal & when the Olympic fever died down. The jobs he was offered before getting interested in professional wrestling and meeting Karen. Makes reference to his career in the WWE and his true feelings towards Vince McMahon & other stars in WWE such as Triple H & Undertaker. The 4 times he broked his neck and other injuries he suffered in WWE. Also, Kurt touches on the last meeting with Vince before his release from WWE.

Genesis 2006
Match of the Decade
Vs. Samoa Joe
TNA advertised this match as being their most hyped match of all time. Even though the match didn't live up to all of the expectations, it was very good. The 20 minutes Joe and Angle was out there, they put on a hell of a show for everybody. Some great moves and submissions too. Some very close near falls & counters. Great match and the fans are very into this one as well. 4.5/5
[Also available on Best of the Bloodiest Brawls: Scars & Stitches]

Turning Point 2006
Vs. Samoa Joe
I have to admit, this was definitely one of the best rematches I have seen. A tad better of a match then from Genesis. A good brawl. A nice sequence of finisher reversals too. A great second encounter from these two. 4.75/5

Final Resolution 2007
30 Minute Ironman Match
Vs. Samoa Joe
Joe & Angle puts on another great match up. Some great moves, good submissions, just some good everything. The falls came at good times too. This was a great match, best match between Joe and Angle during this time. 5/5

Slammiversary 2007
King of the Mountian Match
Vs. Christian Cage vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Chris Harris
Now the rules of this match are a little confusing if you read them but they do work out during the match. You must score a pin fall in order to qualify to climb the ladder to hang up the title belt and the loser of the fall must spend 2 minutes inside a penalty box.

The match was very good. Also some very good moves were excuted with the ladder. Angle manages to get use of his ankle lock on top of the ladder. Styles gets thrown through the announce table and the impact was just sick, it really looked like Styles broke his back. Awesome match. 5/5
[Also available on Best of 2007 and Ultimate Matches]

Disc 2
Disc 2 opens up with Kurt coming to TNA and the deal he signed with Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter. The impact Kurt made on the business soon as he signed with TNA. Kurt meeting Sting for the first time. A lot of the members on the TNA roster talks morely on this disc then Kurt himself. Most tells how Kurt's pressence added more to the roster and what he brought to it. Kurt begins talking and goes on point about his future in wanting to fight for the UFC and begin MMA wrestling. Discussing about training for MMA and maybe becoming a MMA fighter. Also Kurt's plans after his TNA contract is up.

Hard Justice 2007
All Titles on the Line
Vs. Samoa Joe
Another pretty good match between these two but I do think the Kurt & Karen thing took away a great deal from the match. It did seem to drag on in the beginning but picked up as the match went on. Some good submissions and more of a ground based wrestling match mixed in with some good high impact moves as well. But the ending took away , least I thought it did. Check out Joe's pre-match Samoan dance. 4.5/5
[Also available on Best of 2007]

No Surrender 2007
X-Division Championship
Vs. "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal
Kurt called this match his favorite in TNA. A pretty good match. Some say this was the best match on the No Surrender '07 card. Many of close pin fall combinations. A pretty good match overall. 4.5/5

Bound for Glory 2007
TNA Heavyweight Championship
Vs. Sting
This match being in Atlanta, Sting got a huge crowd reaction when he entered the ring. A great match all the way. There were counters, outside ring action, close pin falls, submissions, interference, blood, and everything else. A classic match. 5/5
[Also available on Best of 2007]

Impact October 2007
TNA Heavyweight Championship
Vs. Sting
I forgot all about this match but happy it was on here. Little bit of the same match from BFG but not nearly as good though. It started slow but got better. The interference from Kevin Nash led to Angle being a 2 time champion. 4.5/5

Global Impact January 2008
IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Vs. Yuji Nagata
This was during the New Japan vs. TNA tour. Kurt wrestled in my view one of his best matches. Nagata sure gave Angle a run for his money here. A lot of submissions from both men. Some good counters. One of the best matches I've seen from Kurt Angle. A solid match. 5/5

Lockdown 2008
TNA Heavyweight Championship
Vs. Samoa Joe
This was Angle's title vs. Joe's career. A lot of people will probably not like this match as much as Joe's and Angle's previous matches. But its all about your preference in wrestling. I think Angle was more focusing on his MMA style and keeping this match on the mat. A good match but it is different from their other bouts. 4.5/5

Overall, this is one of the best profile sets TNA has came out with. Even though some of these matches are on other sets, this is a good documentary on Kurt Angle and his short career in TNA. This purchase will be very worth it. Everything in this set is pretty much on key. I highly recommend this. A great Christmas purchase for any wrestling fanatic."
D.P. | California | 11/26/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Honestly, I can try my best to do an introduction for Kurt Angle but what's to be said about him that hasn't already been said. Wrestling first (and so far, only) Olympic Gold Medalist, multiple time World Champion, and has been labeled as one of the best professional wrestlers in wrestling today & maybe even of all time...when he's only been around professionally for around a decade. Kurt Angle FINALLY gets a chance to tell his story on his life & career on DVD. The DVD is set up similar to how WWE has been setting up their "matches only" DVD's in that they're setup to go segment, match, segment, match, ect. However, the different segments here instead of being a few short minutes are actually 10-20 mins. long each & are chapters of the documentry. Throughout the chapters, you'll hear from those invovled with TNA (Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, the southern "M.I.L.F." Dixie Carter, Don West, Mike Tenay, Christian Cage) along with family & friends of Kurt's (James Farrior of the Steelers, wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino, his college coach, ect.) but incase your wondering, there are no comments from Karen Angle.

The program started with talking about Kurt growing up & how he wanted to be just as good as his brothers along with his past in football & amature wrestling along with how tradegy always seems to happen right before some of the biggest athletic events in his life. His trial & tribulations in training for the Olympics that even led to Kurt quitting for a while is discussed next with stories being told about how his town got behind him financially along with the infamous story of how he won the Olympic gold medal with a "broken freakin' neck." His life after the olympics (including a comical story about him being a news anchor) & how that led to him meeting his wife Karen is discussed. How Kurt transitioned from amature to professional wrestling & how he had to prove himself despite winning the olympics & got the lowest possible deal you can get starting out, TNA wrestlers (Cage, Foley, Jarrett) talking about the first time they met Kurt, his early thoughts on Vince McMahon, and how he caught on to "sports entertainment" so quickly was heavily discussed. The deepest part of the presentation is when Kurt talks about the injuries & circumstances that led to his drug addiction that effect his homelife & goes into detail about the meeting with Vince McMahon (that almost led to a physical fight) where he was released along with comments about what he regrets about his actions & statements made towards WWE in the months after being released. The story behind how "ironic" it was that Angle came to TNA & the steps made to keep it a secret were talked about in detail along with the roster's reaction to the announcement. Various people give their opinions on Kurt & telling stories about him, reflecting on Kurt's time in TNA, Kurt's opinions on MMA along with why he has yet to do it, along with talk about what's in the future for Kurt Angle close out the series of chapters.

The seven matches includes in this set are:
vs. Samoa Joe - The match was a disappointment in most people's eyes because they were expecting the type of dream match Angle had with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 21 in which they put on a 30 min. rollercoaster of a wrestling clinic. However, this heavily resembles Angle's WrestleMania 22 match in which it didn't go long (less than 15 mins.) but in that entire time, they went high impact & there wasn't a slow moment which left you wanting more as Joe's undefeated streak came to an end. It didn't live up to the hype but in that case, it was an enjoyable failure.
(Genesis '06)
[Also available on "Best Of Bloodiest Brawls: Scars & Stitches"]

vs. Samoa Joe - This was the best out of their entire series as it lived up to the expectations that people had for their first encounter. This was a wrestling clinic complete them getting reciepts for what happened the previous month like Joe going face first into steel steps and a series of reversals between the Nikita Clutch & Ankle Lock. Again, my favorite match out of their entire series of matches over 2 years.
(Turning Point '06)

30 Minute Ironman Match vs. Samoa Joe - Eventhough Turning Point was my favorite match, this one comes in a real a close second place & was another wrestling clinic that Angle & Joe have made their reputations on. This match had a great amount of everything you want in a "wrestling" match from high impact moves, submissions, storytelling & selling to the point where the first fall doesn't happen until half way into the match, and moments such as Joe's dive outside onto Angle that had him hit his own head on the rail. Very intense match...down to the very last second.
(Final Resolution '07)

King of the Mountain Match for the vacant TNA Championship vs. Samoa Joe vs. Chris Harris vs. A.J. Styles vs. Christian Cage - For those new to TNA, the King Of The Mountain match is a ladder match in reverse with alot of stipulations. To win the match, you have to use the ladder hang the belt instead of using the ladder to pull it down like a normal ladder match. However before you can hang the belt, you have to qualify to do it by scoring a pinfall/submission over one of the other competitors...and the person who loses that fall goes into a penality box for 2 mins. Yeah, sounds real gimmicky but when you watch it come's a real easy match to follow. Just like all of their multiman matches, this was just a wild brawl all over the place between all 5 men. The props at ringside come into play various times like Christian getting "crotched" between one of the steps of the ladder, A.J. Styles being tossed over the top rope onto Christian...who was laying down on the ladder at the time, and Styles being thrown off the top of the penality box through the announcers table (Mick Foley would be proud). In the end, Kurt Angle becomes the first TNA Champion.
(Slammiversary 2007)
[Also available on "Best Of 2007" & "Ultimate Matches"]

Winner Takes All: TNA & "IWGP" Championships vs. X Division & Tag Team Champion Samoa Joe - The story thoughout the whole match was Karen Angle & her new man (who was Trademarc, John Cena's cousin & the other guy off the "You Can't See Me" album) being a distraction for Angle thoughout the match...even during the entrance where he dropped one of his titles & looked like a defeated man. Joe & Angle delievered a solid wrestling match with this time having some comedic spots like Joe pulling down Angle's trunks. However, this was one of the weakest encounters they've had as there was more of a focus on Karen at ringside than the match itself that resulted in an ending that resulted in Karen Angle becoming a full time character in TNA.
(Hard Justice '07)
[Also available on "Best Of 2007"]

X Division Championship Match vs. Jay Lethal - Kurt called this match "his favorite" as this was TNA's version of the "Little Engine That Could" since Lethal was heavily put over as the major underdog who didn't have a chance in hell with even Lethal looking shocked at some of the moves he got in on Angle like the Lethal Combination. However, both men put on the type of performance that makes a star overnight as you saw the audience get into the match more as time went on while Angle helped Lethal not only look like a million bucks...but losing CLEANLY after a roll up. The biggest upset in TNA history...DIG IT! (sorry, couldn't help myself)
(No Surrender '07)

vs. Sting - Before the match, the reception Sting got in the town that made him famous (Atlanta...home of WCW/NWA) was one of the biggest pops I've heard in recent memory. The match started off slow but went into a good match between these two with Kurt pulling off an sick looking & impressive 450 off the top rope into a kneedrop at one point. Both Karen Angle & Kevin Nash (but you knew that was coming based off the skits all night) got involved in the end but it didn't take away the match between these two as Sting won & once again walked away from Bound For Glory as a champion.
(Bound For Glory '07)
[Also available on "Best Of 2007"]

vs. TNA Champion Sting - Match was very similar but a stepdown from their BFG match in that it started off slow but built up over time with the two going back & forth. Unfortunally, Kevin Nash got involved again leading to Kurt Angle once again regaining the championship.
("Impact" Oct. '08)

"IWGP" Championship vs. Yuji Nagata - Normally, the japanese style would be a completely different style than the american style but Kurt showcased that he was a natural at adapting to the "stong" japanese style (similar to a MMA/wrestling mix) as both men were very intense & heavily working over various bodyparts such as Kurt on Nagata's leg & Yuji on Kurt's arm to the point where an applied armbar Yuji did with the look on his would think he was trying to yank it out of his socket. One of Kurt's most unique & best performances in not just TNA but his career.
("Global Impact: Japan" Jan. '08)

TNA Championship/Six Sides Of Steel Match vs. Samoa Joe - This was Kurt's title vs. Joe's career & was one of those matches that your either going to love or hate. Their first 3 matches were a great wrestling trilogy while the fourth one was more about establishing the Karen Angle character than adding another memorable to their series but this encounter was about trying something completely different. They tried working a MMA match with both men heavily protecting themselves & working a "ground & pound" submission style similar to what you would see in cage fighting MMA federations like UFC. Again, it's something your either going to love or hate as Samoa Joe finally won the TNA Championship.
(Lockdown '08)

In the end, this was quite the presentation on the personal life of Kurt Angle himself. I honestly thought that the lack of WWE footage on his career would hurt this but it doesn't & honestly, it didn't need it for the direction they were going. Also the influx of the non-TNA talent such as Bruno Sammartino speaking on Kurt Angle was an added bonus as well. Eventhough I would have prefered more variety in the match selection (cage match vs. Christian Cage, triple threat vs. Rhino & Cage that took up the whole hour of Impact, the Impact rematch vs. Samoa Joe over the Lockdown or Hard Justice matches, his Slammiversary match vs. A.J. Styles) as some matches have been released onto more than 1 previous TNA DVD (which is my biggest pet peeve with TNA Home Video)...each match on here represented an important career or personal moment in TNA such as his debut trilogy against Joe, becoming the first TNA Champion & his other title victory, the match that made him the second triple crown champion in TNA history but the first to hold all the titles at once, his main event match at what's been recieved as TNA's best show ever, personal favorites like the Jay Lethal match, and ones that are relevant to subjects talked about on the DVD like the Lockdown match with Kurt's MMA asperations. In the end, this was the best TNA profile DVD they've released even down to the production which looks like they went "outside the box" to do because it looks like a professional presentation instead of a "shoot interview" & I recommend with no questions asked here. It's true, it's damn true!

SIDE NOTE: Since Kurt Angle never had a DVD presentation in WWE, for those looking for most of Kurt Angle's greatest WWE matches...check out my Listamania to find close to 40 DVD's where you can find them."