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TNA Wrestling: The Best of the Bloodiest Brawls Volume 1
TNA Wrestling The Best of the Bloodiest Brawls Volume 1
Actor: Sabu, Raven, Jeff Hardy Abyss
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2006     4hr 0min

Featuring TNA's most hardcore warriors including Raven "The Monster" Abyss "The Genocidal Homicidal Suicidal" Sabu "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy Team 3D "The Man Beast" Rhino and many more!System Requirements:Running...  more »


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Actor: Sabu, Raven, Jeff Hardy Abyss
Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: BCI
Format: DVD - Color - Best of
DVD Release Date: 03/14/2006
Original Release Date: 01/01/2006
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2006
Release Year: 2006
Run Time: 4hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

hayden gerloff | Australia | 03/07/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"tna is the new wrestling, its way better than wwe.
i'll review all the matches on this DVD

Monsters Ball 1:
Abyss vs Raven vs Monty Brown
this match wasn;t as good as expected, ok match

Six Sides of Steel
AMW vs Triple X
loser must disband. this is what TNA is all about. this was voted match of the year for 2004, great spot by Skipper, you have to see it, to believe it.

Final Assault, Falls Count Anywhere
Abyss vs Jeff Hardy
this match is one of my personal favourites, this goes match gets violent quickly, its an awsum match. hardy on tacs.

Six Sides of Steel
Abyss vs Aj Styles
the cage could'nt contain these 2 as they waged war in a great match, that was high risk, some big spots in this one.

House of Fun
Raven vs Sean Waltman
another brutal, bloody and violent match, what can you expect from the crazy mind of raven? this is perhaps TNA's bloodiest brawl ever.

Dog Collar Match
Raven vs Abyss
this is a great match from these 2 hardcore icons. very brutal matchup, with a good tac spot.

Tag Team Match
Sabu/Raven vs Jarret/Rhino
a good hardcore tag match, but i'm not shore if it should be on here, i would of swapped this for Raven vs Rhino from Unbreakable, None the less a good match.

Monsters Ball 2
Jeff Hardy vs Abyss vs Rhino vs Sabu
an all out war, NO DQ four way match. alot better than monstersball 1. very hardcore match, alot of table spots. Jeff Hardy is Freakin insane with a Swanton from about 30ft onto Abyss. a must see match for any hardcore fan.

Six Man War
team 3D & Rhino vs AMW & Jarret
ECW fan's will like this match alot, it reminds me of there infamous tag match they had with Mahoney and Spike. this match is a War, they battle all over the Arena. a great match.

Barbed Wire Massacre
Sabu vs Abyss
this feud is was one of the best. this match received MOTY honor's for 2005, very bloody and brutal. great match for these two. it was Abyss's first Barbed Wire Match. a must see.

overall, this is a great DVD.

TNA = Greatness
James Lee | 02/13/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"TNA will be realeasing the new Bloodist Brawls DVD in march. The following is what is scheduled to appear on the DVD along with a five star rating.

-Monster's Ball 1 - Victory Road. This three way match with Raven vs Abyss vs Monty Brown took place in 04 at the first TNA PPV. A decent match that had a few good spots, but the second Monster's Ball is way better. ***1/2

-AMW/XXX Steel Cage - Turning Point. This match is insane. You will be replaying Primetime walking the top of the cage over and over again. Better then there first cage match. *****

-Final Assualt Match- Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy - Destination X. I dont remember if this match was bloody or not. It makes up for the Full Metal Mayhem match from AAO. One of Hardy's better matches. ****

-AJ Styles vs. Abyss - Lockdown. This match took place on the all cage PPV. THe winner got a title shot against Jeff Jarrett. These two guys always put on a great match against each other. *****

-Raven vs. Sean Waltman (House of Fun) - Hard Justice. This was supposed to be Raven vs. Hardy, but Hardy no-showed, so Waltman steped up. I will say that Waltman showed a different side to him and this match is extremely bloody and brutal. *****

-Abyss vs. Raven Dog Collar Match - No Surrender. IMO, this is one of the best title matches I have seen. I wish they would have continued this fued, but they did not. Great spots by both men and once again, tons of blood and brutality. *****

-Raven/Sabu vs. Rhino/Jarrett - Sacrifice. This was not so much a tag team match. The stipulation was if Raven pinned Jarrett, Jarrett would not get a title shot for a year. If Jeff pinned Raven, he got his title shot at the next PPV. This was a great match from what I remember. ****

-Raven vs. Rhino - Unbreakable. These two men put on a great hardcore match at WWF Backlash a few years ago. This was given a no DQ stipulation. This match was better than there match at Backlash and was for the NWA title. *****

-AMW/JJ vs. Rhino/Team 3D - Genesis. This brawl went all over the arena and continued in the ring and if I remember, everyone in this match was bleeding. Really hardcore. ****1/2

-Monster's Ball 2 - Bound For Glory. This match is insane and is One of the best matches on this DVD with some really insane spots. For those intersted in the rest of the PPV, check out my review as it is one of the best PPV's I have seen. *****

(Barbed Wire Massacre) Sabu vs Abyss - Turning Point. This was the first ever Barbed Wire match on American PPV and the first one since the famous Sabu and Funk from ECW. This is really hard to watch at times and you just wonder where these guys find the mental strength to perform in matches like these. Abyss really is one of the true stars of TNA and is a Hardcore legend in the making. This match gets ten stars in stead of the five.

You really are getting a fantastic deal with this DVD, although my only complaint is that I wish they would have added older matches like the 10-man tag team Wargames match from the weekly PPV's. TNA really is on a roll.

Off the topic, if you missed last nights TNA PPV Against All Odds, order the replay. One of the best matches with Christian winning the NWA heavyweight title, the X divison triple threat rematch with Samoa Joe vs Styles vs Daniels and the Falls Count Anywhere match with Rhino and Abyss."
And now for something completely different: An actual DVD re
Weston C. Childers | San Angelo, Texas United States | 03/22/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Here's a concept that seems to be lost on most of the TNA/WWE defenders and detractors that frequent Amazon. Instead of squabling over which promotion is better (and really, both promotions have their respective pros and cons)how about (*gasp*) actually reviewing the DVDs for a change. It's a novel idea, but follow me here.
Here is the review for TNA's latest effort "Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls Vol 1". Some fans may be confused as TNA released a "Bloodiest Brawls" DVD via their website a couple of years ago. Whereas that DVD featured matches from 2002-2003, this DVD incorporates matches from 2005 and the latter half of 2004. That being said, let's start the show...

1. "The Monster" Abyss v. "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown v. Raven: Monster's Ball match from Victory Road 2004. This is little more than a garbage match with some interesting spots thrown in for good measure. The match flows nicely but is really nothing to write home about. Thumbtacks get involved. Really though, the thumbtack spot seemed cool and innovative a few years back but it is quickly losing it's shock value. 3/5

2. America's Most Wanted v. Triple X: Six Sides Of Steel from Turning Point 2004. This match has become quite famous among TNA fans for the jaw-dropping acrobatics of Elix Skipper. Hands down, this is probably one of the best cage matches you'll see not only in TNA but in any promotion. The athletisism, drama, and acrobatics are truly something to behold. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels wears the crimson mask 5/5

3. "Charismastic Enigma" Jeff Hardy v. "The Monster" Abyss: Full Metal Mayhem from Destination X 2005. This is an exceptional hardcore/falls count anywhere match that illustrates what a motivated Jeff Hardy is capable of. The match stays relatively un-bloody until the suprise ending. 4/5

4. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles v. "The Monster" Abyss: Six Sides of Steel from Lockdown 2005. Much like the AMW/ Triple X classic above, this is a great cage match featuring a bloodied Styles giving it his all against a determined Abyss. This match didn't seem to have the same raw emotion as that aforementioned match, but any true fan worth their weight in water will want to check it out 4/5

5. Raven v. Sean Waltman: House Of Fun from Hard Justice 2005. The former X-Pac and Raven tangle in this gruesome and violent monstrocity that is actually quite good given one of the participants. This match practically screams "ECW" in many ways. When Tenay and West say this match is not for young viewers, that's not just hyperbole! Lots of blood and at least one disturbing spot make this a modern day classic 3.5/5

6. Raven vs. "The Monster" Abyss: Dog Collar Match from July 2005. It's Raven. It's Abyss. Blood flows. The match is quite good, but it feels a little redundant considering the screen time both wrestlers have already received on this DVD. Still worth checking out. 3/5

7. Raven & Sabu v. Jeff Jarrett and "The Man Beast" Rhino from Sacrifice 2005. This is actually quite interesting. Like the match listed above, however, it suffers from the nagging sense of redundancy in terms of the hardcore aspect of it all. Still, a great tag team brawl that you just don't seem to see enough of nowadays 4/5

8. Jeff Hardy v. Abyss v. Rhino v. Sabu. Monster's Ball 2 from Bound For Glory 2005:. Hardcore elitists unite! This wild brawl goes all over the place and features several spots that will make even the most hardened viewer cringe. Much better than that first Monster's Ball match 4/5

9. Jeff Jarrett & AMW v. Rhino & Team 3D: Anything Goes from Genesis 2005: That match starts out slow but quickly morphs into another unrestrained chaotic brawl. This match features a great emotional aspect as the former Dudley Boyz look to settle the score with AMW and Rhino looks to get even with Jeff Jarrett. While it isn't a five star match, this match is one of the better "ECW"-type brawls you will see 3.5/5

10. Sabu v. Abyss: Barbed Wire Massacre from Turning Point 2005. One word: Wow. While not quite as memorable as the infamous Sabu/Funk barbed wire match from ECW in 1997, this is still a sick, sick, sick match. Sabu and Abyss prove they are either completely dedicated to their craft or are complete sadists. Many disturbing spots such as Sabu getting dropped throat first across the barbed wire. TNA's first barbed wire match is a cult classic and well worth checking out. 4/5

Bonus: ringside footage of the construction of the barbed wire strands around the ring plus handcam footage of Sabu and Abyss in action. Plus, we get the disturbing footage from 2003 as Raven's head is shaved (and actually scalped) by Father James Mitchell. Pretty disgusting as you can see the missing skin on Raven's head.

Pros of the DVD: Great collection of matches that will have you on the edge of your seat. This makes for a great gift for any hardcore wrestling fan. TNA employs actual wrestling over sports entertainment and it pays off well here. Wrestlers here seemed more dedicated than do many of their WWE cohorts. The DVED is also very well produced with hot camera angles and a slick presentation.

Cons of the DVD: What TNA makes up for in wrestling, they lack in storylines. The matches are great, yes, but the characters don't feel as well-rounded as those in the WWE. This can make it difficult for some viewers to truly get into the matches as they lack the "mass appeal" of WWE. Also, this outing borrows heavily from previously released DVDs. Most of these matches can be found elsewhere and don't truly feel unique in that sense. It would have been nice if TNA had dug a little bit deeper in their vault and produced some material from their first "Best of Bloodiest Brawls" DVD, but that is really picking nits.

While not quite as good as the "Best of The X Division" for instance, this DVD is still a must for TNA fans. WWE fans may also be enticed to pick it up as it doesn't concentrate too much on technical wrestling (a common gripe among WWE proponents)and rather brings back memories of ECW in its prime. Check it out today!"
One Of TNA's Better DVD's
D.P. | California | 03/28/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This is one of my favorite TNA DVD's as I'm a fan of brawls and they picked a nice selection of matches from their stay in Orlando so far. The only criticism I have is that I wish some matches were replaced with others as some spots become repeative & lose it's shock value (Jeff Hardy's jumps, Abyss going through the tacks, ect.) and that they would have included some matches from the 2003 Bloodiest Brawls DVD (which is now out of print).

Monster's Ball 1 (Victory Road 2004) "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs. "The Monster" Abyss vs. Raven - Really, this match is just sloppy & all over the place. Honestly, it's just a spot fest to me.

Six Sides of Steel Cage Match (Turning Point 2004) America's Most Wanted vs. Triple X - Honestly, this was the best tag team match I've seen since Los Guerreros vs. Team Angle in WWE. Wit the whole "losers can never team again" stipulation, you can see these guys went balls out & didn't hold back anything. Elix Skipper's spot towards the end is really something to see.

Full Metal Mayhem (Destination X 2005) "The Monster" Abyss vs. "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy - They went all over the building & outside using tables, ladders, and (of course) thumbtacks. Like I said, Hardy is great at these weapons matches.
Note: Also available on the Jeff Hardy DVD

Six Sides of Steel Cage Match (Lockdown 2005) "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. "The Monster" Abyss - This match is just awesome. It's not really a bloody massacre but a great storytelling of "the big unstoppable monster vs. the little guy who never gives up."

House Of Fun Match (Hard Justice 2005) Raven vs. Sean Waltman - It was suppost to be Raven vs. Hardy but Jeff no showed so Sean came in last min. A House Of Fun match just has weapons hanging all around the ring for anyone's use. This was actually one of the better ones.

Dog Collar Match (No Surrender 2005) "The Monster" Abyss vs. Raven - It's not Piper vs. Valentine but it's still good but not as special after seeing both guys in two previous matches.

Tag Team Match (Sacrifice 2005) "The Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal" Sabu and Raven vs. "King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett and "The War Machine" Rhino - I guess you just had to have a Jeff Jarrett match on this DVD. This is the typical Jarrett TNA match...they brawl over the area, settle it down in the ring, and have tons outside interference towards the end. That's was the case here too. I would have rather seen the Raven vs. Rhino match from Unbreakable here.

Monster's Ball 2 (Bound For Glory 2005) "The Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal" Sabu vs. "The Monster" Abyss vs. "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy vs. "The War Machine" Rhino - This match goes all over the place, weapons galore, and tons of spots. For me, the best match on this disc.

Six Man War (Genesis 2005) "The War Machine" Rhino and Team 3D vs. "King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett and America's Most Wanted - Not as good as the previous match but just as uncontrolable. Just like the previous Jarrett match except the brawl on the outside here was just awesome.

Barbed Wire Massacre (Turning Point 2005) "The Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal" Sabu vs. "The Monster" Abyss - This match was just sick as you see moments like Sabu getting dropped on his neck into the barbed wire and Abyss squished inbetween two barbed wire boards. It's not as distubring as Sabu's last two barbed wire matches (Hardcore Homecoming & vs. Terry Funk) but it still leaves an impression.

The bonus footage was the construction of the Barbed Wire and Abyss' wounds after the match. Also there's footage of Raven's scalping which was hard to watch as Mitchell held the clippers the wrong way and ended up cutting off parts of Raven's skin.

Overall, one of the better TNA DVD's for me. Some stuff gets repeative after a while & I would have switched some matches but it's still a nice collection."